10 Anime Heroes Who Decided To Kill The Villain

Normally an anime hero would not kill his enemy. Whether it’s because of their strong morals or their lack of bloodlust, anime heroes are simply above taking a life. But in some extreme emotional circumstances, they have no choice but to kill.

These heroes killed their opponents not out of evil or sadism, but for vacillating reasons such as revenge, duty, or even pity. Even though they won these fights, these heroes still felt like they lost something when they ended up spilling blood.

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead.

10 Healer’s Redo – Keyaruga humiliated and tortured his enemies for vengeful amusement

In his first life, Keyaruga’s time as a healing hero was hell. His fellow heroes not only treated him like trash, they assaulted and tortured him for fun. Upon acquiring the Philosopher’s Stone, Keyaruga rewound time so that he could once again meet the heroes of the Kingdom of Jioral, but furiously exact revenge on them.

While brainwashing princess Flare Arlgrande Jioral, he left others for dead such as the knight captain, Leonard, and the sword hero, Blade. Saying that, Keyaruga did not lay a hand on them. Instead, he watched as his mind-controlled minions manhandled them before breaking their will to live with one last insult.

9 Tokyo Ghoul – Ken Kaneki took his time with Jason1647429125 218 10 Anime Heroes Who Decided To Kill The Villain.webp

Kaneki never wanted to be a Ghoul, but fate had other plans. In addition to becoming the all-powerful linchpin that could end or worsen the war between humans and ghouls, Kaneki was subjected to suffering at the hands of both humans and ghouls. The one who tore it apart was Yakumo Oomori, better known as Jason.

Jason tortured Kaneki for ten days, but just as he was about to kill him, Kaneki broke free and quickly destroyed Jason. Kaneki then returned the favor by ripping Jason apart. Unlike the manga, in which Kaneki left Jason for dead, in the anime it is implied that Kaneki killed Jason after torturing him and devouring his kagune.

8 One Piece – Monkey D. Luffy hit Baron Omatsuri so hard that he died1647429126 682 10 Anime Heroes Who Decided To Kill The Villain.webp

Luffy is more of a fun-loving adventurer than a pirate, but that changed in the movie. One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island. When the Straw Hats stop at what they thought was a resort island, they almost suffer a fate worse than death. Specifically, being sucked alive by Baron Omatsuri’s demon flower, Lily Carnation.

In the last act, the Baron had assimilated all of Luffy’s crew, leaving him alone. Luffy fought Baron Omatsuri to no avail, but only when the captain of the Teacup Pirates shot Lily did Luffy inflict serious damage on her. Saying this, Luffy was so enraged that he killed Baron Omatsuri in one hit, making him the first and only enemy he has killed (so far).

7 Blade Of The Immortal (2019) – Rin culminated her revenge by killing Kagehisa Anotsu1647429126 558 10 Anime Heroes Who Decided To Kill The Villain.webp

After her family was killed by Anotsu and his fanatical Itto-Ryu group, Rin hired the ronin Manji to avenge her loved ones. However, during most of Blade Of The Immortal , Rin and Manji barely crossed paths with Anotsu. In any case, they did not have to do anything to kill him, since the shogunate took care of it.

In the end, the shogunate betrayed the Itto-Ryu and sent their Rokki-Dan assassins to kill Anotsu and his followers. Rin and Manji met in the middle of the war, but Anotsu was dead. Despite this, Manji bested Anotsu in a gun battle before Rin stabbed him as he had promised the first time they met.

6 Attack on Titan – The remaining scouts leave Bertholdt Hoover to be eaten1647429126 66 10 Anime Heroes Who Decided To Kill The Villain.webp

Reiner and Bertholdt’s betrayal was one of the most painful moments in the life of the Survey Corps, and their resentment towards their former comrades was still raw during the retaking of Wall Maria. During the fight to recapture Shiganshina, Eren Yeager killed the Colossal Titan (also known as Bertholdt), but this cost Armin Arlert his life.

