10 Anime That Would Make A Great Warrior Game

Few industries have experienced as much growth as video games and it’s remarkable to consider what’s possible with the current generation of gaming. Video games find their inspiration in many different places, but there has always been a strong relationship between game and anime. It is common for the most popular anime series to receive additional video games, which can cover a wide range of genres.

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A popular niche that has emerged in the gaming industry are Warriors style games, also known as genus Musou, which embrace endless combat and action. Several anime series, such as A play and Mobile Suit Gundam received makeovers from Warriors games, but there are plenty of other anime properties that would be a perfect fit for future Musou titles.

ten Titan’s Fractured World Attack Is Used For Endless Combat

Thunder Spear attack on Armored Titan

There have been some attempts at translating adrenaline and fear of The attack of the Titans in video games, but the freedom of a Warriors-style game would easily be the most faithful adaptation of the action series. Warrior games should have worlds filled with enemies and conflict, which The attack of the Titans has in high supply. The Musou genre would open up in new ways through the use of aerial attacks and ODM gear maneuvers, but characters who can transform into Titans would make the experience even more explosive.

9 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has dozens of Stand users eager to show off

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is part of the most ambitious shonen series ever and the generational story of Hirohiko Araki of the prolific Joestar family continues to evolve and experiment with different genres in satisfying ways. The eclectic characters who populate JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure have spawned several fighting genre games, but the open-world freedom of a Warriors game would make the most of JoJo’s increased stand clashes. There are so many creative characters and exciting environments to explore and this is a Warriors game that would go anywhere from Japan to London to Italy.

8 Gintama’s Surreal Samurai Action Would Thrive In The Warriors Formula

Gintama recently ended its prolific streak and it’s the rare example of a long-running streak actively getting louder, funnier and more dramatic As things progress. There are over 350 episodes of Gintama and none of them are zero.

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Gintama is a masterpiece in any genre it chooses to tackle, but it regularly returns to climactic sword fights between samurai. Sword fighting is such a natural fit for a Warriors game, but by Gintama many weird characters would ensure that it doesn’t just look like a retread of Dynasty Warriors

7 Ranma ½ mesh traditional martial arts with ridiculous transformations

Ranma runs away

At Rumiko Takahashi’s Ranma ½ is a real staple of 1990s anime and there are even a few 16-bit early ones Ranma ½ fighting games that are out there. The light-hearted action series has gone dormant in recent years, which would make a comeback through a Warriors-esque game causing such a stir. Ranma ½ easily addresses constant hyperbolized combat, but the transformative nature of most of the main characters would put such an entertaining twist on the standard Musou formula. This is a game that would actually capture the frenetic energy of anime.

6 My Hero Academia has a solid base to explore with its endless quirks

my hero academia East one of the biggest shonen series to emerge in the past few years and anime recently passed milestone of 100 episodes and also has three feature films to his credit. my hero academia is the perfect combination of superheroes and shonen tropes as it features the coming-of-age story of budding hero, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, and his many Quirk-powered friends. The infinite nature of the anime’s Quirks means that my hero academia could offer one of the most creative Warriors experiences. Heroes or villains could tear through rebellious Nomu mobs with glee.

5 Demon Slayer’s magnificent swordplay is a no-brainer for warrior action

demon slayer fight

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba enjoyed rapid success from its debut, but it gained a legendary reputation after its box office record-breaking feature film, Mugen train, and its critically acclaimed second season. demon slayer excels with its well-defined characters and the stunning choreography and animation that accompany the fights against the demons.

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This sword-wielding structure fits well with the Musou mold, but correctly translating the anime’s distinct art style in a video game would elevate this action game to greatness. A game of this nature will be extremely entertaining, whether the gameplay focuses on Demon Slayers or the monsters they hunt.

4 Hunter X Hunter’s Dense Storytelling And Powerful Characters Deserve A Warriors Showcase

Hunter x Hunter — Killua watches Gon kill Pitou

Hunter X Hunter doesn’t always achieve the same success as shonen legends like Dragon Ball, NarutoWhere A playbut he continually explores new ideas, applies an efficient approach to superfluous burdens, and does not overstay his welcome. Hunter X Hunter has also been somewhat overlooked when it comes to video game adaptations and a full Warriors game that dives into the entire series would be such a hit. The Nen energy that powers Gon, Killua and the rest of Hunter x Hunter brave cast fits into the fast-paced combat that fills the Musou genre.

3 One-Punch Man’s increased battle theaters are the perfect fit

One-Punch Man Speed ​​O Sound Sonic — Standing on a Road

One-punch man is one of the most brilliant subversions of superhero and shonen stereotypes. The anime is full of ridiculous heroes and monstrous villains, but its main character is a modest character who is exhausted to always be able to defeat his opponent with a single blow. The various heroes who are present in One-punch man would be fun to control, be it Genos, Tornado of Terror Tatsumaki, or the humble Metal Bat. Reception towards the second season of One-punch man isn’t quite as warm as the anime’s first year, but that’s not the fault of the show’s characters and the entertaining superpowers they bring to the table.

2 Jujutsu Kaisen’s cursed energy brings horror to the genre

Itadori and Kugisaki performing the Black Flash

Jujutsu Kaisen is the new shonen sensation and its prequel film, Jujutsu Kaisen 0, continues to break box office records in Japan. Jujutsu Kaisen is still fairly new, but it’s coming out the door swinging with its suspenseful hybrid of horror and action. Yuji Itadori and the rest of the anime characters manipulate cursed energy in amazing ways. The battles contain dazzling displays of action, but many of the cursed spirits the characters face are truly frightening. A Warriors game that leans more into the horror genre would put a fun twist on what used to be done with these types of games.

1 Dragon Ball’s Sprawling Fight Sequences Would Compliment The Warriors Formula

Anime Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn Frieza Dead Army

The success of Akira Toriyama dragonball series is undeniable and the shonen franchise is arguably even more popular now than when it debuted in the 1980s. There are dozens of dragonball video games that span a wide range of genres, but still put anime’s hyperbolized combat front and center. Dragon Ball’s the universe is so established that a Warriors game is easy to imagine. dragonball thrives on its beloved characters and their incredible arsenals of attacks, which a game of this nature would showcase. Yes A play can get a Warriors game then there’s no reason why dragonball should not.

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