Fanart de Naruto Shippuden imagina a Sakura como una integrante de Akatsuki –Senpai

Fanart de Naruto Shippuden imagina a Sakura como una integrante

Sakura is one of the most popular and powerful Kunoichi in naruto shippuden who without a doubt would have been very useful to the Akatsuki Organization due to his enormous strength and medical talent. Although of course the shinobi never hinted at any dark or vindictive behavior like that of her beloved Sasuke, so her … Read more

You’re going to want these new Team 7-inspired official Naruto sneakers!

1642260403 Youre going to want these new Team 7 inspired official Naruto

This is the first official Naruto Shippuden sneaker collection, sold by Mizuno. The successful Naruto Shippuden manga and anime ended in 2017, however, its popularity continues around the world and has given rise to many artists to create fanarts, different tributes to the series and collaborations, among others. This iconic series has left us with … Read more

5 Naruto Characters Spider-Man Would Work With (And 5 He Wouldn’t)

5 Naruto Characters Spider Man Would Work With And 5 He

In the MCU there are many superheroes of all kinds, from the tactical leader Captain America to the martial artist Shang-Chi and the elite assassin Black Widow. There’s also Peter Parker, the young remote-controlled Avenger who can save the day with his unique spider powers and hand-to-hand fighting skills. Spider-Man is a good Avenger, though … Read more