10 animes you must watch if you want to get started in anime

The world of Japanese animation has much to offer fans of every imaginable literary or film genre, giving anime broad appeal to any viewer. In fact, anime invented a few unofficial genres of its own, which have grown in popularity in recent years. Anime is richer and more diverse than ever, and so is its fan base.

Any TV viewer trying anime for the first time may experience choice paralysis at first, given the staggering number of anime series out there of varying quality. A good strategy for new fans is to try one or two short anime series from each of the main genres to get a complete idea of ​​what anime is all about. From there, new fans can narrow down the number of series and discover new titles in their favorite genres.

10 Demon Slayer Is A Much-loved Shonen Action Series

Theanime has more than a few excellent action shonen titles, from the “big three” of BleachOne Piece and Naruto, along with more recent titles like Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen. New anime fans, meanwhile, will likely gravitate towards the popular Demon Slayer series.

demon slayerit’s short but sweet, which is perfect for a newcomer. The series also features a beloved cast of memorable characters, amazing animation, great action scenes, and a charming early modern Japanese setting. He is an excellent ambassador of what shonen can do.

9 Komi Can’t Communicate Is A Lovely High School Anime Series1648976429 977 10 animes you must watch if you want to get.webp

The world of anime boasts an unofficial genre of “school life” series set in modern high schools, a setting familiar to fans of Japanese anime. These series also represent more conventional genres such as comedy, drama, and romance, and a new anime fan is encouraged to try out some high school series.

A good starter series for this genre is Komi Can’t Communicate, a wholesome and cheerful series featuring the quiet heroine Shoko Komi, who is determined to make 100 friends. After seeing Komia new anime fan can turn to series like Toradora! Nisekoi and Don’t play games with me, Miss Nagatoro!

8 That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Represents The Isekai Genre1648976429 695 10 animes you must watch if you want to get.webp

Although isekai is not a formal literary or film genre, it is a popular subgenre of the anime industry, with a handful of rules and conventions that make isekai a consistent concept rather than just a one-off novelty. Some isekai series are quite experimental or meta, like Konosubabut others do not.

If a new anime fan doesn’t mind juggling a large cast of characters, they should try The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime., an upbeat and inspirational isekai fantasy series starring the super-powered slime Rimuru Tempest. It embodies everything that makes isekai great while avoiding some of the more worn or problematic elements of the genre.

7 Horimiya is a good romance series1648976429 922 10 animes you must watch if you want to get.webp

The anime industry has an amazing variety of romance anime series to try, though some of them are better for more experienced anime fans familiar with how the industry works, like Maid-Sama!For new anime fans, Horimiya is a great choice.

Horimiya It is a healthy and happy romantic series, with a minimum of drama or heartbreak, which makes it easy to watch. It largely sticks to the proven conventions of the genre, which makes it a good control group for more experimental or unusual romance series that a fan may watch later.

6 Another Is A Fast But Brutal Horror Series1648976430 995 10 animes you must watch if you want to get.webp

For horror fans, the anime industry can seem a bit lackluster, as animated series have clean, cartoonish visuals that don’t work well for visceral horror. However, a horror fan looking for something new can try some horror anime series for the novelty and may be pleasantly surprised.

Although the junji ito collection cannot be compared to the original works of Mr. Ito’s manga, Another is a perfect horror series, with a dark atmosphere, creepy music, chilling characters and brutal death scenes that will make any horror fan happy.

5 Cowboy Bebop is like the anime version of Firefly1648976430 71 10 animes you must watch if you want to get.webp

Cowboy Bebop is a short but endearing science fiction anime series from the 90s; anyone who likes tv shows like firefly sure to love the adventures of gunslinger Spike Spiegel and his gang of misfits aboard the Bebop. This is an anime that even the most casual fan has heard of.

Cowboy Bebop It features excellent animation, jazzy music, exciting fight scenes, colorful sets, and much more for any new anime fan to enjoy. Aonce the series is over, the fan can move on to other series like Steins;Gate or Ghost in the Shell to see more science fiction anime.

4 The Vinland Saga Is All About The Vikings1648976430 748 10 animes you must watch if you want to get.webp

Not all anime series are isekai or take place in modern Japan. Series like the medieval anime Vinland SagaI knowtake place in a setting much more familiar to Western anime fans; Vinland Saga should be liked by those who enjoyed the live action television seriesvikings .

Vinland Saga is a short but fascinating Middle Ages adventure starring the tough anti-hero Thorfinn Karlsefni, who is determined to avenge his father Thors and kill the Viking commander Askeladd. However, Thorfinn has much to learn: revenge is not always sweet.

3 Death Note is a battle of wits1648976430 218 10 animes you must watch if you want to get.webp

TV fans looking for an exciting crime story are encouraged to givea shot at Death Note . Death note follows the cool but twisted high school student Light Yagami and his quest to use a supernatural murder notebook to change the world.

Light’s rampage attracts the attention of the world’s greatest detective, L, who is determined to take down the mysterious killer “Kira” by any means necessary. The battle of wits that follows is on a par with any mystery novel a Western aficionado can get their hands on.

2 Bear Toppa Gurren Lagann is a good mecha anime1648976431 624 10 animes you must watch if you want to get.webp

The popular series Bear Toppa Gurren LagannOr simply Gurren Lagann Long story short, it’s a good choice for any new anime fan who likes giant robots and space adventures in their sci-fi. gurren Lagann is a shonen story starring Simon, the boy who will break free from the underworld and see the surface of the Earth no matter what.

Simon has a mighty giant robot and a few friends on his side, and he’ll need all that sci-fi firepower for the battles ahead. In the second part by Gurren Laganna new enemy emerges from beyond known space, a terrifying threat no sci-fi fan will see coming.

1 The Big Blue is a laugh-out-loud comedy1648976431 612 10 animes you must watch if you want to get.webp

It is not easy to find seinen Grand comedy series BlueAs it’s only available on Amazon Prime Video, but for Amazon Prime users, it’s worth it. Fans of college stories or light-hearted humor are sure to find much to like about Grand Bluewhich focuses on Iori Kitahara and his college adventures in the diving club.

Grand Blue It has it all: wild, beer-soaked parties, wacky humor, charming and expressive characters, gorgeous underwater views, and even some symbolic educational value when it comes to diving and the ocean.