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If you are a faithful fan of anime, you will know very well that some important series such as Attack on Titan Y Vinland Saga were initially animated by WIT Studio. However, the new seasons that are on the way with Eren and Thorfinn are being worked on by another studio. What is the reason for this change? Read on to find out.

As you surely remember, next month the new episodes of Vinland Sagaand sometime in 2023 the end of Attack on Titanall this from the hand of MAPPA.

Thorfinn will have a makeover in the return of Vinland Saga

There had been many rumors about the reason for the change in the animation of these series. It is because of this that it has been the president of WIT Studio, George Wada, who shared why in a recent interview with the portal Anime News Network:

“For some titles, we were only hired for the first season. At that time, my management skills were not as good as now, so I couldn’t add the following seasons to the schedule immediately because I already had other series pending financing. And of course, the fans and publishers wanted the new seasons to come out as soon as possible, which led to them being animated by another studio,” Wada said.

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In addition, the Japanese took the opportunity to talk about how the anime has progressed due to high demand:

“The animation industry in Japan has changed a lot thanks to fans all over the world. Right now, there are many platforms that want Japanese animation. Due to this increase in demand, high-quality work is expected, and as a result “Highly qualified animators are needed. This has allowed animators to better reconcile their work and family life, but it has also made it necessary for them to improve their skills,” he concluded.

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It should be mentioned that in the case of Attack on TitanWIT Studio animated 3 seasons, while with Vinland Saga They only took care of the first, generating a division of opinions among fans of the series.

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