10 Anime Heroes That Batman Can Defeat In Battle

Batman is one of the most iconic and beloved DC Comics characters of all time and the Batman The franchise is stronger than ever. The Dark Knight is the vigilante who protects Gotham City from a wide variety of evil villains such as the sinister Joker and the icy Mr. Freeze. However, if he has to, Batman will take down the corrupted heroes as well, and he won’t hold back.

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For example, Batman has a contingency plan in case a member of the Justice League goes rogue. Batman would do the same if he was also paired with powerful heroes from the world of Japanese animation. If these anime heroes went bad for some reason, Batman could and would defeat them and teach them a lesson with his fists.

ten Batman Doesn’t Fear Edward Elric’s Alchemy (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Edward Elric holds his cyborg arm and smiles

In direct combat, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood State Alchemist Edward Elric could pose a threat to Batman with his sophisticated alchemy, especially since Batman cannot perform alchemy himself. However, Batman doesn’t feel the need to fight fair or challenge his opponents on their own terms. Ambushes and planning are his best weapons.

Edward Elric, if he went wrong, wouldn’t stand a chance if Batman tracked him through Central City. When the time was right, Batman swooped down on the corrupted alchemist, captured him with his best tools, and stopped Ed from clapping his hands to perform alchemy.

9 Lucy Heartfilia’s Keys Won’t Save Her From Batman (Fairy Tail)

Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail winks

Fairy tales Celestial helper Lucy Heartfilia is a smart and quick-witted helper who can summon spirit warriors based on western astrology, such as Aquarius and Taurus, and she could give Batman a decent challenge in a fair fight. . So, again, Batman would have to rely on ambush and trickery to win the day.

A corrupt Lucy Heartfilia wouldn’t last long if Batman followed her through Magnolia Town and cornered her in a dark alley. Lucy would need time to use her keys and summon her spirits and Batman wouldn’t give her that chance. He could tie her up and hand her over to the authorities easily.

8 Narancia’s Stand Won’t Do Much Good (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Narancia uses Lil Bomber to locate enemies

In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Stand users rely heavily on their Stand to fight and if the user is knocked out or killed, the Stand is lost; it would be Batman’s key to victory if he fought a Stand user. Batman wouldn’t be able to destroy a Stand, but he could ambush a Stand user and knock them out before the Stand was even summoned.

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This would be the case of the punk Narancia Ghirga, member of Bruno Bucciarati’s team. This kid might be resourceful, but even he can’t handle Batman. The Dark Knight would ambush and knock him out before Aerosmith came into play.

7 Itsuka Kendo’s fists will be useless (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia Itsuka Kendo is a smart and tough student at UA, and as shown in the joint training arc, Itsuka also has good leadership skills. She’s the beloved class representative of Class 1-B, but she wouldn’t last long if Batman were to take her down for some reason. The rogue Itsuka would be hopelessly outmatched.

Itsuka is yet another anime hero who would be helpless if Batman tracked her down and ambushed her in a dark alley. Itsuka’s quirk, Big Fist, wouldn’t do him any good in this scenario. In fact, Batman could knock Itsuka out before he even activated his Quirk.

6 Asami Sato is no match for the Dark Knight (The Legend of Korra)

angry asami the legend of korra

In a way, Team Avatar member Asami Sato from The Legend of Korra is like a Batman-lite. She is also a wealthy and influential person in her hometown who fights crime with a variety of gadgets and her martial arts, although she cannot beat Batman at her own game.

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If Asami went wrong and joined the Equalists with her father, Batman would take care of the matter and eliminate the two Satos. Asami might have an Equalist shock gauntlet and well-honed self-defense skills, but Batman is ten times the fighter she is and would capture her easily.

5 Inosuke Hashibira is not ready to face Batman (Demon Slayer)

demon slayer inosuke

Demon Slayer Inosuke Hashibira was raised by wild animals and he has razor-sharp instincts and keen senses. His Beast Breathing fighting style would give Batman a suitable challenge in direct combat, but if Batman were to ambush Inosuke in mid-early 1900s Tokyo, Inosuke would be doomed.

Inosuke would be out of his element in this town, while Batman would be absolutely in his element. In a dark alley, Batman jumped off a roof and swooped down on Inosuke and captured him, binding him tightly with unbreakable ropes before knocking him unconscious with a blow to the head.

4 Maki Zenin won’t last long against Batman (Jujutsu Kaisen)

While Jujutsu Kaisen the powerful wizard Satoru Gojo could trap Batman in his infinite domain, wizarding students such as Megumi, Aoi Todo, Toge and Maki Zenin would all fight against him. None of them would last longer than a minute if Batman saw fit to capture them.

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Should Maki Zenin snap and go wrong, Principal Masamichi Yaga would hire Batman to find and capture her, even though she was hiding in Tokyo. Maki has cursed weapons and formidable physical strength, but Batman is a master martial artist with darkness on his side.

3 Batman would soon capture Lupine III (Lupin III)

Lupine III

The famous titular anime anti-hero Lupine III is a character who enjoys stealing treasure for fun and he has outmaneuvered and outmatched Detective Zenigata time and time again. However, if Zenigata became Commissioner Gordon and hired the Dark Knight to finally capture Lupine once and for all, Lupine wouldn’t stand a chance.

Lupine might drop Batman once or twice, but he couldn’t outrun Batman for long, especially after Batman had first-hand experience with him. Lupine and his allies, Goemon and Jigen, would eventually be cornered, captured, and brought back to a cheerful Zenigata.

2 Lt. Takehisa Hinawa can’t stop the Caped Crusader (Fire Force)

hinawa fight

fire force Lieutenant Takehisa Hinawa has some experience with the Tokyo Empire Army as well as Company 8 and he is always boxed in and loaded for battle. He’s no ordinary sniper – he can use his second-generation pyrokinetic ability to create magic bullets, guiding his projectiles with heat to hit any target.

However, Batman despises guns and he wouldn’t give Hinawa a chance to fire a single shot. For Batman, this battle would be personal and he would ensure that Hinawa was captured and detained immediately.

1 Batman would hunt Revy all over Roanapur (Black Lagoon)

The black lagoon Brave action heroine Revy “Two-Hands” is good at what she does – she can outmatch almost any criminal, rogue soldier or mercenary in the South China Sea. She can hold her own in dangerous cities such as Roanapur, but if someone hired Batman to take her down, Revy wouldn’t last long.

Revy might escape one or two of Batman’s traps if she had an ally to warn her, but she couldn’t outrun the Dark Knight for very long. Sooner or later, Batman would corner Revy and tie her up, then knock her out. Batman would also confiscate all of his weapons before handing them over to whoever hired him.

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