10 Ninja Anime Better Than Naruto, Ranked

When anime fans think of ninja shows, naruto is usually the first that comes to mind. It makes sense given how popular the show is, but it also does something incredibly unique with the idea of ​​ninjas.

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While naruto may be the best ninja show in anime, it doesn’t mean he is the best ninja there. There are certainly others who are far stronger and smarter than him. Even if Naruto physically beats someone with his strength, other anime shinobi have him beat when it comes to technical skills.

ten Yukimaru is versatile (Fena: Pirate Princess)

Yukimaru from Pirate Princess Fena

Yukimaru is from the new series Fena: Pirate Princess. naruto is the top series, but when it comes to skill, Yukimaru beat Naruto. Yukimaru is incredibly quick and skilled with a blade, which Naruto lacks. He may have raw power, but someone like Kakashi, who can be incredibly agile and versatile, can easily take advantage of his weak points. Yukimaru might not be from the best series but at least he can say he’s a better ninja.

9 Speed-O-Sound walked away from the worst injury (One Punch Man)

Speed ​​O Son Sonic One Punch Man

Unfortunately, Speed-O-Sound Sonic is a serious Shinobi in a comedy series, so his strength is often played for laughs instead of taken seriously. Despite this, he is strong and fast, which he demonstrates by easily eliminating an entire group of people in an instant. He also manages to get away with a punch below the belt from one of anime’s strongest characters. This easily makes him one of the strongest Shinobi in anime.

8 Jin is a powerful Wind Shinobi (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Jin Yu Yu Hakusho

Jin is quick-witted and hard to understand. He doesn’t take fighting as seriously as his comrades and that’s probably how he’s able to become instant friends with Yusuke. Although wind control might not seem special on the surface, it still managed to create several powerful and deadly techniques.

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Naruto is a Wind Shinobi, but he has nothing against Jin. Jin can literally fly. Additionally, he can turn his punches into spiraling tornadoes. Jin may have lost to Yusuke in the Dark Tournament, but when it comes to being a ninja, he beat Naruto.

ninja scroll jubei kibagami

Like Rock Lee from naruto, Jubei has shown that he can be as powerful as other Shinobi even without powers. He is a master swordsman and an incredibly versatile fighter. He’s so skilled with a blade, in fact, that he has the ability to cut through the air with his sword and create a vacuum. He also uses an unusual technique with wires that makes it nearly impossible to disarm him. What ultimately makes him a better ninja than someone like Naruto, however, is that he knows he’s at a disadvantage when it comes to fighting superpowered people and he does whatever he can. to circumvent this.

6 Gennosuke Kouga’s special ability makes him unbeatable (Basilisk)

Kouga Gennosuke Anime Basilisk

Gennosuke is an incredibly skilled swordsman, but that’s not what makes him so powerful. He has a special ability called Dojutsu that can prevent opponents from attacking him. This technique allows his enemies to kill themselves instead of attacking him, which he can activate through eye contact. He has impressive senses and skills with a sword, but with such technique, no one else could beat him.

5 Aoshi is a legendary ninja (Rurouni Kenshin)

Aoshi holding his swords

As the grandmaster of the Oniwabanshu Ninja Clan, Aosh’s skills are unmatched. He became the leader of his clan at just 15 years old, and since then he has proven himself to be the best in reconnaissance and stealth. He is an expert when it comes to his weapon, the kodachi, but he is also good at the hand-to-hand technique, Kenpo.

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The fact that he almost managed to beat Kenshin, who is one of the strongest samurai ever, shows how powerful he is. What makes him a great ninja and a powerful opponent is his speed. He moves so fast using his Jissen Kenbu technique that it is impossible to keep up with him. It’s no wonder his skills are so legendary considering his terrifying strength.

4 Tengen Uzui is the flashiest Hashira (Demon Slayer)

Tengen Score

As Hashira, Tengen is an expert swordsman capable of defeating some of the strongest demons. Additionally, he is also a skilled Shinobi. Not only does he have experience with a blade, but he is also one of the physically strongest Hashira. What really makes him powerful is his sonic breathing technique. He is able to weaponize sound and sense sound vibrations to determine his opponents’ next moves. It makes sense that Tengen values ​​flash above all else, as he’s definitely the flashiest ninja.

3 Yoruichi is the fastest living Shinobi (Bleach)

Yoruichi winks

Yoruichi was a former captain and the leader of Soul Society’s Stealth Force. She is powerful even without Zanpakuto, and her speed is unmatched. She doesn’t often show off her skills, but when she gets down to business, she is able to beat multiple opponents in seconds. It’s no wonder Suì-Feng practically worships the ground she walks on even though she’s as talented as she is.

2 Aizawa is a hero who is a ninja (My Hero Academia)

MHA's Aizawa using his Quirk

Aizawa is a hero, but he fits the Shinobi title. As an underground hero, he works in the shadows and stealth is his greatest strength. On top of that, he wears black, which is typical ninja attire. Even though he doesn’t have a combative Quirk, he is able to take on the strongest villains and win. Aizawa may not be the number one hero, but he would make one of the best Shinobi. His combat skills alone are superior to everyone else’s, but he also has the wits to outwit anyone he encounters.

1 Kakashi is the number 1 ninja (Naruto)

young kakashi crying with sharingan naruto

Even fans who love Naruto can agree that Kakashi is a Superior Ninja. In fact, most fans would agree that Kakashi is one of the best Shinobi characters of all time. Not only is he smart and strong, but his abilities are diverse. He is skilled in swordsmanship, and he is also adept at hand-to-hand combat. Kakashi is one of the few people outside of the Uchiha clan who can use the Sharingan. It is obvious that Kakashi is respected as a Shinobi as he is not only powerful but honorable.

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