10 anime heroes with no manners

Some heroes have a reputation for being rude and careless with others. For some, they have a habit of saying and doing the wrong thing at the worst time. For others, it is a propensity for clutter even when visiting someone else’s home. For others, it is their general callousness and lack of social conscience.

While this doesn’t make these heroes bad people, it does make some heads turn or the more correct and polite characters to scold them. These fan-favorite heroes are a bit gross.

10 Inosuke was literally raised by wild animals in Demon Slayer

Inosuke is no more volume than 11. He gets angry quickly and is incredibly arrogant. His tactlessness makes sense, as he claims to have been raised by a wild boar. He is often scolded by the other demon hunters for these traits, and hunters like Zenitsu constantly try to hide from him. Although he comes off as cheeky and has a tendency to antagonize those around him by accident, he is a well-loved member of the main cast of Demon Slayer, and many fans find his eccentric and exaggerated nature endearing.

9 Bakugo can’t contain his outbursts in My Hero Academia1630749861 10 10 anime heroes with no manners.webp

Like Inosuke, Bakugo is very confident in his power and abilities. However, in Bakugo’s case, this is because he was always considered a gifted child. His entire hero aesthetic focuses on explosions due to his quirk and explosive personality.

However, this explosive personality gets him into trouble with his peers. Because he gets angry so quickly, especially when Midoriya succeeds, he lashes out at those around him. He’s rude and difficult to deal with, and his peers notice.

8 Toph from Avatar: the Last Airbender is certainly not female1630749861 475 10 anime heroes with no manners.webp

Toph Beifong is the blind daughter of a wealthy family, so her family hid her on their farm. However, Toph is incredibly powerful and determined. He doesn’t care what his parents or anyone else thinks. As part of her rebellion against her family, she completely abandons her rich girl persona and becomes the sarcastic, dirty-footed heroine that fans know and love. Despite her lack of manners, she has become a fan favorite of the show.

7 Natsu from Fairy Tail is loud and forgetful1630749862 50 10 anime heroes with no manners.webp

Natsu Dragneel is one of many characters in the shonen anime who fall into the category of loudmouth protagonists who refuse to give up, but he’s a trope that works. Natsu’s fiery personality is complemented by his fire magic and his resourceful talking cat, Happy. He does not like touch and prefers to jump into situations upside down and with great violence. Fans can often find Natsu yelling at his enemies, recklessly getting into trouble, and willingly having a fight with his guildmates.

6 Naruto’s Sai: Shippuden is downright rude1630749862 133 10 anime heroes with no manners.webp

When viewers first meet Sai, he is an incredibly rude and insensitive double agent who claims to have no emotions. However, this is because he grew up as part of a secret underground organization called “The Foundation” that brainwashed children into super soldiers. Naruto and Sakura convince Sai to leave his old position and regain connection with his emotions, and Sai begins to improve, but he still has a tendency to be brusque and accidentally say the wrong things due to his lack of social skills.

5 In Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Jotaro is rude to almost all women1630749862 976 10 anime heroes with no manners.webp

Is there anything more rude than watching a man insult his kind mother? Jotaro Kujo certainly has a gift for insulting women, and he clearly despises them. Most of these moments are unwarranted and seemingly unprovoked. Therefore, some fans hesitate to see Jotaro as the hero that the series presents. Although he is the protagonist of the series and may have good intentions, it can be difficult to overcome his rude behavior throughout the series, and even in the next part, Diamond is Unbreakable.

4 Mineta is the loudmouth of the class in My Hero Academia1630749862 828 10 anime heroes with no manners.webp

Mineta is undoubtedly the asshole of the class. She often makes inappropriate comments about her peers and constantly gets into trouble. While Mineta moments are supposed to be a source of humor, for some fans it’s just awkward and creepy. Mineta is a witty and intelligent character, but her rude demeanor with women keeps fans from seeing past her rude antics.

3 Naruto is a rude glutton and doesn’t think before he speaks1630749862 970 10 anime heroes with no manners.webp

Naruto Uzumaki has surely been guilty of saying the wrong thing on occasion. He often accidentally insults Sakura Haruno, which often results in her receiving a quick punch to the guts. He talks off the cuff and is prone to impulsive outbursts, often frustrating and embarrassing his teammates.

He is also rude and disrespectful to the Hokage and other figures of power and authority. Also, it can be a bit taxing. When he and his companions went to the Land of Waves, they stayed at Tsunami and Inari’s home, where they voraciously ate their food and demanded to repeat it.

2 Asta is loud and rude in Black Clover1630749862 770 10 anime heroes with no manners.webp

Like Naruto, Asta is known for his outbursts and hyperactive nature. He is also known for being sarcastic and a bit rude. However, due to his past as an orphan in the Forsaken region, he is sensitive to the feelings of others and refuses to let anyone make fun of his friends. However, it is a bit rough and does not have the refinement of other Magic Knights. For this reason, he is despised and not taken seriously, despite his interesting powers.

1 Gray takes off his clothes at inappropriate times in Fairy Tail1630749862 538 10 anime heroes with no manners.webp

Gray Fullbuster is not as reckless as some of his peers. In fact, he has a rather distant temperament. Although he engages in jokes that sometimes include half-name insults, in general he is logical and sensible. Gray’s bad manners manifest themselves less in accidental rudeness and more in his inappropriate habit of taking off his clothes, which gets him into problematic situations. This eccentric and awkward mannerism is subconscious and therefore uncontrollable, and while it is supposed to be a humorous quirk, it is more creepy than whimsical.