10 Anime Heroes Who Would Be Chunin-Level Ninjas

Naruto has one of the easiest to understand power ranking systems in anime. Fans know that a character is super strong compared to others if he is a Jonin, and they also know that a character’s abilities are relatively average if he is a Chunin. Although many of the characters that appear in Naruto are Jonin, many of the background characters in the series are Chunin, the most common title given to Shinobi.

Fans like to think that their favorite anime heroes are the strongest characters in history, but most anime heroes aren’t even the strongest characters in their own universe. Many anime heroes are actually just average when compared to other characters, but that doesn’t take away from their abilities or strengths. When a character is strong but not the strongest, he can only be worthy of the chunin rank.

10 Tanjiro Is Different From The Average Swordsman (Demon Hunter)

The strength rating systemdemon slayer is similar to that of Naruto, but it is much more confusing. Instead of three strength levels, he has 10, and as a new recruit, Tanjiro falls into the lowest rank. Despite this, his strength and abilities are clearly better than any average member of the Demon Slayer corps. However, that does not mean that he is entitled to the title of Hashira, the highest ranked Demon Slayer. Since he has above average abilities but lacks the abilities of the strongest members of the corps, Tanjiro fits perfectly into the chunin rank.

9 Sasha Is The Best Marksman But A Mediocre Titan Killer (Attack On Titan)1647597809 123 10 Anime Heroes Who Would Be Chunin Level Ninjas.webp

Sasha is an expert marksman and very skilled with the ODM team. She has shown that she is capable of protecting herself and others from the scariest Titans, but she is certainly not the most skilled member of the Scouts. Compared to Levi and Mikasa, her abilities are average and she tends to make more mistakes than other explorers. However, that does not mean that she does not contribute anything. She is an incredible marksman and has proven to be useful when it comes to spotting the enemy. However, her abilities are still average compared to others, making her a Chunin.

8 Kuwabara Is The Strongest Human But He Is Weak Compared To Demons (Yu Yu Hakusho)1647597809 542 10 Anime Heroes Who Would Be Chunin Level Ninjas.webp

Kuwabara is often the butt of jokes, and that’s mostly due to how airheaded he can be. He has incredibly strong intuition and is one of the strongest psychics on the team, but when it comes to fighting, he is the weakest member of the four-man team.

While Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama’s strength grows exponentially by the end of the series, Kuwabara’s abilities seem to plateau, and he even gives up fighting altogether. Kuwabara may be one of the strongest humans on Earth, but compared to his demon friends, he is definitely on the weak side. With average skills like his, it only makes sense for him to be a chunin.

7 Mirio Isn’t A Pro Hero Yet (My Hero Academia)1647597809 985 10 Anime Heroes Who Would Be Chunin Level Ninjas.webp

As one of the members of the Big Three, Mirio is one of the strongest students at UA. He was nearly unbeatable with his Quirk, and when he lost it during his fight with Overhaul, he still managed to last a fair amount of screen time without the Quirk. However, his position as a Chunin is not just because of his strength. He is in his last year at UA, and as a student, that would technically make him a Genin. Mirio is also a hero who works and has many more responsibilities than the average student. Since he is in a transition period between being a student and being a hero, it makes sense for him to be at the chunin level.

6 Usopp Brings A Lot Except Strength (One Piece)1647597810 937 10 Anime Heroes Who Would Be Chunin Level Ninjas.webp

Usopp is an important member of the Straw Hat crew and has been around since the beginning of the series. He doesn’t have the power of the Bubblegum Fruit and isn’t super strong like the other members of the crew, but that doesn’t make him weak. He’s helped his crew fight off incredibly powerful opponents and even managed to take on Luffy during the Water 7 arc. That said, he can offer a lot to the team, but he’s unwilling to take on stronger pirates on his own, which which definitely makes him a chunin.

5 Rukia spends most of the series without power (Bleach)1647597810 699 10 Anime Heroes Who Would Be Chunin Level Ninjas.webp

Rukia Kuchiki manages to rise to the rank of captain towards the end of the Bleach manga, but before that, she is just a regular Soul Reaper. Compared to her peers, and even her human friends, she doesn’t seem to have much experience or knowledge as a Reaper of Souls. The fact that she spends most of the series trying to get her lost powers back doesn’t help her at all.

Even when he regains his strength, he doesn’t have the ability to fight on the same level as Ichigo and the captains. Compared to the average Soul Reaper, she is certainly strong, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be classified as a Chunin.

4 Sango Is Strong For A Human (Inuyasha)1647597810 980 10 Anime Heroes Who Would Be Chunin Level Ninjas.webp

Sango is incredibly strong for a human. She has superior stamina and strength, and is even capable of wielding a weapon the same size as her body. She is definitely not someone to be trifled with, and when it comes to killing the mid-demon, she excels. However, her abilities are completely surpassed by the most powerful demons, and even the half-demon Inuyasha is stronger than her. When push comes to shove, she’s perfect as a support, which is exactly the quality that chunin rank characters tend to have.

3 Lucy Is A Chunin Surrounded By Jonin (Fairy Tail)1647597810 860 10 Anime Heroes Who Would Be Chunin Level Ninjas.webp

Lucy’s abilities as a celestial mage are certainly unique, and she has managed to make contracts with some incredibly powerful celestial spirits. However, compared to the other members of the guild, she is not very powerful. Not to mention that she doesn’t have any skills in hand-to-hand combat. Lucy is capable of defeating some powerful opponents, but what she struggles to defeat is very different from all other guild members. All things considered, she is a Chunin level mage surrounded by Jonin. She still contributes a lot to the guild, but what she is capable of doing is quite limited.

2 Tamaki Is Stronger Than People Realize (My Hero Academia)1647597811 461 10 Anime Heroes Who Would Be Chunin Level Ninjas.webp

Tamaki struggles with his self-image, and his chronic shyness leads many to believe that he is the weakest member of the Big Three. However, when it comes to his Quirk and how he uses it, he is actually incredibly strong. During the Overhaul arc, he managed to take down several villains by himself and still had enough energy to save Aizawa when all the fighting was over. He still has a lot to learn before he graduates and becomes a full-fledged hero, but it’s clear that he has the skills and knowledge to be as strong as a Chunin.

1 Krillin Is Dwarfed By The Gods (Dragon Ball Z)10 Anime Heroes Who Would Be Chunin Level Ninjas

Compared to ordinary mortals, Krillin is one of the strongest humans in the world. As strong as he is to him, his abilities are completely dwarfed by most of his friends. He will help out when it comes to saving the world, but when it comes to actual fighting, Goku and the other Saiyans usually take the lead. Krillin isn’t exactly average when it comes to strength, but compared to everyone else, he definitely has the strength of a Chunin.