10 Anime Villains That Would Make Great Video Game Boss Fights

There have been many times where fans have seen an anime and thought that the villain seems to fit perfectly in a video game level. Defeating anime villains often feels like a video game, with the heroes battling miniboss after miniboss to get to the final villain in his lair.

Some villains would fit into a fantasy or horror game, while others might be great choices for a martial arts or shooter-style game. Although the villain is not the definitive antagonist of his respective series, he does have attributes that make him intriguing. With magical powers, minions, and lairs, these anime villains are perfect for a video game.

10 Dio Brando From Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Would Fit In To A Great Horror Game With Martial Arts And Magic

Dio Brando was one of the best villains in the franchise. jojo and was one of the few villains to have a recurring role in various parts of the series, being the main villain in both PhantomBlood like in stardust crusaders. She had both vampiric powers and a formidable Stand called The World.

Due to these various powers, combined with his great combat prowess, Dio would make an excellent video game boss. So much PhantomBlood What stardust crusaders were already optimally structured for video games, with mini-bosses like Tarkus and Blueford and Stand users based on Egyptian gods, respectively.

9 Cowboy Bebop’s Vicious Already Has The Perfect Boss’s Lair Scenery1648459783 28 10 Anime Villains That Would Make Great Video Game Boss.webp

Vicious was well known for his ruthless fighting skills, causing even Spike Spiegel to be forced to fight. Therefore, Vicious would be a great villain for a game based on martial arts. He already has a syndicate of minions and minibosses that players can fight against.

Furthermore, the scene Cowboy Bebop, the Syndicate, and the stage for the final fight between Spike and Vicious would be great stages for the various levels. Fans might see this as a great arcade-style beat ’em up.

8 Muzan From Demon Slayer Would Be An Ultimate Boss With His Multiple Forms1648459783 416 10 Anime Villains That Would Make Great Video Game Boss.webp

Muzan takes on multiple forms throughout the series, and could be fought multiple times in a game on different levels. The versatility of Muzan’s appearance, power, and locations would make him a dynamic final boss to fight.

The Kizuki would also make great minibosses for each of the Muzan stages. games like Muramasa: The Demon Blade they are a great example of the type of game where Muzan could be an optimal villain.

7 Sousuke Aizen Would Make A Fun Boss For A Sword Fighting Game1648459783 970 10 Anime Villains That Would Make Great Video Game Boss.webp

Magic swords are some of the most fun weapons to use in video games. From Skyrim and Elden Ring up to the franchise Final Fantasy, there are many games with new and interesting swords with unique designs. For players who enjoy this style of play, a great villain to fight might be Sousuke Aizen.

Aizen was formidable not only because of his intelligence, but also because of his skill with the zanpakuto sword. With that being said, fans would certainly get a great plot and plot from a foe like Aizen.

6 Griffith From Berserk Could Be A Scary Boss To Face1648459783 344 10 Anime Villains That Would Make Great Video Game Boss.webp

Griffith committed many horrible crimes, but he also accomplished many impressive feats. For fans of medieval war games and strategy, with monster and sword fighting, Griffith would make a great multi-part boss. Fans could first fight Griffith as he was, before he became Femto, and later, they could fight him after getting supernatural power from him.

The Eclipse itself could be a dynamic arena in which to battle Griffith and his minions. They could even start out as allies of Griffith, like Guts was in the anime series.

5 My Hero Academia’s Dabi Has Powers That Would Suit Video Games Well1648459783 978 10 Anime Villains That Would Make Great Video Game Boss.webp

Superhero games are often very popular, especially those with hard magic systems, which translate to the video game medium much better than soft magic systems. My Hero Academia is a series that would lend itself well to the video game format, and a great villain to fight would be Dabi.

While other higher level antagonists in the series such as Shigaraki Tomura and All for One might be stronger, Dabi might be more fun to fight due to his long-range abilities, flashy powers, and diversity of movement options. Of course, he would be more fun than the simple threat of being disintegrated by being touched.

4 Zeref From Fairy Tail Would Make A Good Villain For A Fantasy Game1648459784 598 10 Anime Villains That Would Make Great Video Game Boss.webp

For fans of games with a slightly softer magic system than a series like My Hero Academiaa character like Zeref would be a great villain to fight against, as he was able to summon, cast energy, and create new spells that would keep the player on their toes.

While the evil dragon Acnologia could also make a great video game villain, as he has two forms (one being a huge dragon and the other a humanoid), Zeref could be a great choice for those who are more into games. wizard bosses with magic.

3 The Ten Tails Of Naruto: Shippuden Would Be An Epic Monster Fight1648459784 327 10 Anime Villains That Would Make Great Video Game Boss.webp

For those who want to fight a giant monster with a hideous design and scale, the Ten Tails of Naruto: Shippūden they could be a great kaiju-style boss to take on. After defeating each of the tailed beasts in sequence, the player would have to face this gigantic enemy.

Fighting the Ten-Tails would be a race against time for the player, as he could not be allowed to reach his final form. Therefore, the boss fight would not only include a normal fight mechanic, but would also include a time limit.

2 No-Face from Spirited Away could be a difficult villain to face1648459784 197 10 Anime Villains That Would Make Great Video Game Boss.webp

Cozy games deserve a cool boss sometimes too, and No-Face from spirited away He would be a great candidate for it. No-Face wanted friendship, but he also had a lot of demands on Chihiro and the rest of the bathhouse employees. “Fighting this boss could involve a series of quests to appease the monster.

All of this could culminate in a confrontation between the player and No-Face in which the player might have to flee for their life, but would ultimately gain a new ally in the game.

1 The Overlord Is Always The Overlord1648459784 230 10 Anime Villains That Would Make Great Video Game Boss.webp

There is no anime villain more suited to a boss battle than the titular Overlord himself, Ainz Ooal Gown. Both the anime and the character are riddled with moral and ethical issues, and Ainz is known to be ruthless and evil, which, in addition to his undead/skeletal traits, would make him an obvious choice for a video game villain. .

This isn’t the first anime to tackle the idea of ​​being trapped in a video game, as Sword Art Online and others have as well, but Ainz would be the most obvious choice for a final boss.