10 of the best squad captains in anime

The anime’s plots would be nothing without the inclusion of the strong and experienced mentor or captain figure. These squad captains are responsible for leading their squads to victory or mission completion, while keeping their subordinates safe. While some can do this using their sheer power or skill, others use their keen intellect and wisdom.

The squad leader figure is important in guiding many anime protagonists on their way to their goals, so they are an integral part of the characters’ journeys. With everything depending on the squad captain, some stand out above the rest.

10 Kakashi Sensei has the power to keep his rebellious minions safe in Naruto

Kakashi Hatake was not only considered one of the most powerful shinobi in the Hidden Leaf Village, but he was also considered a great team captain. He was doing his best to keep his three pupils, Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura alive.

Although he certainly had favorites when it came to his training, and was often late for their encounters, he dodged countless near and dangerous situations and kept all three of them alive. Furthermore, his unique abilities allowed him to keep Naruto’s demonic powers at bay.

9 Captain Yamato had to keep a transformed Naruto in check and deal with a serious conflict in the squad1632396860 231 10 of the best squad captains in anime.webp

When Kakashi was off duty due to his use of the Sharingan during the Kazekage Rescue Arc, a new team captain had to enter the scene. Yamato was chosen among the Anbu Black Ops for his wood-style jutsu that could keep Naruto sealed when in his nine-tailed fox form.

Yamato also had to grapple with squad politics. Both Sakura and Naruto hated their new teammate, Sai, and Tsunade had told Yamato to keep an eye on Sai, as she suspected him of being a spy. It is a wonder how Yamato was able to arrange all these tasks.

8 the leader of the Black Bulls has to keep the misfits at bay in Black Clover1632396860 391 10 of the best squad captains in anime.webp

Yami Sukehiro was the muscular and chain-smoking captain of the Black Bulls, the group of magical knights to which Asta belonged. Although he can be rude and quick to anger, he is exactly what a misfit band of magic knights like the Black Bulls needs.

Although he usually has an expressionless face, he has a short fuse, but this does not prevent him from being a skilled fighter and a great battle analyst. He also believes in his comrades, although he takes a very laissez-faire approach to his training.

7 Levi Ackerman is responsible for many lives in Attack On Titan1632396860 513 10 of the best squad captains in anime.webp

Levi Ackerman was the member of the Survey Corps, expressionless and seemingly emotionless, and captain of the Special Operations Squad in Attack the titans. He is so prolific in his combat skills that he is often called “humanity’s strongest soldier”.

He was also known for his cleanliness and strong moral compass. What makes him a great leader is his reverence for human life and his loyalty to his squad. It doesn’t hurt that he is a brilliant fighter and also possesses a keen intellect.

6 Captain-Commander Yamamoto from Bleach is a legend in his own right1632396860 355 10 of the best squad captains in anime.webp

Captain-commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto was the founder and leader of the Soul Society and the Gotei 13 in Bleach. He was incredibly strong, extremely wise, and extremely loyal. Although some of his methods could be considered questionable and he was very strict with the rules, he was also a paragon of structure and stability, something important to a leader.

He was a highly respected captain among captains, and he strove to make amends for his past actions by acting as a pillar of strength and stability for current shinigami.

5 In Demon Slayer, Giyu’s good heart is the only thing that saves Nezuko1632396860 778 10 of the best squad captains in anime.webp

Giyu was a Hashira from the Demon Hunter Corps, and he and his companions could not allow a demon to live. However, when he saw how Nezuko defended Tanjiro in his time of need even in his demonic form, he thought twice before killing her.

He was the only Hashira to support her journey with Tanjiro and to let her live, as she valued life and could see beyond her demonic form her true heart and intentions. Thus, Giyu was a Hashira unlike any other and could really be trusted to do the right thing.

4 Might Guy never gives up on his students in Naruto1632396861 268 10 of the best squad captains in anime.webp

When Might Guy learned that Rock Lee had neither ninjutsu nor genjutsu, he was the only one who continued to believe in the young shinobi. He took Rock Lee as a protégé and worked tirelessly to make him so proficient in taijutsu that he could make up for the skills he lacked.

While there’s no question that there were times when Might Guy crossed the line – especially during the Chunin Exam arc, when he pushed Rock Lee forward even when he was doomed – he really cared about Rock Lee.

3 Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist always knows what to do1632396861 382 10 of the best squad captains in anime.webp

Although Roy Mustang was a colonel and not a captain, he was one of the most capable alchemists, leaders, and military men in the entire series. Fullmetal Alchemist . He always had a brilliant plan, and he could see through many of the tricks that villains like homunculi relied on.

Although his outward demeanor was purposely designed to appear contrary to the attributes that are valued in a captain or commander – and despite his reputation for flirtatious and lazy – he always came through with his tactical genius and raw power.

2 Demon Slayer’s Rengoku inspired fans and characters alike1632396861 508 10 of the best squad captains in anime.webp

Although the time that Rengoku spent on screen in the series Cazademonios was limited and his appearances brief, he won the hearts of fans in no time and now he has something of a cult following. This is a testament to his skills as a leader, as he inspired not only the characters in the series / movie, but the viewers as well.

The flame-haired flame Hashira was compelled by her ingrained ideals about justice and the protection of others, which may have influenced her death. However, he was a force for good and, like Giyu, he could see the goodness within Nezuko.

1 Gojo of Jujutsu Kaisen is powerful and cares for the next generation1632396861 366 10 of the best squad captains in anime.webp

Gojo Satoru has many eccentric plans, little reverence for his elders, and a power too strong for his own good. His loyalty is sometimes questioned, and his methods are almost always questionable. However, her support for her students (Nobara Kugisaki, Megumi Fushiguro, and Yuji Itadori) is unmatched.

He even kept Yuji’s resurrection from the dead a secret to keep him safe from jujutsu wizards who wanted him dead. In the end, it seems that the only people Gojo cares about besides himself are his students.