10 hilarious dark anime characters

Just because an anime is dark doesn’t mean it can’t be funny. In fact, there are quite a few anime that balance their existential dread and overt horrors with one or two comic characters.

If these characters are not inherently comic, they are usually the kind of comic relief found on the receiving end of every joke or unfortunate situation. Regardless, these characters shed much-needed light on some otherwise bleak stories.

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead.

10 Dorohedoro – Jonson’s mere existence is comically difficult to understand

To be fair, there is nothing ordinary about Dorohedoro; Caiman having a lizard head is possibly one of the gentlest sorceries to ever occur at The Hole. And then there’s Jonson, a giant humanoid cockroach who first shows up when he tries to brutally attack Cayman and is last seen in his debut episode devouring the corpse of his former controller.

Things took a turn for the comically bizarre when, just one episode later, Jonson appears as a member of The Hole’s baseball team. Jonson can only shout his designated name and “Awesome!”, Although he is capable of independent thinking. Jonson isn’t naturally funny, but his existence is just that unexpected and weird, even by standards. de Dorohedoro .

9 Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex – The Tachikomas are practically the children of Section 91630345713 408 10 hilarious dark anime characters.webp

Life in Section 9 is not easy at all. When they are not dealing with deadly cyberterrorists and other such extremists, they question the futility of their lives and their existence in a world where dehumanization is the norm. The only ones who hardly care about this feeling of foreboding are the childish Tachikomas, the sentient battle droids from Section 9.

Tachikomas may be childish, but they are much more intelligent and introspective than they appear. Despite becoming aware of the world’s shortcomings, the Tachikomas continued to help Commander Kusanagi while having fun. Solidifying its status as indispensable comic relief are his omake shorts “Tachikomatic Days” and his own stand-alone episodes.

8 Baccano! – Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent get into bigger conflicts than they think1630345713 741 10 hilarious dark anime characters.webp

When Baccano! It doesn’t focus on ancient immortals killing each other, it switches to a timeline where criminal gangs fight each other for territory or wealth. In the midst of all that violence, which is only interrupted by some streak of black comedy, are Isaac and Miria, a pair of clumsy thieves who live in their own world.

Isaac and Miria are an outlaw couple whose crimes are so absurd that the authorities don’t even bother to hunt them down. Every time they appear, all the other cast members are confused or amused by their antics. Not only were they accidentally embroiled in anime’s biggest conflicts, they were also made immortal by sheer luck.

7 Black Lagoon – Bao is the most (un) lucky guy from Roanapur1630345713 49 10 hilarious dark anime characters.webp

Roanapur is the worst cesspool in the world, dominated by career criminals, ruthless murderers, and sociopathic masterminds. Despite this, Bao thought it would be the perfect place to start his business, the Yellow Flag bar. Unsurprisingly, the combination of alcohol and armed customers always caused property damage.

Yellow Flag has flown through the air more times than can be remembered, and Bao has managed to recover and rebuild each time. Destroying your business has become so routine that you feel more upset than anything else every time a shooting occurs, making your situation even more hilarious.

6 Re: Zero – Natsuki Subaru’s clumsiness is one of the few lights of this dark Isekai1630345713 557 10 hilarious dark anime characters.webp

Re:Zero It debuted at the height of the isekai, but unlike its contemporaries, it is anything but a fun and exciting power fantasy. Natsuki Subaru’s life in another world is more of a nightmare and cautionary tale than wishful thinking, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to some much-needed moments of levity.

Regardless of how many times he has repeated a timeline through Return By Death, Subaru is still a newcomer to Lugnica, which means he still has no idea about anything. When he’s not engaging in silly fish-out-of-water antics, Subaru finds himself at the mercy of his friends’ knack for comedy, like Ram’s scathing sarcasm or Emilia’s density.

5 Cowboy Bebop – Ed and Ein just had fun at the Bebop1630345713 752 10 hilarious dark anime characters.webp

Cowboy Bebop It is about many things, such as revenge, regret, empty nostalgia, and more heartbreaking feelings. In the middle of all of that are the hacker Ed and the corgi Ein, the youngest members of the Bebop crew who are also the most energetic and eccentric characters in anime. Separately, they can be quite difficult to handle, but together, they produce all kinds of fun mayhem.

Ed and Ein brought a childlike joy to the galaxies, which, although populated with people, lack connection. In fact, the anime went from being a police drama to something of a sitcom after Ed and Ein joined the Bebop crew and went on to play dumb. The moment Ed and Ein left and didn’t look back again, Cowboy Bebop it became darker and bleaker than usual.

4 Junji Ito Collection – Souichi Tsujii is hilariously inept at being evil1630345714 827 10 hilarious dark anime characters.webp

Junji Ito Collection is an anthological adaptation of the short stories of horror master Junji Ito and, not surprisingly, almost every episode in this anime is grim and existentially heartbreaking. The rare exception is literally any episode starring Souichi, a comic kid who is more of a walking joke than a horror villain.

Souichi is not evil, and his plans are nothing more than pranks motivated by the most insignificant reasons. For example, in episode 1 he curses his classmates because he thinks their scary reactions will be funny. Furthermore, all his plans hilariously fail, and he always gets a taste of his own medicine.

3 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – Inosuke Hashibira is hilariously bad at social interactions1630345714 240 10 hilarious dark anime characters.webp

Demon Slayer It may be a shonen anime, but it can be so dark that it borders on seinen territory. Tanjiro Kamado’s journey to return his sister Nezuko to human condition is fraught with bloodshed and difficult decisions, making Inosuke’s entry into the Demon Hunter Corps a fun change of pace.

Born in the wild, Inosuke has no idea of ​​civilization or customs, which leads him to overreact to anything that slightly fascinates him. That, or head-butt anything that confuses you or gets on your nerves. His determination to fight whatever is “the strongest on earth” is an amusing contrast to Tanjiro’s tragic cause.

2 Attack on Titan – Sasha Braus just wanted to eat anything and everything1630345714 684 10 hilarious dark anime characters.webp

Initially,Attack the titans it focused on the last bastions of humanity to defend itself from the threat of the Titans that hung over its walls, yet still managed to have a comic icon in Sasha. Known to the Survey Corps and fans as the “potato girl” for her apparent addiction to potatoes, Sasha was one of the few bright spots in a very bleak anime.

There is actually a sad reason behind Sasha’s eating habits, but that didn’t stop her from hogging all the food she could get or going crazy seeing meat or seafood. Reunions get even more fun when it comes to figuring out what Sasha is doing in the background. Sasha was such a bright spot that her death marked the beginning of the darkest arc in anime.

1 Death Note – Ryuk enjoyed Kira’s onslaught from the sidelines1630345714 396 10 hilarious dark anime characters.webp

On Death Note, Light Yagami uses the titular notebook to enact his twisted justice in the world. Shinigami Ryuk accompanies him on his crusade, but at worst he is only a facilitator. Beyond explaining to Light how the Death Note worked, all Ryuk did was watch Light lose himself in his delusions of divinity, enjoying the journey the entire time.

When he’s not goading Light into something fun (read: deadly), Ryuk is munching on apples, suffering from apple withdrawal, or providing the silliest comments Light ever asked for. In an anime defined by sociopathic masterminds and complex mind games, the alien Ryuk is strangely one of the most human characters. de Death Note .