With the creators of Attack on Titan: Netflix realizes an anime-show of great visual richness

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In collaboration with the creators of Attack on Titan, Netflix is ​​launching a new animated film. It is called simply “Bubble” and takes place in a dystopian and dangerous Tokyo.

For several years now, Netflix has successfully invested in the animation sector. The streaming provider cooperates with renowned animation studios and this collaboration results in high quality productions. The latest anime project is called “Bubble” and is produced by Studio Wit (Attack on Titan).

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Bubble: Announcement with trailer and launch date

As Netflix announced on Twitter among others, the film should be available worldwide from April 28, 2022. The streaming provider has released a trailer for this purpose showing the main characters in action. We can also take a first look at the awesome animations:

The plot originated from the pen of screenwriter Gen Urobuchi and is not inspired by a manga. So, Bubble takes place in a fictional Tokyo which, after soap bubbles descended on the world, has been completely cut off from the rest of civilization. The city turns into a battleground for a group of young people who have lost their families and engage in team parkour fights.

Bubble is not the only flagship anime that fans subscribing to Netflix can expect. Indeed, the streaming giant has announced in recent months several house productions such as Kakegurui Twin, The Orbital Children and Vampire in the Garden for the beginning or mid-2022.

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