10 anime you must see if you are a Hufflepuff

Harry Potter It is a franchise that many recognize and that people continue to love after all this time. In addition to the magical wonder, adventure, and gripping drama, there are many elements to these stories that people love. One of those items is the Hogwarts Houses. These Houses were founded by four incredible witches and wizards and each House embodies the traits of its founder.

Hufflepuff was founded by Helga Hufflepuff, a Welsh witch, who accepted any student without a second thought. Hufflepuffs are known for being hardworking, fair, patient, fair, loyal, and modest. In the anime, there are several shows that Hufflepuffs would enjoy as they contain characters that Hufflepuffs can relate to.

10 Takamiya Naho receives a letter from her former self, but is not sure whether or not to believe the cautious words (Orange)

Orange is a shojo drama and mystery anime with a school setting. Takamiya Naho is a 16-year-old girl who receives a strange and mysterious letter from someone claiming to be 27-year-old herself. The content of the letter jeopardizes his normal life.

The letter says that you need to watch out for the new transfer student, Naruse Kakeru, who will be joining your class. She is not sure if she should heed the letter or if she should ignore it, but it affects not only her life and her future, but Kakeru’s as well.

9 Souta Tawara inherits more than just Udon’s shop from his father when he returns to his childhood home (Poco’s Udon World)1640944202 129 10 anime you must see if you are a Hufflepuff.webp

Poco’s Udon World is a supernatural seinen anime set in the countryside. Souta Tawara is a 30-year-old web designer who takes leave from his job in Tokyo to solve his family’s affairs in the countryside. His recently deceased father owned a Udon store that Souta never wanted, so it closed after his father’s death.

Now, you wonder if you made the right decisions that got you to where you are today. But when he finds a boy sleeping in one of his father’s old pots, he is faced with an impossible decision about his future.

8 Yasaburo is a cheeky tanuki who wants to live happily and not be eaten by humans (The eccentric family)1640944202 982 10 anime you must see if you are a Hufflepuff.webp

The Eccentric Family is a life, comedy and fantasy anime with supernatural elements. Raccoons have adapted to life in Kyoto and it is very difficult to distinguish them from humans. Yasaburo is a cheeky young raccoon who just wants to live a happy life with his eccentric family.

However, it is not as easy as it seems, as the raccoon community has rejected their family after the death of their father, and the constant threat of being captured, cooked and eaten by humans looms over their species. Yasaburo hopes to live a happy life with his family, but it is more difficult than he thinks.

7 Yuuri Katsuki is beyond excited to be taught by his figure skating idol, but he’s not sure why his idol would want to teach him in the first place (Yuri !!! On Ice)1640944202 915 10 anime you must see if you are a Hufflepuff.webp

Yuri!!! on Ice is a BL sports drama and anime series that focuses on ice skating. Yuuri Katsuki is a figure skater who has all of Japan on his shoulders as he competes in the Figure Skating Grand Prix. When he fails miserably, he returns home to Japan, where he cannot decide whether or not to retire.

When Viktor Nikiforov, a five-time world champion, shows up on his doorstep saying he wants to be his coach, he is both suspicious of how the champion knows him and excited at the prospect of having him as a teacher. As the two grow closer, Yuuri soon learns that the two have met before, only that he cannot remember where or why Victor agreed to be his teacher.

6 Natsume inherits a book of captured spirits and plans to free them while protecting the book from evil (Natsume’s book of friends)1640944203 471 10 anime you must see if you are a Hufflepuff.webp

The book of friends Natsume’s is a shojo drama with supernatural and youkai elements. Natsume has always been lonely because he can see and interact with spirits. It is a trait that he shares with his grandmother.

She also inherits the Book of Friends, a book that contains the names of all the spirits her grandmother defeated and controlled. Rather than use the book for nefarious purposes, he decides to free the spirits from their bondage and protect the book from those who would use it to do harm.

5 Tanjiro will do anything to avenge his family and save what remains of humanity from his sister (Demon Slayer)1640944203 986 10 anime you must see if you are a Hufflepuff.webp

Demon Slayer is an action-adventure comedy shonen anime set in a world full of demons. While returning from a job, Tanjiro discovers that his entire family on top of a mountain has been slaughtered by demons, all except his sister. But she has turned into a demon.

He vows to avenge his family and for this he joins a group known as the Demon Slayer Corps. He will kill as many demons as he can while finding any way to heal his sister and save what remains of his humanity.

4 Shoyo Hinata dreams of becoming the best volleyball player despite his short stature (Haikyuu!)1640944203 236 10 anime you must see if you are a Hufflepuff.webp

Haikyuu is a shonen sports anime with various characters that would have been classified into Hufflepuff had they attended Hogwarts. Shoyo Hinata may not be a very big guy, but he certainly has big dreams. After seeing a smaller man succeed professionally at volleyball, he also wants to succeed at high school volleyball.

However, when he assembles a team, they lose terribly to a promising star player. So when Shoyo enrolls in a new high school, he hopes to have a chance to achieve his dreams, but it turns out that his rival has also transferred to the same high school. He decides to do whatever it takes to defeat his rival and become the king of the volleyball court.

3 Gon Freecss and his group will do whatever it takes to pass the hunter exam no matter how dangerous it is (Hunter X Hunter)1640944203 931 10 anime you must see if you are a Hufflepuff.webp

Hunter x Hunter is a shonen fantasy, action and adventure anime about a young man named Gon Freecss. Gon’s only goal is to become a hunter to find his father, who has disappeared. But being a hunter is not easy and neither is the test you must undergo to become one.

The exam is full of dangers and many obstacles to overcome. With a small group of people who soon become his friends, they do their best to pass the test, even if it is dangerous.

2 Naruto Uzumaki may not be the brightest or smartest ninja, but he has a heart of gold (Naruto)1640944203 928 10 anime you must see if you are a Hufflepuff.webp

Naruto is a shonen drama and action anime series based on Japanese mythology and ninja life. Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja who has the power of a beast with a tail inside him. Because of this, Naruto has spent his life alone, isolated, and mistreated. All he wanted was love and friendship.

When he is in a group with Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Kakashi sensei, he begins to understand what it is like to have people who care about him and who he cares about. He may not be the best or the brightest ninja, but he has a heart of gold that he uses to help the people he loves and the village he holds dear.

1 Izuku Midoriya inherits his idol’s quirk and his destiny changes forever (My Hero Academia)1640944204 46 10 anime you must see if you are a Hufflepuff.webp

My Hero Academia is a shonen comedy, drama and action anime about a world where most people have superpowers. Izuku Midoriya’s dream has always been to become a hero, but there is a problem: he has no superpowers. But when his idol, All Might, transfers his Quirk to Izuku, his life and destiny are forever changed.

Izuku has the opportunity to attend the best and most prestigious school for people who want to become heroes. Although he is not the smartest or the strongest, he will do everything in his power to achieve his goals.