10 Relief Comic Characters In Serious Anime Who Feel Out Of Place

Adding comedy relief is a tough tightrope to walk. For one thing, if the story gets too serious, some viewers will be taken out of the story. But adding too much humor can pull the viewer the other way.

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That’s why it’s so difficult to have a character devoted entirely to comic relief. The character exists to bring levity to the situation, and as such doesn’t need to be in every scene, but sometimes the balance isn’t quite right, which prevents them from fit in with the other people in the story. Sometimes it even feels like they belong to an entirely different series.

dix Zenitsu’s Terrified Nature Makes Him Look Like A Demon Slayer As A Joke (Demon Slayer)

Tanjiro watches Zenitsu throw a tantrum

demon slayer begins as a serious, dark shonen series about a collection of Demon Slayers and their fight against human-eating demons. The first arc has some cute moments thanks to Nezuko but never forgets the gravity of the situations. But then Zenitsu arrives, and it all goes out the window.

Zenitsu is far less concerned about protecting everyone and more concerned about how he is going to get married and continue his family line. A coward, the only time this creepy cat is even remotely dangerous is when he passes out and his unconscious body can defend him.

9 Mineta is more interested in peeking at women than being a hero (My Hero Academia)


Everyone in Class 1-A is trying to become the best hero they can be. But Mineta is more concerned with trying to pick up all the girls he can. His power is the worst of all: the ability to throw sticky balls that come out of his head. Even her costume is ridiculous, because all anyone can think of when seeing it is that Mineta likes to wear diapers.

It didn’t seem too out of place at first, but the longer the series drags on and the more serious it gets, the less one wants to see Mineta in important remote locations.

8 Magna Swing is a delinquent in a fantasy universe (Black Clover)

Magna Swing is one of the weakest members of the Black Bulls. Although sometimes used to prove that the peasant class can be useful, overall Magna is a joke. His motivation isn’t to lose to luck and save Vanessa from calling him “cherry boy” for a day.

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His over-the-top delinquent behavior and “cool” bike combined with the fact that he wasn’t that strong shows he was clearly meant to be the comic relief. If it was used as a commentary on why magic is easier for the royals than the lower class, that might be fine, but as things stand, there’s a reason it’s not in the greatest battles of all the series.

sept Hercules points out that fights in DBZ can’t happen…as long as they happen (Dragon Ball Z)


Dragon Ball Z has a ton of characters from the Dragon Ball time remaining. Many of them were discarded because they were too dumb, but Dragon Ball Z had to balance that out a bit when they introduced Hercules. The thing about Hercules is that he’s a “legitimate” martial artist…but in this world he has no control over his ki.

This means that he considers everything that happens during the Cell Games to be tricks, since it’s actually not possible to do them. He’s a decent fighter compared to people without ki control, but he spends so much time blubbering around guys who could break the planet in half that it’s hard to take him seriously.

6 Kuwabara gets multiple wins because it makes the show fun (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Kuwabara sauve Yusuke

Kuwabara is a fascinating character as no fan would ever want him removed from the show. Her relationship with Hiei makes the series, but that doesn’t make him any less of a comic book character. He first appears as someone who is “spiritually sentient” but can’t actually see anything spiritual, which prevents him from being useful.

Later, he develops at a pace that follows the others but lags far enough that he is still fourth clear. Even his Dark Tournament battles are often comedy-based, such as how he defeated an opponent while on his last legs, simply because Yukina cheered him on.

5 Yoki goes from being a dictator to being a lackey (FMA: Brotherhood)

Yoki is the first villain Ed and Al have to deal with Fullmetal Alchemist. Taking advantage of the town of Youswell, it is only when Ed and Al point out his deceitful and corrupt nature that he is deposed and finds himself kicked out of the army. From there, he goes from a real villain to a slapstick guy.

No one takes him seriously, and it eventually gets to the point where even Ed and Al forget who he is. He becomes Scar’s cowardly sidekick, and no one really cares about him when Envy tries to use him as a hostage to escape.

4 Pen-Pen has no story purpose but lightens the mood (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Everyone love Pen-Pen, the little penguin who lives with Misato Katsuragi in his own personal fridge. The character does not serve a purpose to the overall plot but rather exists to brighten up this otherwise sad universe.

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But even evangelization knows the character isn’t a good fit for the show, as later in the show as things go from a more pretentious Super Robot series to becoming the classic that it is today, Pen-Pen isn’t even more there. The series is well aware that this would cause too much of a mood boost for fans as things continue to darken.

3 Finral cares more about hunting women than being a mage (black clover)

black clover Goes very quickly from a brave adventure to putting the Black Bulls in dangerous scenarios where they are outmatched in ability and experience. But Finral continues to retain the same personality as someone who would rather be somewhere other than the battlefield.

While her kouhai Noelle eventually learns to use her magic offensively, Finral never quite gets that right. His magic is always best used to support others, allowing him to teleport people to where they need to be both in and out of battle.

2 Polnareff struggles to turn the toilet search into a running joke (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders)

child fight polnareff alessi

Polnareff is shown as a serious opponent, but that’s only because he’s under Dio Brando’s control. Once freed, he joins the group on a journey to find the man who ruined his life. But then viewers learn that he’s not that bright. A lot of his appearances on the show involve traveling to new places and wondering where he can find a bathroom, then trying to figure out how those different foreign bathrooms actually work.

It’s a running gag that gets old after the first time for anyone who doesn’t like bathroom humor. Although Polnareff is one of the most likable characters, his bits are the ones that detract from the show the most.

1 Patrick Colasour gets shot in every episode (Gundam 00)

Patrick Colasour

Patrick Colasour is the Gundam 00 running gag of the universe. His gimmick is that he shows up and gets shot in all battle in which he appears, so much so that he becomes really famous. The character is supposed to be a “good” pilot, but that’s debatable.

Gundam 00 explores many complex themes like genetic manipulation, child soldiers, and how conflict affects the world, and more. It deals with all these themes with a maturity that a series like Aile Gundam could only dream of, but it’s all “balanced” with Patrick’s comedy.

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