10 Best Anime For Alien Franchise Fans | Pretty Reel

10 Best Anime For Alien Franchise Fans Pretty Reel

Noah Hawley’s long-awaited Alien series for FX has finally resumed filming as the network seeks a 2023 release date. The hype among fans continues to show the franchise’s continued relevance. From iconic hands-on body horror effects to Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley, which sets a benchmark for female action protagonists, the impact of the Alien franchise can … Read more

Overwatch 2 VP Interested in Exploring Brand Collaborations, Cites Fortnite’s Naruto Crossover – Exclusive Interview

Overwatch 2 VP Interested in Exploring Brand Collaborations Cites Fortnites

During our recent interview with Overwatch Vice President Jon Spector, we posed a few more questions to the executive about developing sustainable revenue streams for free-to-play games. Titles like Fortnite and Warzone popularized collaborations with big brands like Dragon Ball Super, Attack On Titan, and Snoop Dogg, so I was curious if the Overwatch team … Read more

The ex-wrestler Bombardier explodes in less than a minute the titan Zuluzinho of 177 kilos in MMA

Demon Slayer Kaezuko hace cosplay de Shinobu Kocho en versiones

A boom in the cage, after Bombardier’s crushing victory against the MMA legend, who is even more physically imposing than the former Senegalese wrestler, Zuluzinho. To read laterSavedFollow #mma#mma Tracking This weekend will have been quite surprising with the return of Mayweather, the debut of Cris Cyborg in boxing and above all, the remake of … Read more

Why is Chainsaw Man so popular when there is no anime yet? – Tech Tribune France

Why is Chainsaw Man so popular when there is no

Posted on September 26, 2022 It won’t be wrong to say that Chainsaw Man is the most popular manga series to date in anime format. On the MyAnimeList Fall 2022 list, the anime series already has 500,000 members, with Mob Psycho in second place with 260,000 members. The only difference is that Mob already has … Read more

Attack on the Titan advances a great final event with a new trailer

Fans Can Express Their Own Anime At Anime Houstons Second

Attack the titans prepare a great final event before the Hajime Isayama fiction ends on television. The impact that the anime was having led those responsible to divide the farewell of the story of Eren jaeger and company. Starting its adventures in 2013, we are talking about ten years of development that have made audiences … Read more