How did Hashirama die?

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To see To hide the table of contents Most of the Hokage deaths in Naruto are explained: Tobirama Senju died as a diversion, Hiruzen Sarutobi perished using the Reapers Death Seal, as did Minato Namikazee. However, there is one Hokage whose end remains shrouded in mystery: Hashirama Senju. No one knows how the first Hokage … Read more

Disappeared from Netflix, the Naruto series will finally return in February

Disappeared from Netflix the Naruto series will finally return in

Netflix broke the hearts of ninja fans back in January, but it didn’t take long for the apprentice Hokage to return. The year 2023 and the following will be a bit special for Netflix subscribers. Indeed, many programs could simply disappear from the streaming platform, since their exclusive contracts are coming to an end. Some … Read more