10 anime waifus who would be a perfect fit for Bridgerton

Bridgerton from Netflix, has had a magnificent comeback this year. Shonda Rhimes’ period drama series has fans swooning over the characters, fashion and outrageous events of season two. The women in this series have set the bar very high, portraying their various relationships and idiosyncrasies with finesse and glamour.

When anime fans witness the grace of these characters, they often think of their favorite waifus from the lavish world of Queen Charlotte’s kingdom in Britain. Anime waifus have been adored by fans since time immemorial. Their appearance complements their immense power, whether natural or supernatural, allowing them to blend into any world.

10 Kaguya Chases Whoever She Wants (Kaguya Sama: Love Is War)

Kaguya Sama: Love Is War is about Kaguya Shinomiya, a high school student who has a huge crush on her classmate and the student council, Miyuki Shirogane. Although her feelings are reciprocated by Miyuki, the two have turned the confession into a war, considering the loser to be the first to confess.

Kaguya is hell-bent on winning and will go to great lengths to get what she wants in her own twisted way. In the world by Bridgerton she can choose the men she wants, since she is able to handle herself and get exactly what she wants.

9 History Is True Nobility (Attack On Titan)1649327850 9 10 anime waifus who would be a perfect fit for.webp

Attack On Titan is one of the most anticipated anime series this year. Historia Reiss (also renamed Christa Lenz for forcibly relinquishing her title) is the illegitimate daughter of Rod Reiss, the puppet monarch of the walls. Historia claims her name and her position as queen of the walls after a successful coup.

Historia would fit right in with the aristocracy of 1800s Britain. She would strut her stuff with the utmost confidence, while being witty and modest, managing a long line of suitors.

8 Shinobu Is The Epitome Of What You See Is Not What You Get (Demon Slayer)1649327850 782 10 anime waifus who would be a perfect fit for.webp

demon slayer, also popular for its Japanese title Kimetsu No Yaiba, is one of the most watched anime series in the world. It is immensely popular for its impeccable animation. Shinobu Kochou is the current Insect Hashira and a member of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Although Shinobu seems like a sweet girl, she can easily poison and kill without her victim noticing. She is soft-spoken and has a seemingly cheerful personality that would help her out in-universe. Bridgerton. Shinobu could even be chosen as the diamond of the season.

7 Tatsumaki Can Literally Get The Moon For You (One-Punch Man)1649327850 883 10 anime waifus who would be a perfect fit for.webp

One-Punch Man is an anime series about Saitama, an ordinary man who wanted to become a hero so much that he practiced to the point of becoming virtually invincible. Tatsumaki, also known as the Tornado of Terror, is a professional hero of the Hero Association who can make heavenly bodies fall if he so chooses.

Tatsumaki would be a rival to be reckoned with, as she hides her immense strength and power behind a pretty smile. However, she is easily irritated and her reactions can be quite extreme.

6 Raphtalia Is Shy But Strong (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)1649327851 145 10 anime waifus who would be a perfect fit for.webp

Raphtalia is the main female lead in The Rising of the Shield Hero.. Initially sold as a slave, she has a shy personality. Despite her tragic past, in which she lost her parents and her freedom, Raphtalia retains her sanity and morals intact.

Raphtalia’s stamina would allow her to keep up with the cunning and outrageous world of Bridgerton of Rhimes. Although you may feel a little out of place at first, you will be able to easily adapt to a whole new world and secure your place in it.

5 Taiga can make her presence known in a room (Toradora)1649327851 587 10 anime waifus who would be a perfect fit for.webp

Taiga Aisaka is the female lead of Toradora.. She’s a textbook tsundere and a pretty spoiled kid. However, her big personality comes in a small physical frame with luscious long blonde hair. Her character, just like her height, is very short.

Despite being taken lightly due to her looks, Taiga has created a striking personality that instills respect and fear in her peers. Taiga Aisaka would be a force to be reckoned with at the queen’s court and a sharp warning to all suitors.

4 Tsunade Has The Wisdom Of Her Years (Naruto Shippuden)1649327851 958 10 anime waifus who would be a perfect fit for.webp

Lady Tsunade was the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village after Sarutobi in Naruto Shippuden. So much Naruto What Naruto ship Puden have a cult following that continues to grow. Lady Tsunade is a powerful woman who possesses the strength to crush a mountain with her hands.

Lady Tsunade’s wisdom would be an asset to the young women introduced to the Queen’s court and her intelligence would keep the storm at bay. Lady Tsunade would quickly become friends with Viscountess Bridgerton, Lady Danbury, and possibly the Queen herself.

3 The boa is able to climb to the top (one piece)1649327851 687 10 anime waifus who would be a perfect fit for.webp

Boa Hancock was known as the Pirate Empress when she was a Warlord of the Sea. She is now known as the Serpent Princess of the Amazon Lily, and leads the Kuja Tribe in Eiichiro Oda’s intricate world of One Piece..

Boa is extremely beautiful and thus is used to being instantly infatuated with by all kinds of people. Boa could get any kind of partner she wants thanks to her magnetic charm. Although she may seem selfish and rude, Boa’s heart is in the right place.

2 Erina Knows What She Wants (Food Wars)1649327851 570 10 anime waifus who would be a perfect fit for.webp

Food Wars is one of the most popular shonen anime. Follow the story of Soma Yukihira as he tries to become the best chef in the world. Erina Nakiri, possessor of the world-renowned God Tongue, is Soma’s classmate and sometimes his rival. She has serious ego problems stemming from her unstable relationship with her father.

Erina will make a lasting impression on the aristocracy of Regency Britain. Coming from a pampered and spoiled childhood, Erina is used to only the best and nothing less. She would give all her suitors a run for her money.

1 Note Kurisu’s Deadpan Humor (Stein’s Gate)1649327851 681 10 anime waifus who would be a perfect fit for.webp

Kurisu Makise, one of the main characters of Stein’s Gate is a genius who graduated from college at the young age of 17. Kurisu is a skeptic when it comes to time travel and Rintaro’s time machine. Despite being nice, her sarcasm and humor are not to everyone’s liking.

Kurisu would make a welcome addition to the aristocracy of 1800s Britain. Her intelligence, knowledge, and command of her actions – along with her slight shyness – would make her an excellent candidate for marriage. Kurisu would be well equipped to make the most of her situation.