Vanguard leak suggests Attack on Titan crossover

While Vanguard has barely opened its doors, new leaks seem to indicate that the new Call of Duty will crossover with the popular anime Attack on Titan.

One of the aspects that has helped raise Fortnite to the top is undoubtedly Epic Games’ ability to set up multiple crossovers between its flagship title and popular licenses, mostly from pop culture.

Not all of these crossovers have had the same impact, of course, with some limiting themselves to adding cosmetic items while others have given rise to major events, but nonetheless, players always ask for more.

Inspired by Epic Games, Activision has deployed multiple crossovers since the launch of Warzone, adding iconic figures to the battle royale and Cold War like Ghostface, Rambo or John McClane.


Vanguard roadmap

It looks like Vanguard will follow this path as well. Indeed, leaks suggest the arrival of a crossover that will not leave anyone indifferent, since it concerns a particularly popular anime, Attack on Titan.

A crossover with Attack on Titan on Vanguard?

On November 7 a dataminer tweeted his latest find in Vanguard’s files, “The mention of a swordtitan, as well as an operator aot_titan”. It didn’t take much for the theory of a crossover with Attack on Titan to emerge on the web.

Attack on Titan is an incredibly popular manga by Hajime Isayama which has also been successfully adapted. Knowing that the last season should be broadcast in early 2022, if a crossover is indeed in order, it should logically be deployed before the broadcast of this final season.

Another leak echoed this theory suggesting that an anime-inspired melee weapon will likely be introduced to Vanguard. Atypical melee weapons have become commonplace in previous Call of Duty, and Vanguard appears to be following the same path.

As always, this information should be taken with a grain of salt until nothing is confirmed by Sledgehammer or Activision.

Anyway, if these leaks are confirmed, it will be very good news for crossover enthusiasts, especially anime fans.