10 Manga Protagonists Who Would Make Perfect Marvel Heroes (And Why) | Pretty Reel

Manga is one of the most well-known and beloved industries in the world. Famous titles such as One Piece, Naruto, and Attack on Titan have taken the world by storm with their incredible stories and well-balanced characters, often even outselling Western comic books.

When it comes to Manga characters, many of them are considered heroes in their own right in their respective universes. But if some sort of multiverse crossover event were to occur, many of these Manga protagonists would find themselves at home in the Marvel Universe.

Izuku Midoriya

my hero academia

Izuku Midoriya is one of manga’s most famous heroes, but being famous isn’t the reason he would fit into the Marvel Universe.

Midoriya has proven time and time again that like any true hero, he rushes headlong into danger to save lives, especially when his friends are in danger. His heroism and personality are also lighter, much like the majority of Marvel superheroes. Given his experience training to be a hero in My Hero Academia, Midoriya already has the skills to make a name for himself alongside famous Marvel heroes like the Avengers.

Senku Ishigami

Dr Stone

Senku’s power is more with his mind, with him being one of the smartest protagonists in shonen anime, but that doesn’t mean he can’t work inside Marvel.

Senku’s impressive brain enabled him to create modern technology in the Stone Age. And even though he’s not strong, he showed his heroic side by defending Ishigami Village and helping them prepare to defend against Tsukasa’s army. In the Marvel Universe, Senku would have access to enough technology to allow him to create even more incredible inventions, all of which he would use to stop the villains who threaten the innocent.

Mikasa Ackerman

The attack of the Titans

Mikasa is one of the strongest non-Titan Shifters in Attack on Titan, and her persistence and determination were a driving force behind her character. But that’s not the only reason she would work in the Marvel Universe.

Although not a traditional superhero, Mikasa worked in Survey Corp, Paradis Island’s closest thing to a superhero group. This vast experience fighting the Titans has given her the skills to take down massively powerful characters many times her size in the past, meaning she would be able to fight some of Marvel’s biggest hitters on her own.

Edward Elric

Fullmetal Alchemist

Despite his small size, Edward Elric already has everything he needs for his character to be effective in the Marvel universe.

Having fought several powerful alchemists and homunculi, Ed knows how to defeat people more powerful than himself. He’s willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of his friends and allies, which is what every good hero should do, and what many Marvel heroes have done time and time again. Ed’s pleasant, light-hearted nature also fits into the overall vibe and vibe of the Marvel Universe, allowing him to fit in there even more.


Assassination Classroom

Not all great heroes are just fighters; many are also mentors, which is why Koro-sensei would train to appear in the Marvel Universe.

Koro-sensei is not only incredibly powerful but also very wise. The students in his charge learn a great deal about themselves and the world through his teaching. Even though he is public enemy #1 and his students are trying to kill him to save the world, he still cares about them and will do whatever it takes to make sure they are not wounded, even if it means sacrificing his own life. Although Marvel doesn’t have as many mentor-type characters as expected, Koro-sensi’s sage advice can help even seasoned fighters.

Ichigo Kurosaki


While there are many unpopular opinions about Bleach, it’s undeniable that Ichigo is one of the most powerful characters in manga, and his experiences make him perfect for the Marvel Universe.

Ichigo worked for Soul Society, which means he knows how to work in a team, which many Marvel heroes are part of. His supernatural senses also make him a great warrior against supernatural threats in the Marvel Universe, such as vampires and other various monsters. With a sword as powerful as his, most villains wouldn’t stand a chance.

Naruto Uzumaki


Naruto is one of Naruto’s strongest Hidden Leaf Shinobi, and while his childlike nature might seem out of place in the Marvel Universe, that doesn’t mean he can’t work there.

Naruto may be young, but he’s extremely powerful and an incredibly skilled fighter. He has already worked effectively in a team, showing that he is a team player. Her personality also fits into the lighter mood that Marvel usually has. And, given that Marvel has several young heroes as well, Naruto would easily find himself in good company with heroes his own age.

Monkey D. Luffy

A play

Luffy is one of the most iconic manga characters in history, and his presence in One Piece shows how hard he would work in the pages of Marvel Comics.

Luffy is a born leader, able to easily keep the Straw Hat Pirates in line. As such, he’d have no trouble building a team like the Straw Hats in the Marvel Universe, perhaps even joining sailor/pirate teams like the recent take on the Marauders. Considering he’s nearly indestructible and also a humorous character, he could fit perfectly into a universe that prides itself on being light-hearted and full of extremely powerful, unkillable characters.

Tanjiro Kamada

demon slayer

Tanjiro’s integration into the Marvel Universe might seem odd, given Demon Slayer’s dark nature, but he fits in better than it first appears.

Tanjiro has superhero qualities and once acted like a superhero battling demons and protecting his sister while trying to find a way to save her from her demonic form. He’s willing to sacrifice himself to save her life, another great quality of a superhero. Being part of Demon Slayer Corp also shows his teamwork skills and proves that he can work in other similar Marvel teams such as the Midnight Sons.


Alita: battle angel

Alita’s combat training and cybernetic nature allow her to fight against anyone who dares to challenge her. But that’s not all she has to offer that makes her ideal for Marvel.

She may be young, but she also had to overcome many of her fears and doubts about her abilities by becoming a hunter-warrior. A good comparison of this would be Spider-Man, who also had to overcome many of his self-doubts to become the hero he is. With that in mind, integrating Alita into the Marvel Universe makes more sense, as it still allows her to learn her limits and strengths and grow into a great hero.