10 Visually Stunning Shonen Anime With Amazing Animation

There are countless things to enjoy when it comes to anime series. There is so much versatility and creativity in this medium that it seems that there is a series for everyone. Anime has a plethora of specific genres that appeal to both mainstream and niche audiences, but by far one of the most successful series types is shonen anime.

Shonen anime is responsible for some of the biggest action-adventure stories in the medium, but there is no set style for what a shonen series looks like. It’s important for a shonen anime to master the essentials, but that doesn’t mean it has to be monotonous in appearance. There are some excellent shonen anime out there that feature groundbreaking animation which is as much an asset as anything else.

10 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Consistently Creates Works Of Art

Every few years there is a new shonen critics favorite that sets a new standard and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is currently the golden child of the genre. Demon slayer It has two seasons and a feature film that has broken the quality record. The story of Tanjiro honing his skills as a demon hunter and striving to help his sister is always compelling, but Studio Ufotable’s animation takes the series’ action sequences to another level. The last chapters of the anime’s second season contain some of the most beautiful shonen animation seen in recent years.

9 Mob Psycho 100 unleashes psychic frenzies that are visually glorious1646824774 992 10 Visually Stunning Shonen Anime With Amazing Animation.webp

Mob Psycho 100 is a fantastic subversion of many shonen tropes, as its humble protagonist, Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama, actively avoids the spotlight and tries to avoid using his tremendous psychic powers. Mob Psycho 100 features intentionally simplistic character designs, making unleashing their deadly psychic abilities even more of a visual spectacle. Studio Bones goes further with Mob Psycho 100, especially with the second season of the anime. The opening sequences alone are a dazzling spectacle that can be enjoyed endlessly.

8 Haikyuu! translates volleyball action into great sequences1646824774 382 10 Visually Stunning Shonen Anime With Amazing Animation.webp

The anime offers a wide range of sports series that focus on everything from table tennis to synchronized diving. It feels like every sport and hobby has a corresponding anime, and Haikyuu! is the leading series when it comes to volleyball theatricality.

Haikyuu!! is from Production IG and despite being nearly 100 episodes long, an incredible level of quality is maintained throughout the series. The challenging visual effects from Haikyuu! show that a game of volleyball can be as exciting as a fight to the death with superpowers.

7 Attack On Titan Creates A Beautiful World That Is Lost In Darkness1646824774 266 10 Visually Stunning Shonen Anime With Amazing Animation.webp

Attack to Undoubtedly one of the biggest anime series of the decade, Titans has kept audiences enthralled with its flawed and layered characters, chilling monsters, and seismic plot twists that continually redefine the status quo. The meticulous narrative from Attack on Titan It would probably make the anime a hit regardless of what it looks like, but it’s also a triumph in the animation department. The WIT studio animated the first three seasons of Titan , and MAPPA took care of the latter. Many anime suffer from the change of study, but Attack the titans takes each sequence to the limit.

6 My Hero Academia displays hundreds of superpowers with style and elegance1646824775 291 10 Visually Stunning Shonen Anime With Amazing Animation.webp

my hero Academy cleverly adapts to superhero and shonen stereotypes in crafting its extensive origin stories of Izuku Midoriya and many other budding heroes. my hero academia It just passed the 100-episode milestone, has produced three impressive movies, and there’s still no end in sight for the series. Studio Bones makes sure that every quirk and superpower showdown in My hero Academy look amazing. The visual effects have become more inspired as Midoriya and company’s quirks become more powerful. my hero Academy It consists of so many battles that it is essential that each one has a unique look and feel.

5 One-Punch Man maxes out his fight sequences1646824775 621 10 Visually Stunning Shonen Anime With Amazing Animation.webp

By now, audiences are so familiar with shonen and action tropes that an anime like One Punch Man can gleefully deconstruct the genre, but he still indulges in its many stereotypes. Saitama laments at his intense strength, that he can take down most enemies in one hit. Every villain and every energy attack is as over-the-top as the anime’s premise, and the animation goes haywire to convey Saitama’s true power.

The study of One-Punch Man he switches from Madhouse to JC Staff for his second season and the difference is remarkable. JC Staff does what it can and there are still compelling fights, but nothing reaches the incredible and subversive heights of the first season’s fights.

4 Space Dandy Gets Lost In The Visual Madness Of A Rogue Universe1646824775 427 10 Visually Stunning Shonen Anime With Amazing Animation.webp

Space Dandy comes from much of the same creative team responsible for cowboy bebop, although it is presented as a surreal satire of the iconic anime series that is perpetually reinvented. Space Dandy follows a gang of bounty hunters in search of big loot, but each of their adventures morphs into a radically different genre exercise. Studio Bones makes sure that the animation from Space Dandy doesn’t detract from the bold storytelling. Each planet and alien species has a totally unique look and some anime visionaries like Masaaki Yuasa even participate in specific episodes.

3 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure collides with convention and creates its own image1646824775 435 10 Visually Stunning Shonen Anime With Amazing Animation.webp

JoJo’s Bizarre Hirohiko Araki’s Adventure stands out in the shonen genre in that it always plays by its own rules and adopts a very narrative structure for its larger adventure. David Productions is an animation studio responsible for some great anime series, but their work on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure it is a constantly evolving masterpiece. The anime captures Araki’s changing art style and the visual aesthetic of the anime really finds her voice during Diamond is Unbreakable. Unconventional use of color and character designs contribute to the unique nature from JoJo.

2 Gore has never been as beautiful as in Devilman Crybaby1646824776 944 10 Visually Stunning Shonen Anime With Amazing Animation.webp

devilman crybaby is technically an anime series, but it’s another adaptation of Go Nagi’s iconic action-horror hybrid. The different versions of the property of devilman connect due to the series’ dark themes and intense violence, but Masaaki Yuasa and his studio Science SARU fill each frame with abstract visuals and explosive uses of color. devilman crybaby it is as beautiful as ruthless; the art style fuels the transformative fear that grips Akira and the audience. Characters melt and demons reign, all with an overwhelming feel thanks to aggressive animation options.

1 Hunter X Hunter Elevates The Shonen Genre Through Consistent Magic1646824776 93 10 Visually Stunning Shonen Anime With Amazing Animation.webp

hunter x Hunter does not always receive the same respect as his shonen peers, such as dragon ball naruto or even something like Yuyu Hakusho. However, Hunter x Hunter It constantly pushes boundaries and strives to exceed expectations with a gripping shonen narrative that never feels repetitive. The adaptation of Hunter x Hunter made by Madhouse in 2011 has almost 150 episodes, all of them visual masterpieces that show extreme power in an amazing way. It’s a testament to the respect that is held for the source material and Gon’s greatest battles never disappoint as a result.