3 animes on Netflix that you have to watch if you liked ‘Demon Slayer’

the anime in Netflix are gaining a lot of strength and more and more fans of these cartoons with violent stories full of action and mystery, more and more people are venturing into the vast universe of anime.

One of the most popular series is demon slayer that even reached the cinemas in our country and managed to fill the theaters, running out of tickets and with it the consumption of these stories increased and Netflix has uploaded more and more content of this type.

If you are one of the people who became an anime fan thanks to demon slayer and you want to see more series of this type we are going to recommend 3 anime what can you see in Netflix and that you will like it as much or more than this series.

3 animes on Netflix if you liked Demon Slayer

In this anime we know the battle waged by Alucard, a vampire who works for Sir Integra and whose mission is to eliminate any threat that exists to humanity, especially vampires, and for this he has his most lethal weapon, Alucard, the most powerful vampire there is. and that now he will have to face Nazi vampires who want to destroy and dominate all of humanity.

When a notebook from the underworld reaches the human world and falls into the hands of a young man who discovers how to use it, things will radically change for all the people around him and in the world. With the unlimited power to kill anyone, this young man becomes a vigilante who becomes the most wanted person in the world and the most feared serial killer.

  • When Cicadas Cry

This anime is undoubtedly disturbing and tells the story of a young man who moves to a town for a change of scenery, but soon realizes that things there are not as calm as they seem. Psychological terror is one of the most important factors in this series and the disturbing atmosphere is accentuated with a traditional celebration where each year one person dies and another disappears.

these are 3 anime what you can see and enjoy in Netflix if you like me demon slayer and you want to expand your knowledge in this type of animated series.