10 Best Anime Series To Watch Instead Of Demon Slayer

While most fans have given Demon Slayer a critically acclaimed status, some are not very impressed by it and consider it overrated due to the hype surrounding it. Anime certainly has many qualities that set it above the rest, such as its impressive animation and vividly expressive tones.

Nevertheless, demon slayer It also has some flaws, like its not-so-scary character development and overuse of plot armor, which act as a basis for some viewers to lose interest midway through and switch to something else. However, a lot of awesome anime out there can work as a viable replacement.

10/10 Blue exorcist can be a lighter demon hunter substitute10 mejores series de anime para ver en lugar de demon slayer 0

Blue Exorcist can be the perfect substitute demon slayer if viewers are looking for a lighter substitute. His plot revolves around Rin Okumura, a 16-year-old boy who goes on a journey to dethrone his father after learning that his beloved father is Satan in the flesh.

The blue Exorcist it gets intense from time to time, but it also has plenty of comedic elements that are sure to make viewers laugh out loud, and the mix of the two packs a punch. Furthermore, it is also aesthetically pleasing with a remarkable art style.

9/10 D. Gray-Man rivals the classic Demon Slayer theme with his gothic theme10 mejores series de anime para ver en lugar de demon slayer 1

D.Gray-Man is an impressive monster hunter anime that rivals the classic themes of demon slayer for its gothic theme. d gray-man is a shonen masterpiece with many seinen elements that features an extraordinary protagonist named Allen Walker, who differs by leaps and bounds from the typical shonen protagonists.

D.Gray-Man it’s a slow game that gets better with each episode. Contains many different characters with unique abilities in a fun power system that is possibly better than the one in demon slayer.

8/10 Inuyasha makes up for the lack of romance in Demon Slayer10 mejores series de anime para ver en lugar de demon slayer 2

If the inherent lack of romance in demon slayer looks upset, viewers can give her a chance toInuyasha. The series does a great job of portraying the usual shonen themes in its lineup, but its unique style also adds a few shojo hooks to the mix, making it extremely enjoyable.

Though Inuyasha is another anime that consists of a plot that follows a half demon and half human boy, it does many different things by adding comical and romantic subplots to carve out a niche in the anime world. In addition, it has a cheerful and warm touch, which rivals the traumatic tones excellently. demon slayer.

7/10 Call Of The Night flips the demon slayer tale in the best way10 mejores series de anime para ver en lugar de demon slayer 3

call of the night it shows vampires in a very different way, which is its number one specialty. The series follows Kou Yamori, an average student, on his journey to become a vampire and add some excitement to his totally mundane life. However, there is a catch, as any human cannot become a vampire until he is in love with the biter of him.

call of the Night is worth watching for anime fans who don’t like it demon slayer, since it is the opposite of this one. While the latter shows the journey of a boy who wants to make his sister human again, the former follows a boy who is on a strict path to give up his humanity. In addition, it is also something very different from the typical shonen series, which only works in its favor.

6/10 Mob Psycho 100 is totally different than Demon Slayer10 mejores series de anime para ver en lugar de demon slayer 4

Mob Psycho 100 also focuses on the exorcism of evil spirits and demons, but apart from this small detail, everything in the series is totally different from what happens in demon slayer. The series mainly follows Shigeo Kageyama, a boy who wants to lead a normal life despite having totally abnormal and oversized abilities.

Mob Psycho 100 It has a lot going for it, including hilarious characters, an entertaining storyline, and a vivid art style that goes well with its main theme. However, his most attractive quality remains his incredible pace, which makes it difficult for viewers to lose interest in him.

5/10 Welcome to the School of Demons! Iruma-Kun balances a myriad of themes10 mejores series de anime para ver en lugar de demon slayer 5

Welcome to the School of Demons! Iruma-kun follows Iruma Suzuki as he is sold to a demon named Sullivan by his own parents. However, to his surprise, Sullivan only wanted to be his grandfather due to her longing for a sweet grandson.

This is an exceptionally unique anime that includes bits of everything conventional to keep its viewers entertained. It mixes shonen with isekai and adds some slice-of-life to its comedic tones. And if that weren’t enough, it also has tremendous action arcs that accompany it all. turns out to be better than demon slayer in various respects, but the way it balances a myriad of themes is probably the more black and white aspect that seems to be above it.

4/10 Beelzebub has a well-endowed demon baby10 mejores series de anime para ver en lugar de demon slayer 6

Beelzebub is another series with one of the cutest demon babies as the lead, but this demon baby doesn’t suffer from a lack of character development. Its plot revolves around Tatsumi Oga, a boy who is the strongest fighter in a school full of delinquents. Suddenly, he discovers a mysterious demon baby, Beelzebub, by the riverbed and decides to raise it.

Beelzebub strives to introduce wacky jokes in each episode that make his fans laugh out loud. He easily competes with heavy drama demon slayer with its light comedy and provides viewers with excellently hilarious stories involving raising a cute devil baby without any traumatic burden.

3/10 Dororo has a less shonen and almost scary protagonist10 mejores series de anime para ver en lugar de demon slayer 7

Dororo Y demon slayer they have many similar themes, but fans can turn to the former if they want a less shonen and almost terrifying protagonist. The series follows the harrowing story of Hyakkimaru, a boy who fell victim to his father selling his body parts to demons in exchange for land and prosperity, and later plunges into his painful journey to get them back. .

Dororo can be as heartfelt demon slayer, but also intensely horrifying at the same time, which is its only selling point. It is a classic that has marked the world of anime in many aspects and is worth seeing until today.

2/10 Jujutsu Kaisen is better than Demon Slayer in numerous aspects10 mejores series de anime para ver en lugar de demon slayer 8

jujutsu kaisen has demons in the name of cursed spirits, and these spirits also need to be exorcised, just as demons need to be exorcised in demon slayer. Although this detail makes these two anime somewhat similar, which is one of the reasons they always clash, the former tends to be better than the latter in numerous ways.

jujutsu kaisen It features a better and more complex power system that allows for strategic combat, elements of crude humor, almost threatening and terrifying villains, and darker themes that make it more exciting for mature viewers. To further add to his happiness, he is also critically acclaimed for taking typical shonen ingredients and blending them in the best way imaginable to create the ultimate new generation chef-d’oeuvre.

1/10 The Devil is a Partial places demons in a comedy setting10 mejores series de anime para ver en lugar de demon slayer 9

The Devil Is A Part Timer can be an excellent choice for anime fans looking for demons in a more comedic than dramatic setting, such as in demon slayer. The series has King Satan working part-time at a McDonald’s-type franchise, which brings in plenty of expected and unexpected humorous elements.

The Devil Is A Part Timer it is considered a remarkably well-written light comedy and can be viewed without concentrating too much on its core elements. It’s an ideal replacement if viewers want to replace the winter blues demon slayer for the joys of spring.