Yelena stars in the illustrations for Attack on Titan episode 77 – Senpai

Attack on Titan anime continues to surprise us with the transmission of the second part of its last season, although the illustrations that celebrate the new episode of the anime feature a pretty great moment of Yelena. You know which one we mean.

Like every week since the first part of its fourth season, Attack on Titan manga It has moved us and filled us with epic moments, and an outcome that looks increasingly uncertain. However, the series has not fallen short at other times, such as the scene of Yelena and Armin that he gave us with his 77th chapter.

The first illustration was drawn by animation director Park Retsu, and you can take a look at it here:

The other official art is actually a sketch for the anime, and includes that Yelena moment that terrified us all:

Meanwhile Attack on Titan surprises never cease: Paradis is plunged into the chaos of war, Marley has everything to gain, and Eren seems that much closer to making contact with Zeke when a bullet against Titans hits the heir to the Beast Titan. The anime is available through Crunchyroll and Funimation, platforms where the anime is already available. Latin Spanish dubbing of its first seasons.

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