VIDEO: Deputy Veloso surprised with a greeting from Shingeki no Kyojin

During her first vote, the legislator paid tribute to anime.

The deputy Consuelo Veloso (RD) made the typical greeting of the Reconnaissance Legion of the anime Shingeki no Kyojin.

After the vote for the new head of the Chamber of Deputies, the legislator looked at the rostrum and took her fisted right hand to the heart.

Deputy Veloso also carried a pin with the Scout Legion crest on his green suit.

The Reconnaissance Legion is one of the three branches of the Army of the island of Paradis. They are in charge of fighting the titan outside the city walls.

They are characterized by a low success rate and a high number of human deaths in their ranks. To such an extent that many consider it as the section “suicide” from army.

For this reason, its motto is Shinzou wo sasageyo, which means that the soldiers of the legion sacrifice or offer their hearts. In fact, one of the opening of the series is titled like this.

Reactions to the Shingeki greeting of deputy Veloso

In social networks, the greeting of the Reconnaissance Legion of the deputy Consuelo Veloso did not go unnoticed. Check out some of the reactions.