Which Attack On Titan Character Are You, Based On Your MBTI® Type?

Attack On Titan is one of the most popular anime of all time. Through the story, viewers are immersed in Eren Yeager’s journey to annihilate the man-eating titans that terrorize mankind. Attack On Titan features a wide cast of characters with distinctive personalities. Nearly all of Myers-Briggs’ sixteen personality types are represented in the cast.

Since the manga has recently ended, it’s interesting to go back in history to see how each character lines up with unique MBTI types. Precisely because there are so many different personalities within the Survey Corps, the team is able to function effectively to achieve their goals.

10 Mikasa Ackerman is an ISTJ

As “Logisticians,” ISTJs approach life with reservations and a healthy skepticism. Every move they make is calculated and they never act without thinking. ISTJs are diligent in handling their responsibilities and value integrity above all else. ISTJs are knowledgeable and apply their intelligence to various skills.

Mikasa Ackerman is known for her stoicism. She rarely expresses her emotions and is steadfast in her dedication to protecting her loved ones. Mikasa easily intimidates those around her. Despite her cold demeanor, she is quite perceptive and feels her emotions a lot.

9 Jean Kirstein Is An ESTJque personaje de ataque a los titanes es usted segun su tipo mbti 1

As “Executives”, ESTJs are determined, honest, and adept at controlling all the chaos around them. ESTJs often tend to be the voice of reason in difficult circumstances. Sometimes ESTJs adhere to a “my way or highway” mentality. ESTJs also feel such immense responsibility that they have a hard time relaxing.

Jean Kirstein never holds back when expressing her opinions. Sometimes he realizes that expressing his opinion is not in his best interest, but despite this, he does not keep it to himself. He can be cynical at times and gets angry easily. Of course, people recognize his inherent leadership ability and his ability to analyze every situation before getting involved.

8 Falco Grice is an ENFJque personaje de ataque a los titanes es usted segun su tipo mbti 2

ENFJs are aptly called “Protagonists.” ENFJs are idealists whose primary goal is to positively influence the world around them. ENFJs are opinionated and have clear ideals and philosophies on how to make the world a better place. They are passionate individuals whose charisma makes it easy to amass a following.

Falco Grice is recognized for his pacifism. His strength lies not in the battlefield, but in his compassion. Although he is not a coward, he prefers to avoid conflict. He is willing to risk his life to protect his friends. Falco is so compassionate that he took in an enemy soldier to tend to his ailments. Falco is not spiteful either.

7 Yelena Is An INTJque personaje de ataque a los titanes es usted segun su tipo mbti 3

As “architects,” INTJs are tactical in their approach to life. They are prone to experiencing immense mental confusion despite their rational behavior. INTJs refuse to settle and prefer to pave their way in life. Sometimes this leads to cocky and volatile behavior. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what an INTJ is thinking.

Yelena is a complex character. She appears to be a Zeke Yeager sycophant. She remains calm at all times, even in situations where others would not. Yelena has sparked a debate among fans of Attack On Titan about his morality. When other members of the organization begin to waver in their beliefs, Yelena doesn’t think twice about assassinating them.

6 Zeke Yeager is an INTPque personaje de ataque a los titanes es usted segun su tipo mbti 4

As “logics,” INTPs are imaginative and tend to have big ambitions. They are always curious about the world and what they could do to change it. INTPs are usually quite intelligent, but lack social connections. They can seem insensitive at times and tend to be picky about small details.

Zeke Yeager is smart and has leadership skills. However, he tends to rule with an iron fist and threatens physical force if his orders are not obeyed. He considers the goals of the people living in Paradis to be meaningless. Sometimes his cynicism towards them is expressed in anger. Zeke’s great wish is for everyone to stop fearing the Titans.

5 Hange Zoë Is An ENTPque personaje de ataque a los titanes es usted segun su tipo mbti 5

As “disputers,” ENTPs enjoy their healthy share of mind games with others. They are resourceful and bold in the way they communicate with others. ENTPs are always curious about the world, but they are especially interested in “what if?” of all of it. They are quick of reflexes and also quite bombastic.

Hange Zoë is a free spirit whose self-expression tends to be eccentric. Despite her goofy behavior, Hange is quite observant and prefers to get to the truth of every matter. Hange is light-hearted, but she is still sensitive to the emotions of others. She is also undeniably smart. Hange can have an idea for a weapon and then create it.

4 Armin Arlert Is An INFJque personaje de ataque a los titanes es usted segun su tipo mbti 6

INFJs are “advocates,” meaning they have humanistic philosophies that guide them through life. They stick to their moral code and always uphold justice. INFJs are wise enough to walk through smoke and mirrors and immediately see someone’s true intentions. They can be quite difficult to get close to at times, but they are friends for life once someone brings them out of their shell.

Armin Arlert has always had an immense curiosity about the world, especially the world beyond the walls. Although his curiosity was rare among other children, he never stopped investigating. Although the mass bullying caused his self-esteem to deteriorate, Armin ended up trusting his abilities again thanks to his intelligence. Armin always thinks on deep topics and never hesitates to suggest ideas that provoke others to think outside the box.

3 Erwin Smith Is An ENTJque personaje de ataque a los titanes es usted segun su tipo mbti 7

As “commanders,” ENTJs are decisive and confident in their abilities. They think quickly and don’t waste a second before deciding. ENTJs have an authoritative personality, but are charismatic and natural leaders. They can be stubborn and insensitive at times, but they still inspire others as leaders.

Erwin Smith is an interesting character. He is calm and calculating, and his mind never stops thinking about what the next move should be. He is charismatic and has excellent public speaking skills. Although he is stoic, he cares deeply about humanity and will do anything to save it from the Titans. Despite his bravery, it seems that Erwin can fight off imposter syndrome.

2 Levi Ackerman is an ISTPque personaje de ataque a los titanes es usted segun su tipo mbti 8

ISTPs are “virtuous,” meaning they are mavericks who pursue their aspirations, regardless of what others think of them. They tend to be “jacks of all-trades”, applying their intellect and talent to everything they do. They are assertive and optimistic when it comes to completing a goal. ISTPs are arguably the best people to gravitate to in times of crisis, as they can keep a cool head and use their problem-solving skills to escape safely.

Levi Ackerman isn’t the nicest person, and he doesn’t censor himself. At times, he can be insulting and vulgar at the most inappropriate times. He only obeys the orders of people he deems worthy of his respect and has no qualms about disrespecting others. Despite this, Levi cares a lot about his closest friends, even empathizing with them.

1 Eren Yeager is an ISFPque personaje de ataque a los titanes es usted segun su tipo mbti 9

As “adventurers,” ISFPs are excited to experience new things. Sometimes they engage in risky behavior just because they want to feel the thrill. In any case, ISFPs are passionate about everything they do and are always unpredictable. Others may find ISFPs difficult to get along with because they can be competitive and opinionated at times.

Eren Yeager is usually described in paradoxes. He is hard-headed, but passionate in his purposes. Eren is protective of those he cares about, but his impulsiveness tends to put them in danger. Eren has always been interested in life outside the Walls, and he tends to look down on those who see no problem staying within them. Despite his perseverance, he tends to achieve his goals through unethical and heinous means.