This emblematic character of One Piece who will make his big comeback in the movie RED

The year 2022 is very clearly that of One Piece. While Eiichiro Oda has announced that the manga will enter its final phase, news should delight fans of the anime since an emblematic character will return to the movie RED. To read laterSavedFollow #manga#manga Tracking Return of Katakuri There are characters that are impossible to … Read more

Eiichiro Oda reveals the nationality of the characters of One Piece… and there is a Frenchman

The creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, revealed that she will be the nationality of the Straw Hat Pirates. One of them is even French! To read laterSavedFollow #manga#manga Tracking Oda’s credentials for writing One Piece To create One Piece, Eiichiro oda was inspired by many elements. Whether it is Greek mythology, Norse, ancient Inca … Read more

One Piece – Road to Laugh Tale: The unpublished information of the first fascicle while waiting for chapter 1054

The first volume of the booklet One Piece – Road to Laugh Tale is published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump No. 30 (2022) Monday June 27, 2022 in Japan. It brings sometimes unpublished information while waiting for the resumption of the manga with the chapter 1054 the July 22, 2022. RECOMMENDED >>> One Piece anime: … Read more