10 Anime Villains Who Would Be Jonin-Level Ninjas

Every mighty hero has an equally mighty villain and Naruto is no exception to this rule. The story wouldn’t be interesting if jonin level shinobi were able to defeat everyone they come across, so it makes sense that there would be so many jonin level villains.

The same goes for other anime series, especially shonen anime. For every strong hero who can be considered a jonin in power, there is a villain who is just as strong. These villains may not meet all the requirements to be a true jonin, but they are definitely jonin when it comes to the power they possess.

10 Shishio Is A Bloodthirsty Monster (Rurouni Kenshin)

It’s hard to believe that Shishio is covered in terrible burns from head to toe, considering how fierce a swordsman he is. His abilities are unmatched by almost everyone else, and even he is able to stop Kenshin’s attack with his fingers.

What makes Shishio even more terrifying is the fact that he’s not just strong. She has an insane bloodlust and will sacrifice anyone to quench it, even the person she supposedly loves. It’s no wonder he’s the ultimate villain of Rurouni Kenshinbecause it would have been impossible for the series to surpass someone like him.

9 Zeke Is The Deadliest Titan (Attack On Titan)1647858419 249 10 Anime Villains Who Would Be Jonin Level Ninjas.webp

Zeke is a terrifying opponent from the moment he appears. Not only is he immediately shown to be incredibly smart and strong, but the introduction of him as the first Talking Titan also completely shocked fans. All Titans are terrifying in their own way, but Zeke’s ability to turn people into Titans makes him far deadlier than the others.

Also, his attack method is nearly impossible to counter. The scouts are lucky to have a man like Levi because no one else could have stopped Zeke during his mission to close down Maria’s wall. In fact, the only reason anyone survives that mission is because Levi is just as dangerous as Zeke.

8 Rui Was The Closest To Killing The Protagonist (Demon Slayer)1647858420 88 10 Anime Villains Who Would Be Jonin Level Ninjas.webp

As a member of the Twelve Kizuki, Rui truly shows how strong demons can be. It’s hard to believe that he’s only a lower rank considering all the Demon Slayers he’s killed, but then again, higher rank demons are more like Kage in terms of power.

Rui may not seem that strong, but he is actually one of the most ruthless demons Tanjiro fights against in the first season of demon slayer. His Blood Demon Art is nearly impossible to defend against and his enhanced durability makes him an even tougher opponent. If Tanjiro hadn’t unlocked solar breathing during their fight, he and Nezuko would have died for sure.

7 Queen Beryl Is The World’s Deadliest Sorceress (Sailor Moon)1647858420 92 10 Anime Villains Who Would Be Jonin Level Ninjas.webp

As a powerful sorceress and the main antagonist for much of the series, Queen Beryl is responsible for most of the events of Sailor Moon.. Even the fall of the Moon and Earth kingdoms occurs because she betrays Prince Endymion by killing him. She may not be physically strong, but as a sorceress she is unmatched.

He is the strongest person in the Negaverse and can easily use his spells to turn people to stone or trap them in an eternal sleep. Being attacked by a bloodthirsty swordsman almost seems like a preferable option to having to deal with what she can do.

6 Ulquiorra Shows Ichigo He’s Not Weak (Bleach)1647858420 489 10 Anime Villains Who Would Be Jonin Level Ninjas.webp

The fact that fans are shocked when Ulquiorra reveals himself as the fourth Espada just goes to show how powerful he is. He is able to stop Grimmjow from fighting without breaking a sweat, and Grimmjow’s actions make it clear that Ulquiorra is someone to be feared.

Ichigo is dumb enough to think that being the fourth Espada makes Ulquiorra weak, but he definitely proves Ichigo wrong by giving him a good beating. In fact, if Ichigo didn’t have his Hollow powers to rely on, he definitely would have died during their battle.

5 Shigaraki Was Underestimated By The Heroes (My Hero Academia)1647858420 505 10 Anime Villains Who Would Be Jonin Level Ninjas.webp

Shigaraki is not that threatening when he is first introduced. All Might even compares him to a male child. Despite appearances, Shigaraki is much stronger than most might think. Not only is he capable of rallying villains behind his cause, but his Quirk is incredibly deadly.

Aizawa is lucky to have only lost part of his elbow during his fight with Shigaraki, considering that others have died from a simple touch. It’s a shame most of the heroes underestimated Shigaraki’s power early on. If they had done more to eliminate him as a threat, they could have prevented him from getting even stronger.

4 Lust Is A Deadly Spy (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)1647858420 271 10 Anime Villains Who Would Be Jonin Level Ninjas.webp

Lust may have been one of the first Homunculi to fall into the hands of the heroes, but that’s not because he’s weak. Without Mustang’s fire abilities, she probably never would have been stopped. She is basically immortal and can also instantly heal from any attack.

Plus, she literally has a set of knives at her fingertips and can be incredibly precise with them when she wants to. What makes her even more deadly than the other Homunculi is her ability to go unnoticed. On several occasions, she has been able to spy on the heroes and gain valuable information from them.

3 Young Toguro asks for respect (Yu Yu Hakusho)1647858420 990 10 Anime Villains Who Would Be Jonin Level Ninjas.webp

Toguro is the best villain in Yu Yu Hakusho and that’s mainly because of how scary it is. His power is so immense that it seems impossible for Yusuke to defeat him. Unlike other villains, Toguro does not have to wield his power.

His appearance alone is capable of silencing an entire stadium of demons, which makes sense considering what they’ve seen him do. Even the strongest jonin-level characters should think twice about fighting someone like Toguro, because he’ll likely kill them before they can even blink.

2 The Crocodile Is The Best Arena User (One Piece)1647858421 385 10 Anime Villains Who Would Be Jonin Level Ninjas.webp

Crocodile is a character that fits perfectly in the universe of Naruto considering his ability to control sand. However, it might be more accurate to say that it is literally sand, since it can actually turn into sand, not just control it.

With this ability, he can protect himself from any injury, including Luffy’s monstrous blows. His Bubblegum Fruit powers are pretty bad, but he’s also incredibly strong, fast, and has a lot of stamina. No wonder Luffy barely survives a fight with him.

1 Caster is the strongest servant (Fate/Zero)1647858421 528 10 Anime Villains Who Would Be Jonin Level Ninjas.webp

Caster is not only strong, but he is also a complete monster who lacks any regard for human life. With his master serial killer at his side, they wreak havoc on the civilian population, and even the Fourth Grail War is put on hold due to his actions.

However, Caster proves to be a formidable opponent and it takes the combined strength of all the other servants to stop him. Saber even has to use his anti-strength Noble Phantasm to stop him, showing how strong he is.