Attack on Titan: Levi’s 10 Greatest Accomplishments, Ranked

Attack on Titan Levis 10 Greatest Accomplishments Ranked

Levi Ackerman was often regarded as the strongest non-changeable character in the world. universe ofAttack the titans. His unique lineage endows him with tremendous power and earned him the title of Captain Scout. In time, he even became Commander Erwin’s closest friend and confidant, further suggesting his unmatched usefulness to the cause. Throughout the series, … Read more

Attack On Titan: 10 Anime Characters Armin Would Be Friends With

Attack On Titan 10 Anime Characters Armin Would Be Friends

Armin Arlert was a minor character in the universe ofAttack On Titan and the carrier of the Colossal Titan. Throughout the series, he has combined compassion with stamina and intelligence to offer a uniquely refreshing narrative perspective. In addition, he has such a superb ability to befriend others that even Reiner and Bertholdt – Marley’s … Read more

Attack on Titan: 10 Times Warriors Got the Wrong Cover

Attack on Titan 10 Times Warriors Got the Wrong Cover

The Warriors were a group of Marleyan shifting titans sent to Paradis to retrieve the Founding Titan. They were the main antagonists at the beginning of the SerieAttack On Titan and they presented one of the narrative’s greatest mysteries until their identity was discovered. Although the revelation after the Battle of Utgard identified the remaining … Read more

Attack on Titan: 10 Ways Eren Was a Better Hero Than Villain

Attack on Titan 10 Ways Eren Was a Better Hero

Afirst sight, Attack on Titan It seems like a simple anime, focused on the fight between good and evil, which represents the last battle of humanity against the monstrous Titans. But the show’s misleading Japanese name mimics the duality of its protagonist, Eren Yeager. Shinjeki no Kyojin it also means “Attack Titan”, and is a … Read more

Attack on Titan: Erwin’s 10 Biggest Failures

Attack on Titan Erwins 10 Biggest Failures

If one asked the fans ofAttack the titans For their favorite character, most would probably answer Levi, Eren, or Mikasa. The mere presence of these memorable characters alters the course of the war between Eldian and Marley, and in Eren’s case, even the face of the planet. But some will remember Commander Erwin Smith’s contribution … Read more

“Shingeki no Kyojin”: know when the second part of season 4 is released

1631008581 Shingeki no Kyojin know when the second part of season

One of the most successful shows of all time has its audience in suspense for the premiere of its next installment. We are talking about “Shingeki no Kyojin“Also known as” Attack of the Titans, “the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. MORE INFORMATION: Who is Gabi Braun, the cadet who wants to … Read more