10 Darkest Demon Slayer Characters

demon slayer is an action fantasy shonen series in which flesh-eating demons stalk the night, and only heavily armed demon hunters stand a chance against them. Unsurprisingly, this leads to a dark narrative where life is tough for both humans and demons feasting on it.

Many of the most sympathetic or emotional characters demon slayer they have dark histories or lifestyles. A dark anime character is one who has been through a lot, experiencing many brutal and unfair events that have left them with mental or physical scars, and those scars may never fully heal. This applies even to demons, who are not quite the monsters they appear to be. Some of them are even victims.

10 Nezuko Kamado Lost Almost Everything And Became A Demon

It’s true that Nezuko Kamado is absolutely adorable as “smol Nezuko”, but appearances are deceiving. Like her brother Tanjiro, Nezuko is a dark character because she has experienced severe loss at a young age, having witnessed Muzan massacre her mother and her siblings one night.

Nezuko also became a demon, meaning she lost her humanity and thus has no place in modern human society. He must constantly fight against his own nature, waiting patiently for the day when he can finally regain his happiness and walk in the sun. For now, aside from Tanjiro’s company, Nezuko has almost nothing.

9 Inosuke Hashibira Was Abandoned As A Child1661762265 625 10 Darkest Demon Slayer Characters.webp

Inosuke isn’t as dark as Nezuko, but still, he knows what it’s like not to have a real family. His mother left him when he was a baby, and that is a dark and tragic beginning in his life story. Inosuke will most likely never meet his parents or anyone in his family.

Instead, Inosuke was raised by a boar, and when the boar died, Inosuke began wearing its head as a helmet. That’s touching, but also quite dark, and it’s possible that Inosuke acts so wild and rowdy to hide the pain inside him.

8 Tengen Uzui underwent some hellish training1661762265 691 10 Darkest Demon Slayer Characters.webp

Tengen Uzui is the flashy-sounding Hashira, but he’s no ordinary swordsman. Unlike Giyu, Shinobu, and Kyojuro, Tengen was raised in a ninja clan, and this clan had some really dark training strategies for apprentice shinobi. Tengen was forced to fight and kill his own brothers.

Tengen objected to this and left the clan to escape its brutal ways, while his brother was more accepting of the clan’s dark traditions. As such, Tengen told his three kunoichi “wives” to value their own lives above the mission, which is Tengen’s way of resisting his family’s dark legacy.

7 Kyogai Just Wanted A Happy Reader1661762266 651 10 Darkest Demon Slayer Characters.webp

The former Lower Moon 6 is a hulking, shirtless demon named Kyogai who has several tsuzumi drums sewn into his body. When he hits those drums, he can spin the rooms of his cursed house and unleash ranged claw attacks, but despite his might, Kyogai would rather be a hit author.

Kyogai tried and failed to get his manuscript approved, and felt terrible when a publisher stomped on it. This makes Kyogai surprisingly dark and likeable, and Tanjiro felt sorry for him after killing him. Kyogai had a perfectly innocent dream, but he never fully realized it.

6 The Spider Mother Was A Mere Victim1661762266 278 10 Darkest Demon Slayer Characters.webp

The brutal Rui, the one from the Lower Moon 5, always wanted to have a proper family due to his experiences as a human child. So as a demon, Rui recruited a variety of other humans and turned them into spider-themed demons to be his family, including his parents.

Rui’s demonic “mother” was a capable fighter, but she was also miserable. She had been forced into this strange and dysfunctional fake family and had no escape, and her “son of hers” Rui often treated her badly. She too was terrified of her death, but Tanjiro, out of her obligation, had no choice but to kill her.

5 Daki Was A Princess Wannabe1661762266 230 10 Darkest Demon Slayer Characters.webp

Daki, the arrogant devil, is what is known as a himedere, or a would-be princess who behaves haughty to make up for her dark and miserable upbringing. In this case, Daki the human grew up poor in the entertainment district, and was later burned to death.

Now, Daki is a demon, and she is desperate to make up for her sad childhood. She is much more insecure than her haughty personality suggests, and in fact she burst into tears when Tengen decapitated her. Later, she and her brother Gyutaro died side by side, terrified of her fate.

4 Sabito And Makomo Helped Tanjiro From Beyond1661762266 240 10 Darkest Demon Slayer Characters.webp

Sabito and Makomo can be lumped together as they had an almost identical experience in demon slayer and they often appeared together. Each of them trained once under Sakonji Urokodaki, but ended up dying in the Demon Slayer selection exam. However, their restless spirits still linger due to Sakonji’s intense feelings of guilt and grief.

It’s dark, but at least Sabito and Makomo take advantage of it. Despite his failure, they decide to help Tanjiro train to survive as a demon hunter. If they can’t pass the test, at least Tanjiro can, and that may give his troubled spirits some peace.

3 Shinjuro Rengoku is very tired1661762266 370 10 Darkest Demon Slayer Characters.webp

Shinjuro Rengoku is Kyojuro’s father, as his thick eyebrows and flaming hair suggest, but he does not share his son’s cheerful and optimistic spirit. Quite the opposite: Shinjuro is bitter and jaded, and has a low opinion of the Demon Slayer Corps and the Hashira.

As if that wasn’t dark enough, Shinjuro had to tragically bury his son Kyojuro, rather than the other way around. Shinjuro has almost nothing left but his sake jug and bitter thoughts of him, so Tanjiro was stunned when they met. This was not what Tanjiro expected from the Hashira flame family.

2 Shinobu Kocho Lost Her Sister To Demons1661762266 792 10 Darkest Demon Slayer Characters.webp

Shinobu Kocho is the little bug Hashira, and she’s far more upset than her carefree deredere demeanor might suggest. It doesn’t take long for Tanjiro to realize that Shinobu’s mind is burning with rage and pain, but surprisingly, Shinobu keeps this inferno of negative emotions totally hidden. He has almost everyone fooled.

Shinobu lost her beloved older sister, Kanae, at the hands of the Upper Moons, and has been in mourning ever since. This loss has haunted Shinobu for years, and surprisingly, he defied Kanae’s last wish and remained in the Demon Slayer Corps to get revenge on her instead of pursuing a peaceful life as a civilian.

1 Kanao Tsuyuri cannot prevail1661762266 22 10 Darkest Demon Slayer Characters.webp

Kanao Tsuyuri rarely speaks out loud, in part due to the abuse she suffered at the hands of humans before she met the sisters Kanao and Shinobu. In fact, she Kanao was enslaved and was going to be sold as her servant, but Kanae intervened to save her.

They are dark things, and they still haunt Kanao in the present. It’s clear that she is much happier and making the most of his life in the Demon Slayer Corps, but some mental scars fade very slowly, if at all. In fact, she needs to flip a coin to decide what to do, kind of like Two-Face in the comics. batman. But with Tanjiro near her, Kanao might finally learn to stand on her own.