Les 12 meilleures chansons d’anime de 2021 – JAPANFM

Vous avez été nombreux à répondre à notre sondage pour élire les meilleures chansons d’anime de 2021. Voici le résultat. GING NANG BOYZ “Shonen Shojo” HISTOIRE 36 étudiants font un voyage psychédélique lorsqu’ils se retrouvent dans le néant, à l’écart de leur école et de leurs camarades. Pensez maintenant à « Lord of the Flies », mais … Read more

Haikyuu Season 5: release date, cast and plot

Haikyuu Season 5 release date cast and plot

“Haikyuu !! ”Features beautifully animated and lengthy volleyball matches, shonen-style storylines, and an assortment of interesting characters that make it a beloved sports anime. A little college boy named Shoyo Hinata from Karasuno High falls in love with volleyball after watching the school game on TV, only to find that no one else in his … Read more

Haikyû!!: el spokon del momento supera el bloqueo y llega a nuestras librerías – Sala de Peligro

1632164249 Haikyu el spokon del momento supera el bloqueo y llega

Planeta Cómic comenzará por fin su esperada publicación en octubre, tras varios años en los que su adaptación anime ha hecho de esta historia de amistad, perseverancia y voleibol uno de los títulos más queridos de la afición. Es el ímpetu de sus protagonistas y de su afición, animando a sus respectivos equipos. … Read more

Tokyo 2020: anime songs from Attack on titan, Haikyuu and more play in competitions

Tokyo 2020 anime songs from Attack on titan Haikyuu and

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have started and viewers in the world closely follow the sports performance of their selected. Being an event held in Japan, viewers, but especially fans of manga and anime, hoped that their favorite characters would have a space in the opening gala. They were greatly surprised to see that neither Goku, … Read more

Anime themes such as Haikyu !!, Attack on Titan, and Slam Dunk were heard at Olympic competitions

Anime themes such as Haikyu Attack on Titan and

During the inauguration of the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020, several users of social networks showed their discontent when not seeing, what many believe typical of Japan, things related to anime, so there were many memes about it not appearing Pikachu O Goku. However, there was something of the culture geek during the opening, since … Read more