10 anime characters with multiple personalities

Multiple personalities add more depth to the development of an anime character. Contrary to popular belief, characters with multiple personalities are not all villains.

Having multiple personalities can be a response to childhood trauma or a way to make them appear more complex and multifaceted. It can also be a way to show the public its different facets. It’s also possible that the mangaka wanted to put a unique twist on his character to push the story in a certain direction. Whatever the reason, the multiple personalities of an anime character can serve as a potential explanation for their actions.

10 Hatsuharu – From a Peaceful Cow to a Raging Bull (Fruits Basket)

Like his Zodiac Ox, Hatsuharu is patient and laid-back, sometimes to the extreme. He goes at his own pace with the face of circumstances, following any path that catches his attention. But he’s still stubborn and caring when it comes to his family and friends.

However, there are times when the “black Haru” pops up at the most random moments. This Haru is loud, violent, and aggressive, ready to start a fight with the first person he sees. Normally, it is Kyo. Black Haru also has a kinky side, which often causes Yuki to scold him.

9 Sensui uses her personality to further her goals (Yu Yu Hakusho)1629102802 916 10 anime characters with multiple personalities.webp

Yu Yu Hakusho has a way of portraying his antagonists as complex and multifaceted individuals as the series progresses. One of his most fascinating villains is Shinobu Sensui. As a spirit detective, Shinobu maintained a strict sense of justice with a very black and white vision of humans and demons. His ideals were shattered by witnessing the torture of various demons for the sick pleasure of humans. His disappointment led him to embark on a murderous career and to seek a way to purge the world of humanity.

Sensui’s mind splits into six fragments as a mechanism for overcoming her now-shattered ideals. Each fragment takes on an aspect of his personality, ranging from the charismatic Minoru to the sadistic Kazuya, tasked with carrying out a specific task in his plans. The main personality, “Shinobu”, is destined to be the glue that holds them together.

8 Natsuki and Satsuki are like Yin and Yang (Uta no Prince-sama)1629102803 727 10 anime characters with multiple personalities.webp

Natsuki Shinomiya from ST ☆ RISH is the gentle giant of the group, who immerses himself in anything cute and small. He is airheaded and naive, much to the concern of his childhood friend, Sho.

Natsuki has “Gemini Syndrome”, where her other personality, Satsuki, emerges when someone removes her glasses. Unlike the bubbly and good-natured Natsuki, Satsuki is distant and has a terrible temper. According to Sho, he hospitalizes anyone he crosses. When Natsuki puts her glasses back on, she doesn’t remember what she did as Satsuki.

7 Zenitsu is a crybaby by day and a thunderbreather by night (Demon Slayer)1629102803 175 10 anime characters with multiple personalities.webp

Throughout most of Demon Slayer, Zenitsu is seen as a coward with many pent-up anxieties. However, he is not as whiny as people think.

When he’s not fearing for his life or competing for Nezuko’s affections, Zenitsu is wiser than Tanjiro and Inosuke. He is also more worldly than the other two, who lived in the mountains, as can be seen from his knowledge of trains. He has a more serious side when unconscious, bringing out his true strength. He earns a position as a Demon Hunter, though he lives in constant fear of being killed.

6 Suikotsu, a kind-hearted doctor with a fear of blood (InuYasha)1629102803 350 10 anime characters with multiple personalities.webp

It can be said that Suikotsu is the anime version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a kind doctor who takes care of the orphans of the town, but also a sadistic and bloodthirsty mercenary. Despite his profession, he suffers from severe hemophobia, which can cause the mercenary personality to take over.

Suikotsu forgets his murderous tangents when he regains consciousness due to psychological trauma. He witnessed horrendous amounts of blood and destruction during his travels, causing his mind to break and develop this second personality. Despite this, Naraku takes advantage of the kind doctor, using his evil side to carry out his orders.

5 Yogi goes from sweet and childish to brutal and murderous (Karneval)1629102803 586 10 anime characters with multiple personalities.webp

As a member of the Circus, Yogi is a skilled swordsman and a sympathetic pet with children. Although immature for his age, Yogi is charismatic and bubbly with anyone he meets. Unless he’s close to Gareki, then he’s more annoying.

However, Yogi has a violent side every time the allergy patch is removed from his cheek. His hair and eyes change from blonde to silver and from purple to red, respectively. In this state, known as “Silver Yogi”, he attacks anyone in his path, even his teammates. The reason for this alter ego remains a mystery.

4 Akashi leads his team with an iron fist (Kuroko no Basket)1629102803 851 10 anime characters with multiple personalities.webp

To unleash Taiga’s full potential, he and Tetsuya must face the last member of the Generation of Miracles: Seijuro Akashi. Seijuro’s presence seems low-key at first, despite his status as captain of the famous team, but his intimidating aura slowly seeps through. He’s calm and collected, runs his team like a well-oiled machine, and carries this behavior down to his high school basketball team.

His second personality is a more twisted and controlling version, manifesting through the omnipotent Eye of the Emperor. Seijuro’s left eye changes from red to orange, showing more arrogance and a stern “winners only” mentality. He is less tolerant of anyone who looks over his shoulder or tries to challenge him; he is able to use his aura of command to put an opponent on his feet.

3 Zetsu, two halves of one man (Naruto)1629102804 9 10 anime characters with multiple personalities.webp

The two halves of Zetsu continue to function as a unit, despite having opposite personalities. Each side of his face is divided into Black and White Zetsu and can be divided as needed. Zetsu Blanco is the playful and talkative right-hand side who befriended Obito after his resurgence. He seems unintelligent, but is obedient and loyal, earning the trust of the Akatsuki. It is characterized by having a higher and softer voice in anime.

Black Zetsu, on the other hand, has a deeper voice and is more serious and sharp-tongued. He is intolerant of nonsense and has no loyalty to anyone who obstructs the goal of Madara (or more specifically Kaguya). He is also obedient to the Akatsuki and will occasionally disagree with White Zetsu.

2 Twice struggles to understand his identity (My Hero Academia)1629102804 875 10 anime characters with multiple personalities.webp

When not wearing his villain costume and mask, Twice takes on an eccentric and lively personality. He is no stranger to dramatic poses and comical jokes, and occasionally jokes with the other members of the League of Villains. As soon as he puts on the mask, his maniacal personality takes over.

Their different personalities are the result of a need for connection. Each of these personalities is a “friend” that he created to combat his loneliness and feel comfortable in his skin. Joining the League of Villains also helps him cope with his loneliness because the other members accept him and his many personalities.

1 Momoka Nishizawa goes from sweet to sadistic in no time (Sergeant Rana)1629102804 392 10 anime characters with multiple personalities.webp

From elaborate conspiracies to outright confessions that never seem to go anywhere, Momoka Nishizawa will do anything for his beloved, Fuyuki. For most people, Momoka is sweet and gentle around anyone she meets, becoming especially shy around Fuyuki.

However, his other personality shows a loud and short-tempered side that not many people know about; his eyes also change shape with the sound of a sharp sword. Momoka may seem like a “yandere” due to her devotion to Fuyuki, but her split personality mainly comes from her mother, who displays the same traits.