Who does the Latin dubbing of Attack on Titan season 1? – Senpai

It’s incredible that it’s only been a year since Attack on Titan premiered its dubbing in Latin Spanish, because today it is a very popular production among fans of the Titans series.

This dubbing was created at Artworks Entertainment and broadcast for the first time on the Funimation platform (and everything seems to indicate that Bitme will be the next to transmit it), that is why we are now in charge of compiling the names of the actors and actresses who participate in the project.

Curiously, the dubbing Attack on Titan was heard for the first time within their three compilation films that were broadcast in theaters. Later, the same cast of actors that participated in the tapes remained intact for the dubbing of the animated series.

Main characters

  • Eren Jaeger – Miguel Angel Leal
  • Mikasa Ackerman – Ana Lobo
  • Armin Arlert – Héctor Ireta de Alba
  • Jean Kristein – Gerardo Ortega
  • Marco Bodt – Oscar Lopez
  • Sasha Braus – Jennifer Medell
  • Connie Springer – Alberto Bernal
  • Pure brown – Alfonso Obregon
  • Berthold Hoover – Yamil Atala
  • Annie Leonharth- Georgina Sanchez
  • Ymir – Alina Galindo
  • Krista Lenz (Reiss Historia) – Cristina Hernandez

The protagonists | Image: Wit Studio

Recruit Troop 104

  • Thomas Wagner – Ditter Ruiz
  • Samuel – Javier Sanchez
  • Daz – Ilitch Pichardo
  • Mina Carolina – Sandra Olarra
  • Hanna Diament – Olinca Hidalgo
  • Franz Kefka – Romanian Abreo

Photo: WIT Studio

Garrison Troops

  • Dot Pixis – Francisco Resendez
  • Kitz Woermann – Hector Estrada
  • Rico Brzenska – Diana Nolan
  • Ian Dietrich – daniel abundis
  • Mitabi Garnach – Ishmael Verastegui
  • Hannes – Victor Delgado
  • Anka Rheinberger – Vanessa Oleda

Photo: WIT Studio

Reconnaissance Legion

  • Erwin Smith – Octavio Rojas
  • Hanji Zoe – Rossy Aguirre
  • Levi – Gabriel Basurto
  • Moblit Berner – Ferso Velazquez
  • Petra Rall – Pamela Cruz
  • Eld Gin – Hector Mena
  • Orluo – Charles of the Field
  • Gunter – Oscar de la Rosa
  • Mike Zackarias – David Allende
  • Ness Dieter – Eleazar Muñoz
  • Keith Shadis Charles Second

Attack on Titan Reconnaissance Legion | Photo: WIT Studio

Military police

  • Nile Those – Saul Alvar
  • Marlo Freudenberg – Jose Antonio Macias
  • Hitch Dreyse – Rosalind Marquez

Photo: WIT Studio


  • Grisha Jaeger – Carlos Ballarta
  • Carla Jaeger-Patricia Hannidez

Photo: WIT Studio


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