Rather than quickly kill Bertholdt, Levi Ackerman and the Survey Corps opted to feed a titanized Armin. Pragmatically, this gave them control of the Colossal Titan’s power. Emotionally, though, it was as close to poetic justice as the scouts could mete out to Bertholdt for the deaths and horrors he had caused.

5 Demon Slayer – Tanjiro Released The Spider Demon Mother Through Death1647429126 593 10 Anime Heroes Who Decided To Kill The Villain.webp

Part of the drama demon slayer comes from Tanjiro’s doubts when it comes to killing demons. As the anime progressed, Tanjiro realized that the demons he hated weren’t that different from people. For example, the Spider Demon Mother. Despite her ruthless powers to use her victims as puppets, Tanjiro gave her the easy way out by killing her out of mercy.

The Spider Demon Mother was a young girl who was forced into her role as a “mother” by Rui, and she detested it. Furthermore, her failure would mean his death at the hands of her “her family” or worse. Instead of facing that punishment and breaking free from Rui, she let Tanjiro kill her. Realizing what she really wanted, Tanjiro traded her killing blow for a painless one.

4 Fate/Zero – Saber fulfilled Berserker’s desperate death wish1647429127 390 10 Anime Heroes Who Decided To Kill The Villain.webp

To the Just like in the Arthurian mythsof the whatborrow destinySir Lancelot was King Artoria’s most trusted knight. However, Lancelot had an affair with his king’s wife, Queen Guinevere, and this indirectly led to the death of King Arthur and the fall of Camelot. Lancelot was burdened with guilt, and sought death by the king’s hand from him.

Lancelot returned in fate/zero as a Berserker, and even in his senseless rage, he knew he had to fight Saber to get his wish. Saber had no choice but to kill her friend to survive, and this tore her apart. Lancelot, however, was glad that his king ended his torment. While he came back to life as a Berserker, Lancelot died free as himself.

3 Assassination Classroom – Class 3-E accepted Koro-Sensei’s lessons by killing him1647429127 994 10 Anime Heroes Who Decided To Kill The Villain.webp

In order to finally graduate and save the world, Class 3-E, who are ranked last, had to kill their teacher Koro-Sensei. The problem is that Koro-Sensei was a physically and mentally powerful alien, making it nearly impossible to kill or outmatch him. The tables turned at the end of Assassination ClassroomAlthough no one was enthusiastic about it.

After spending so much time together, Class 3-E and Koro-Sensei genuinely cared for each other. When the time came to finally kill Koro-Sensei, his students reluctantly put what they had learned into practice. Nagisa Shiota volunteered to deliver the killing blow, only doing so after tearful hesitation and reassurance from Koro-Sensei.

2 Narutaru – Shiina Tamai strangled Hiroko Kaizuka to end the suffering1647429127 371 10 Anime Heroes Who Decided To Kill The Villain.webp

When Shiina encountered a strange alien known as the Shadow Dragon, she adopted him and named him Hoshimaru. While Shiina went on fun adventures with her pet, her friend Hiroko was going through hell. After enduring enough harassment and worse, Hiroko snapped and released her Shadow Dragon onto her tormentors.

Hiroko fell into the abyss and was about to make a fuss, but Shiina tried to stop her. Unable to convince her, she Shiina took matters into her own hands and killed her friend. Although she prevented a massacre, Shiina was left traumatized. It should be noted that the anime ended here, but this was only the beginning of something much worse in the manga.

1 Cowboy Bebop – Spike Spiegel returned to his past facing Vicious1647429127 490 10 Anime Heroes Who Decided To Kill The Villain.webp

the tragedy of Cowboy Bebop is that the characters could have lived a second and better life if they had put their pasts behind them, but they didn’t. In Spike’s case, it could have started all over again if he had stayed away from the Red Dragon Syndicate and Vicious. In the end, Spike chose to settle his account with Vicious and died doing so.

Spike and Vicious were friends in the syndicate, but their brotherhood turned into a rivalry that caused Spike to leave. When Spike confronted Vicious, they closed the book mortally wounding themselves. Spike was the last man standing, but he died soon after. However, as far as Spike was concerned, he was already dead.