What Eren and Annie would have been like as adults if they weren’t titans, a fan shows them to us in 3D

Shingeki no Kyojin, better known as Attack on Titans, is one of the most beloved anime and manga series in recent years and this series has a large number of fans throughout the world, so we We will show you today an amazing fan art that allows us to see two of the most striking characters in an alternate version.

Something that has surprised us is that many anime fans have often set out to make amazing iconic creations of the Shingeki no Kyojin anime. Thanks to a platform called Artbreeder, anyone can become an artist, and it’s all thanks to the powerful Artificial Intelligence it uses.

This has been the tool used by this Reddit user, who dared to create mature and realistic versions of Eren Jaeger and Annie Leonhart, Attack on Titan characters that raise passions of love and hate alike.

It should be noted that the user has used works by other artists as a base, such as those of the users erenjaegerishot and seraphic.creed. Using these base models (which were also created on the same platform), and the power of Artificial Intelligence, Reddit user u / mariferlolera gave us a unique and realistic look at the grown-up versions of two essential characters from Attack on Earth. the Titans.

The resemblance to the anime characters is impressive, but the ability of Artificial Intelligence to create a totally natural face using a model of basic shapes, or at least not realistic, is even more incredible.

Without a doubt, it allows us to see what both characters would look like if they existed in the same world as us, and makes us wonder what the other protagonists of Attack on Titan would look like, or even the Titans themselves. In fact, we already know what Sasha and Connie would look like if they were real.