Why do most anime have beach episodes?

When we think of holidays or a break, the place that comes to mind is undoubtedly the beach, because there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying the sea breeze or going to feel the waves. . In such a busy life as the one we live today, a trip to the sea is a way to disconnect from daily tasks, an idea that has passed into popular culture and been seen in live-action series such than ‘Friends’, reaching animated productions such as animewhere it is common to always see a beach episode.

As far as anime goes, the beach episode is pretty much a must for any show that wants to take itself seriously. Just like in real life, this type of chapter is used to show us a more relaxed and rare side of the characters, as if they put aside the main plot to have a little fun, being a great opportunity for viewers to get to know the characters best characters in a friendly round.

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To name a few, many classic anime have a beach episode, with some being “bleach », »a piece », »Pokemon », »gurren lagann and even to “Hamtaro”. Although many believe that these episodes are filler and serve to provide the well-known “fan service” to viewers, there are anime that make this episode a bridge to learn more about the characters.

In the same way, the beach chapters serve to take the anime characters to a totally different environment, giving a refreshing air to most of the story, bringing possibilities that could not otherwise be given in its universe. . A good example of this is ‘Attack on Titan’, which in its beach episode gives us a glimpse of what its universe would be like if there weren’t titans trying to destroy humanity, with the protagonists having a day normal and relaxed.

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Although many consider them to be humorless or even ridiculous episodes, the beach chapters are a fan favorite topic and have even become a meme in the anime community on their own. Most series have it, and its value is reflected in the effects it has on characters by altering the setting of their main story.

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