15 animes that wowed many fans in 2021

2021 is approaching its end. And it’s time to take stock. Animes are no exception to the rule. 2021 has indeed been a year full of emotions and discoveries on the anime side. Beautiful productions have had consequences, while others have emerged.

Jujutsu Kaisen capture

Criteria such as special effects or storytelling have made animes stand out. If you’ve struggled to keep up with events or just didn’t have time to keep up with everything, this article will give you more details on the anime you should catch up on before 2022.

Jujutsu Kaisen


Jujutsu Kaisen is the story of Yuji Itadori, a high school student who has just lost his grandfather. Following the ingestion of the finger of the most powerful demon Ryomen Sukuna, Itadori finds himself in the secret society of exorcists. Why is this anime one of the best? Without context for his violent fights, and his serious side – not serious embodied by Satoru Gojo.

The little extra of the series is the quality of the female fights which are almost at the level of the male fights, something rare in the animes. Even if the shonen looks exactly like what is usually done, the horror and supernatural side brings a modernization that you will appreciate. The series’ craze earned it the Anime of the Year award at the 5th Crunchyroll Anime Awards in 2021.

Shingeki No Kyojin


Attack on Titan is no longer an anime to present. Season 4 features a decisive arc from the anime that exposes another side of the story. This time around, the story unfolds from the Mahr continent where the dread of the Eldian people is on everyone’s lips.

This new season not only brings new answers, but is very interesting from a special effects point of view. The CGI was used in the fights between Arms Hammer and Eren, but also in the fight in the forest with giant trees between Livai and Sieg.

My Hero Academia


My Hero Academia is a series that follows the adventures of high school students at UA High, a superhero high school. The story centers on Izuku Midoriya known as “Deku”, born without powers, and who by a combination of circumstances becomes the successor of All Might, the hero number 1 of Japan.

The relaunch of the series with season 5 addresses 3 major arcs among others: the recovery of Endeavor after his clash with Nomu at the end of last season, the infiltration of Hawks in the League of Villains, and more importantly. the evolution of Deku’s powers and his awakening to the connection between his predecessors and the villainous All for One.

Tokyo Revengers


Tokyo Revengers is a 2021 release. It tells the story of Takemichi, who after being hit by a train, suddenly finds himself, at his 14th birthday, where he was just a whiny delinquent. This second chance, being offered to him by fate, Takemichi decides to take his revenge on life and use it to save his girlfriend.

Even if it means modifying the future by its actions. If the manga is loved for its philosophy on time and the mystery that surrounds it, it is its characters that make it an endearing series: Tokyo Manji, Mikey, the childish but fierce leader, and Draken, more mature than his age. . Tokyo Revengers combines high intensity action and personal drama.

Demon Slayer


Kimetsu no Yaiba, for fans, Demon Slayer follows Tanjiro’s journey to help his demon sister become human again. The series which had already been a hit in 2019 returned in October 2021 for its season 2.

The series, currently in progress, is very enticing side fights between Demons this time of higher category and some pillars (we will not spoil you the rest, remain calm). The Demon Slayer franchise generated a total of $ 8.75 billion in Japan in December 2020.

The Heike Story


We could summarize the Heike Story as being two sides of the same mirror. The Heike Story is inspired by Japanese literature, Tale of the Heike. This is the story of Biwa, an orphan with the power of vision, who was taken in by Taira no Shigemori, eldest son of the Taira clan.

While Biwa manages to predict the future with one eye, Shigemori is haunted by the deaths of his clan. In addition to this storytelling worthy of several intrigues, the Heike Story remains a very poetic and intimate anime. In addition to exposing Biwa’s position in the face of the clan’s political shenanigans, he confronts her with the burden of her gift of foresight.

ODD Taxi


Odd Taxi is a very special anime. Indeed, he plunges us into a universe filled with anthropomorphic animals, and his taxi driver Odokawa. This walrus carries passengers in his taxi, each stranger than the next, and who all have the disappearance of a young girl in their mouths.

But the theme of ODD Taxi goes further. She is interested in the relations of contemporary society, openness to others, or even the absurdity of life. Everything is done in a deconstructed and thoughtful way. The animations and sets provide a textured look that fits perfectly with the spooky and corrupt look of Odd Taxi.

SK8 The Infinity


SK8 The Infinity is an original sports anime that deals with skateboarding. At the start of fun, he manages to establish an emotional foundation between Reki and Langa, two students opposed to each other. Like sports anime, SK8 The Infinity, establishes a bond and tension between competitors and allies.

The series manages to find the motivation necessary to stimulate the overtaking of a character. Even more, the main character must tap into his insecurity in the face of an opponent who has acquired his talent through hard work. Visually, the anime remains interesting with robot skaters, or skaters dressed as matadors and ninjas.



Beastars is a somewhat amazing anime. This is the least we can say of a story where a wolf wants to make love with a rabbit, but is afraid to devour it. This rather clumsy image is, according to certain interpretations, a metaphor for the passage of puberty, either of sexual violence or of the passage to adulthood.

So many interpretations that are too much for once. However, this story can be seen as a kind of Romeo and Juliet. A sexy, violent story full of possibilities. The series deserves to be followed for the use of CGI which has embellished the features of the animals, making them more human.

Ranking of kings


Ranking of Kings is a supernatural and sword fighting fantasy comedy that follows the story of Boji, heir to the throne of the giant Bosse. Due to his deafness, Boji is hated by the whole court despite his benevolent nature.

Ranking of Kings is above all an exploration of the theme of coming of age, accompanied by intrigue and impressive battles. The little extra is the empathetic and kawaii side of Boji which will make your soul vibrate in just a few expressions.



Horimiya, is a series whose name is an acronym of the first names of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura, two lovers. The series follows the romance of Hori, a responsible older sister and confident student with friends, and Miyamura, a shy and quiet loner with a dark look.

If you’re used to shojo hanging out on the love story before giving us the right to a kiss, that’s not the case in Horimiya. This anime is perfect for relaxing and passing the time.

Sonny Boy


Sonny Boy is a concept inspired by horror. It traces the story of a class of high school students who land in another dimension, developing in high school students superpowers.

Although strongly resembling his contemporaries, Sonny Boy differs from them by details more particularly of his music. Indeed, the latter marks the tempo of the anime leaving little respite for the viewer to come to his senses. All mixed with a scary atmosphere.

Star War Visions


Star Wars: Visions is a short film mash-up from the greatest sci-fi series in cinema. Unlike the heaviness of most of the series’ productions, Star Wars: Visions packs some stories unusual to the franchise.

Stories of a rabbit wielding lightsaber katanas, or Sith child clones slicing Star Destroyers in half using overpowered swords, are just what you’ll get. One thing is certain, the Force is powerful in this anime.

Megalobox 2: Nomad


Megalobox is a bit like our Rocky Balboa who comes back to us even stronger. Proud of its success in 2018, the series could have stopped on its unanimous success. However, it came back to us in 2021 with a more than enticing spin off.

The story takes place 5 years after the events of the first series. Joe has changed his name to Nomad, but is still a social case. In a futuristic Japan, themes such as immigration and racism are discussed, all in a jazz and hip-hop atmosphere. Between drama and exaltation, Nomad passes us the salam of all his devotion to boxing.