It premieres in 2023, it’s from the Haikyuu studio!! and it can be one of the cucumbers of science fiction in anime: this is Heavenly Delusion

It premieres in 2023 its from the Haikyuu studio and

Heavenly Delusion is a manga that presents a dystopian world in which a catastrophe has devastated civilization. With 2022 beginning to come to an end, the 2023 animes are starting to warm up, and indeed today there was confirmation of an adaptation that had been rumored for months: “Heavenly Delusion“. Obviously at first we have … Read more

Bleach TYBW EP 4 Review by @Marodelaspada / Preview of episode 5: Death rain in Soul Society! Will Ichigo make it in time?

1667485727 Bleach TYBW EP 4 Review by @Marodelaspada Preview of

L’Bleach TYBW episode 4 aired on Monday, October 31, 2022 in Japan on TV Tokyo. Harleking offers us his review! Each week after the episode is released in VOSTFR he will come to give his opinion on the episode of the week for the anime Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War. RECOMMEND >>> Bleach TYBW episode 04 … Read more

New Dubbed Episodes of Dragon Ball Z, Haikyu!!, Bungo Stray Dogs, and Date A Live Coming to Crunchyroll in November

New Dubbed Episodes of Dragon Ball Z Haikyu Bungo Stray

Crunchyrollthe platform of anime which operates worldwide, announced today that new episodes of Dragon Ball Z, Haikyu!!, Bungo Stray Dogs and Date A Live will hit the platform in Latin America dubbed in Latin Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese as part of DUBBING THURSDAY in November. The announcement was made live on the main stage during … Read more