Villareal CF celebrates its victory against Bayern Munich with an image of Shingeki no Kyojin

Villareal CF’s geek side sprouted after winning their pass to the semifinal in the Champions League, and it is that from their official Twitter account the Spanish club made a post to celebrate their victory against Bayern Munich remembering the series of anime/manga Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin).

It is not for less, well the Spanish side stayed on guard against the German giants for 94 minutes to keep the only goal of the match… Well, as the saying goes β€œif you don’t fight, you can’t win”.

This feat against Bayern Munich had to be portrayed with an image equal to what the Spaniards experienced last April 12 at the Allianz Arena, so what better image to portray Villareal FC than with that of Eren himself? Jaeger fighting head to head against the Colossal Titan?

The Erdians also performed a miracle stopping this towering giant during the Battle of Shinganshina, so it’s quite a scene. ad hoc to portray what happened in the Champions League, especially now that Villareal opened this curious window and there were hundreds of reactions from fans of both the team and the Titans series.

Day by day, Attack on Titan has decided to tell the end of his story with a season finale part 3 anime, leaving until now a total of 87 episodes distributed in four seasons. Said season will return to television screens and platforms at some point next year.

What did you think of this Tweet from Villareal FC from Attack on Titan?


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