What are the best manga to read in 2022?

As the manga is increasingly popular around the world, we wonder what are the best manga to read in 2022. Some are great classics, others are very promising new titles. Discover our selection of the 5 best manga to read in 2022!

2022 will be a great year for manga lovers!

There will be plenty of new stuff, and some much-loved classic titles will make a comeback. There are many very popular manga, and it is not always easy to decide which books to read and which universe to choose. Here are some manga slated for release in 2022 that you might be interested in.

What are the manga trends for 2022?

There are many genres of manga: shonen, seinen, shojo, josei, seijin, and kodomo. Shōnen are for boys and shōjo for girls. Seinen are for adult males, while josei and seijin are for adult females. Kodomo are aimed at children.

One of the biggest trends is the return of classic shonen manga. Classic shonen manga were already very popular a few years ago, and many readers have rediscovered them recently. These manga are often considered the best of all time, and readers can’t wait to find their favorite heroes.

The other big popular trend is seinen manga. Seinen are manga intended for an older audience. They often deal with more mature subjects. Seinen readers are usually on the lookout for manga that will help them better understand the world around them.

Finally, there are the josei manga. Aimed at a female audience, josei often deal with topics such as romance, career, and family. Josei readers are looking for manga that will provide them with an enjoyable and relaxing read.

1.Dragon Ball

It is a great classic, which has seduced generations of readers. In this manga, the reader follows the adventures of Goku, a young boy seeking to become the most powerful of warriors. With his friends, he will face many adversaries throughout his quest.


Masashi Kishimoto’s famous manga returns in 2022! Naruto is a very popular manga that has conquered the whole world. A young ninja, Naruto Uzumaki, goes in search of his identity. He will face many challenges, accompanied by his teammates.

3. Attack on Titan

attack on titans

This very recent manga caused a sensation as soon as it was released. Readers follow the adventures of Eren Jaeger, a young boy living in a world where the population is threatened by titans. With his friends, he will have to fight to survive and protect those he loves. The story of humanity fighting for its survival against the titans is still captivating, and we can’t wait to discover the rest!

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4. One piece

One piece is one of the most popular manga in the world. It is making a comeback in 2022, after a break of a few years. This essential manga tells the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate in search of the legendary treasure “One Piece”. Many obstacles and dangers await him along his journey. It is a very popular shonen manga, which was first published in 1997.

5. My hero academia

This shonen manga, first published in 2014, tells the story of Izuku Midoriya, a boy who lives in a world where most people have supernatural powers. Izuku Midoriya has no power, but he dreams of becoming a hero.

What will be the dedicated manga in 2022?

It is difficult to determine which manga will be the most popular in the year 2022, because there are many excellent ones! However, some of the best manga of the year might be ‘Attack on Titan’, ‘One Piece’, ‘Naruto’, ‘Bleach’ and ‘Death Note’. Also worth mentioning are “Boruto”, My Hero Academia”, “Demon Slayer”, “Black Clover” and “The Promised Neverland”. These manga are some of the best. They are all excellent and have millions of fans around the world. These manga are all extremely popular with readers and stand out for their quality. each have their own unique style and captivating story.