If you have always dreamed of learning to draw Naruto characters, this book is ESSENTIAL

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If Naruto is one of the most popular manga in history, it is also thanks to the great precision of its drawing. Here’s how to draw the characters. To read laterSavedFollow #manga#manga Tracking Naruto, cult manga Naruto is undoubtedly one of the most popular works of Japanese comics in the world, for many reasons: we … Read more

The favorite character of the author of Naruto will shock you!

The universe of Naruto is extremely vast and contains a hundred characters. Whether it’s protagonists or antagonists, there’s something for everyone. Even Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the work has his favorite character. To read laterSavedFollow #manga#manga Tracking The cult characters of Naruto Created in 1999, naruto rocked a whole generation of manga fans. Considered … Read more