10 silent anime characters who almost never speak

In the world of Japanese anime, characters vary greatly in their appearance and attire and also in their personality and daily habits. Some characters are the life of any party, they love to attract attention and never seem to stop talking. This sets them apart from the quieter characters who barely say a word.

Some anime characters are silent because they are the shy dandere or aloof kuudere type, while other silent characters have unique reasons for keeping their silence. Some anime characters never speak, and many others say as little as possible for various reasons.

10 Shoko Komi Has Trouble Talking (Komi Can’t Communicate)

the protagonist of Komi Can’t Communicate he has difficulty talking to others, which has prevented him from making friends in the past. Shoko Komi suffers from social anxiety around anyone outside of her family, which means she can go days or weeks without saying a word out loud.

Now in high school, Shoko is determined to change that. She has set out to make 100 friends, which will help her get over her anxiety once and for all. She is making great progress and has begun to express herself little by little. However, she is still one of the quietest students at Itan High School.

9 Ko Sakuragi Doesn’t Talk If He Isn’t Talked To (Wotakoi)1646128106 420 10 silent anime characters who almost never speak.webp

The main characters ofwotakoi They are a lively bunch. The cheerful Narumi Momose can make friends with ease, and Hirotaka’s brother Naoya is also a social butterfly. Naoya has met a new friend, Ko Sakuragi, who is very shy and more interested in games than anything else.

Naoya soon becomes Ko’s friend in college, helping her come out of her shell. Ko gradually gains confidence in herself and even goes on a date with Naoya later in the manga. In general, she is still pretty quiet and barely speaks unless someone talks to her first.

8 Shoko Nishimiya uses sign language (a silent voice)1646128106 81 10 silent anime characters who almost never speak.webp

A Silent Voice is an anime film based on the manga of the same name, starring reformed bully Shoya Ishida and his former victim, Shoko Nishimiya. Shoko has always been hard of hearing and Shoya tormented her for it, making fun of her for being deaf. Now, in high school, it’s time for Shoya to make amends.

Shoya isn’t sure if he deserves forgiveness, but Shoko is sure he does. Shoko rarely speaks out loud, instead she uses Japanese sign language. Shoya struggles to learn Japanese sign language so he can communicate with her, and a wonderful friendship soon blossoms.

7 Kisa Sohma Soon Fell Silent (Fruit Basket)1646128107 380 10 silent anime characters who almost never speak.webp

Despite having the spirit of a tiger within her, young Kisa Sohma is a shy and gentle girl who is anything but a fierce apex predator. In fact, she was often teased and ostracized from everyone else at school, and she soon stopped talking.

Kisa kept her silence for months, and Yuki, Hatsuharu, and the others got used to it. They were pleasantly surprised when the heroine, Tohru Honda, befriended Kisa and helped her start talking again. Now, Kisa can be sure of who she is.

6 Koji Koda Is More Comfortable Around Animals (My Hero Academia)1646128107 50 10 silent anime characters who almost never speak.webp

Koji Koda is the hero of Anivoice from class 1-A. With his voice, he can talk to the animals and give them commands during a battle or scouting mission. For example, he can command the pigeons to surround a villain and peck him or ask the mice and rats to scour the area for villains.

Koji was quiet at the beginning of myhero academy After facing Present Mic with his partner Kyoka Jiro, Koji was encouraged to stand up and face his fears. Now Koji can talk a bit, but he is still one of the quietest students in class 1-A.

5 Myrd Never Says Anything (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)1646128107 621 10 silent anime characters who almost never speak.webp

The isekai hero Rimuru Tempest recruited many craftsmen, soldiers, and other skilled professionals for his fledgling kingdom. Among them, the dwarf blacksmith Kaijin and his associates, such as the three dwarf brothers Garm, Dord and Myrd.

Garm and Dord often brag about their work, while Myrd just nods and groans as a way of saying “Yeah, what they said.” However, Myrd never speaks for himself, and Rimuru has commented on it more than once.

4 Toge Inumaki only says the names of the ingredients of the rice balls (Jujutsu Kaisen)1646128107 120 10 silent anime characters who almost never speak.webp

Jujutsu warlocks use a colorful variety of techniques to fight, from Megumi’s summoned animals to Nobara Kugisaki’s hammer and nails and Mai Zenin’s revolver. Meanwhile, Toge Inumaki uses his voice to affect his enemies, but this powerful technique is risky to use. Therefore, Toge is careful when using it.

Toge hardly uses his power, for fear of abusing it. He tends to be quiet most of the time, having only the “yes”, “no”, and “hello” dialogue naming the ingredients of the rice balls, including salmon, seaweed, and fish flakes.

3 Noro Has No Dialogue (Tokyo Ghoul)1646128107 154 10 silent anime characters who almost never speak.webp

Noro is a member of the deadly Aogiri Tree criminal organization, made up of bloodthirsty ghouls like the icy Tatara, Eto Yoshimura, the Bin Brothers, and a few others. This gang is also home to Noro, a peculiar ghoul who can deal heavy damage and heal with his hair.

Even by ghoul standards, Noro can regenerate his flesh remarkably quickly, and it seems that nothing can kill him. Also, he wears a mask that covers his entire face and that he almost never takes off, which makes him quite creepy. He maintains absolute silence, despite the fact that his mask clearly shows a mouth.

2 The Goblin Hunter Has Minimal Dialogue (Goblin Hunter)1646128107 73 10 silent anime characters who almost never speak.webp

the hero of goblin Slayer is Goblin Slayer himself, a helmeted hero who is famous for only accepting quests that involve fighting goblins. On goblin Slayer, goblins are more than just little troublemakers or cannon fodder. from d&d : They are deadly raiders who terrorize humanity wherever they go.

The Goblin Slayer speaks very little and often acts alone, letting his actions speak for him. He may prefer to be alone and quiet, but he accepted some new members into his group and helped them come up with the perfect strategy to kill even more goblins. After that, he started talking some more, but not much.

1 Kanao Tsuyuri lets her coins speak for her (Demon Slayer)1646128107 844 10 silent anime characters who almost never speak.webp

Kanao Tsuyuri has a close bond with the insect Hashira Shinobu Kocho, though she rarely comments on it. In fact, Kanao hasn’t had any dialogue so far. demon slayermeaning that other characters have had to explain Kanao’s personal background.

Kanao is a dedicated demon hunter and a good friend of Tanjiro. She barely speaks, not even to Tanjiro. In her place, she flips coins to make her decisions for her, making her eerily similar to Two-Face from the comics. batman . He might have a word for Tanjiro though, with or without that coin.