3 characters from all over Naruto who would easily defeat the mighty Itachi Uchiha in combat

3 characters from all over Naruto who would easily defeat

Before starting with this argumentative text on why the great Itachi was not the best character, we must clarify some points that will help us clarify these arguments even more. The first thing we should talk about is that only characters that were in the life timeline with Itachi. In addition, we will use canon … Read more

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime 215, la invasión de Isshiki Otsutsuki

Boruto Naruto Next Generations anime 215 la invasion de Isshiki

Isshiki Otsutsuki has revealed his true identity, or should we say that he is forced to reveal it after Kashin Koji’s heroic efforts to stop him? Episode 215 of anime shonen Boruto: Naruto Next Generations you will see Isshiki trying to locate Kawaki. The new episode, titled “Prepared”, will show Hidden Leaf Village (Konoha) preparing … Read more

Naruto: Kabuto’s 5 Greatest Strengths (And His 5 Worst Weaknesses)

Naruto Kabutos 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst Weaknesses

Kabuto was one of the first villains introduced into the universe of Naruto. Although his meek demeanor and crude jutsu may seem disappointing at first, over time he became powerful enough to take on Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha simultaneously. As one of the few antagonists who avoid decisive justice, Orochimaru’s apprentice has many strengths and … Read more

Hello Kitty and Naruto join forces in a cute collection of Funkos | Spaghetti Code

1630718784 Hello Kitty and Naruto join forces in a cute collection

It is not the first time Naruto and Hello Kitty’s friends make a collaboration, but without a doubt this will cause us more tenderness, since it is about a collection of Funko Pop! figures in which we will see Sanrio characters characterized as some of the protagonists of the Masashi Kishimoto series. Starting in October … Read more

Naruto: 5 anime characters Orochimaru could defeat (& 5 he would lose to)

Naruto 5 anime characters Orochimaru could defeat 5 he

Orochimaru was one of the earliest and most powerful antagonists of the universeNaruto. As a fallen member of the legendary Sannin, his willingness to employ forbidden jutsu to achieve his goals made him especially fearsome, eventually assassinating the Third Hokage. Although Orochimaru is considerably powerful in his own universe, it is important to gauge his … Read more

Naruto: The perfect pokémon companion of each member of Akatsuki

Naruto The perfect pokemon companion of each member of Akatsuki

The world of Naruto it’s packed with memorable ninjas, from heroes like Naruto and Sasuke to characters that appear only a few times like Pakkun. Sometimes these ninjas turn to the dark side, which is represented in the world as the Akatsuki, whose mission changes often, but which usually consists of kidnapping and killing the … Read more

Shonen Jump, the Publisher of Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto, Announces Record Profits in Its Annual Report | Spaghetti Code

1630314325 Shonen Jump the Publisher of Dragon Ball One Piece and

When we think of manga, it is inevitable to talk about the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, which is one of the main when it comes to introducing fans to the new adventures of their favorite characters. For several years, the weekly has published works such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, My Hero Academia, among others. … Read more