10 anime teens who have to take care of their families

There are families of all shapes and sizes, and there are as many life circumstances as there are types of families. A common family circumstance in anime stories is that of teenagers who, for one reason or another, have to help out at home a little more than is expected of someone their age. They may be members of a single-parent household, the eldest of several siblings, or have to care for a sick parent.

Anime teenagers in these circumstances are often impressive in their domestic capacities and are often unrealistically self-sacrificing in their caregiving duties. But regardless of their personal circumstances, many anime teens take on additional responsibilities and do a great job taking care of their families.

10 Misaki Ayuzawa works part time to help her family (Maid-Sama!)

Initially believing that her father was a lazy gambler who left the family with its debts, Misaki Ayuzawa takes it upon herself to help her family’s plight in Maid-Sama! Due to her stamina issues, Misaki is invited to take a less labor-intensive position, and this is how she begins working as a maid in a maids cafe. Misaki is known to be exceptionally hard-working, and although her mother works to help support the family, Misaki’s help makes life more comfortable for them.

9 Saya Yamabuki Helps In Family Bakery (BanG Dream!)1632483551 821 10 anime teens who have to take care of their.webp

Even if it’s not to support her family financially, Saya Yamabuki takes an extra job at her family’s bakery at BanG Dream! Saya has two little brothers and an anemic mother, and although her father is nearby, there is still plenty to do at Yamabuki Bakery. He was about to give up joining Poppin ‘Party due to the additional responsibilities at home. Luckily, Saya’s parents encourage her to spend more time doing what she loves, so Saya is able to balance her life in the band and at home effectively.

8 Yayoi Takatsuki takes care of problems when her parents are not around (Idolm @ ster)1632483552 44 10 anime teens who have to take care of their.webp

Being the eldest of five children, Yayoi Takatsuki has a lot to do in el Idolm@ster. His parents are often busy with work, and his father’s unstable occupation makes his financial situation quite tight, so Yayoi is sensitive when it comes to saving money and spending it wisely.

When her parents aren’t around to help care for her siblings, Yayoi is usually the one who happily takes care of cooking and other household chores to make sure everyone is taken care of.

7 Brock once cared for his eight siblings by himself (Pokémon)1632483552 234 10 anime teens who have to take care of their.webp

As the leader of the Pewter City Gym and the oldest of nine sons, Brock from Pokémon he had a lot of work ahead of him. Since their parents abandoned them at a young age, Brock had to quickly learn to cook, clean and even sew in order to take care of the house. Luckily, Brock’s father, Flint, took over the Gym and family duties again, allowing Brock to venture out with Ash and Misty to pursue their own Pokémon breeder dreams.

6 Tamahome was the only source of income for his family (Fushigi Yuugi)1632483552 721 10 anime teens who have to take care of their.webp

With a terminally ill father and a deceased mother, Tamahome had to take on many responsibilities in caring for her father and four siblings in Fushigi Yuugi. The greatest obligation was financial, of course, and for a time he was a greedy miser, having to pay for the life of his family. At first he was rude to Miaka Yuuki, the priestess of Suzaku whom he has sworn to protect, but eventually he opens up to her and explains how much her family means to him.

5 Nico Yazawa spends his time taking care of his siblings (Love Live! School Idol Project)1632483552 9 10 anime teens who have to take care of their.webp

Having a mysteriously absent father and a workaholic mother is difficult for any teenager, but having to care for three younger siblings surely adds to the difficulty level. This is the exact situation Nico Yazawa faces on Love Live! School idol Project, although he does not do so reluctantly. Nico is proud of her mother and takes good care of Cocoa, Cocoro and Cotaro whenever her mother is not there to help. One of Nico’s goals in becoming a famous idol is to allow her family a more comfortable life.

4 Ryuuji Takasu became self-sufficient to help his mother (Toradora!)1632483552 759 10 anime teens who have to take care of their.webp

Since Ryuuji Takasu’s father was a delinquent who abandoned Ryuuji’s mother before he was born, he had to learn to do some extra chores at home in Toradora! His mother, Yasuko, has a night job as a flight attendant, so she is rarely awake during the day to take care of ordinary housework.

Ryuuji happily takes care of the housework for his young mother, who is struggling to raise her son on her own. The light novel ofToradora! delves into Yasuko and Ryuuji’s close family relationship.

3 Rena Ryuugu cuida de su padre deprimido (Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni)1632483552 90 10 anime teens who have to take care of their.webp

AAlthough Rena Ryuugu’s family circumstances begin quite happily, her mother ends up having an affair with another man and becomes pregnant with her son in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. When her mother asks Rena to start a new family with them, she shows extreme loyalty to her father and refuses to run away with her mother. She devotes her energy to caring for her dejected father out of pity and sympathy, and she does her best to stay cheerful and help him in whatever way she can.

2 Ui Hirasawa takes care of the house when her parents are away (K-On!)1632483553 261 10 anime teens who have to take care of their.webp

Yui and Ui Hirasawa spend a lot of time alone at K-On! since her parents are a loving couple who like to travel. Since Yui is almost completely inept when it comes to personal responsibility, it’s good that Ui has plenty of practice in housework and cooking. Ui is the one who deals with the ins and outs of domestic life, including cooking and cleaning. Without your work and determination, your home life would not be as orderly and comfortable.

1 Tanjiro Kamado was the sole breadwinner of his family (Demon Slayer)1632483553 800 10 anime teens who have to take care of their.webp

After the death of his father in his youth, Tanjiro Kamado took it upon himself, as the eldest son, to become the main breadwinner for his large family in Demon Slayer.. While his brothers and mother took care of household chores such as cooking and cleaning, Tanjiro often worked in the manufacture of charcoal to sell in nearby towns. He prided himself on being the financial caretaker of his family and often worked too hard. Even after his family was killed by a demon, he took it upon himself to fiercely protect his only remaining brother, Nezuko.