3 manga to discover absolutely if you are a fan of Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is undoubtedly one of the anime of the moment. If the story and the quest of Tanjirō have upset you, here are 3 manga not to be missed!

The Demon Slayer Phenomenon

Among all the manga of the moment, Demon Slayer has the wind in its sails. Season 2 of the anime, which concluded in February, has hardcover on streaming platforms. So much so that season 3 has already been announced, although it will not appear before 2023.

Since the debut of the anime adaptation of Kimetsu No Yaiba (the name of the manga in Japanese), the work of Koyoharu Gotōge tops manga sales.

The moving story of Tanjirō Kamado and his sister Nezuko is full of dark twists and turns. It is also yet another testimony to the duality between the human being and the demon that inhabits ita theme dear to manga authors.

Exploring internal conflict in humans

Let’s start with the most well-known manga on this list, namely Fullmetal Alchemist. Widely popularized by the excellent anime adaptation Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhoodthe manga is close in many ways to Demon Slayer.

Like the young heroes of the Kamado family, a family tragedy is the source of the quest of the protagonists of the manga — the brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric. Following their mother’s failed transmutation, Edward loses his left arm and is forced to sacrifice his right arm to bring his brother back to life.

Stripped of his body and trapped in armor, Alphonse teams up with his older brother to find the philosopher’s stonewhich would allow them to find their missing members without worrying about the equivalent exchange rule.

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Since we are talking about members to recover, it is time to mention Dororo. Written and drawn by one of the greatest mangakas in history, the illustrious Osamu Tezukait tells the story of a young man named Hyakkimaru.

Came into the world amputated 48 parts of his bodythrough the fault of his father who made a pact with 48 demons to selfishly acquire powers, the boy is taken in by a doctor who replaces his missing limbs with prosthetics containing weapons.

Robbed of all his senses, the young man develops supernatural talents that allow him to defend himself against demons. Each time he defeats one of them, he recovers one of his missing body parts.

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Written and drawn by Hiroshi Shiibashimanga Nura: Lord of the Yokai tells the story of Rikuo Nuraa young human-looking boy who is yet a quarter yōkai (they are demons in Japanese folklore).

Torn between his two identities, the schoolboy is confronted with his desire to live a quiet existence and the weight of his yōkai heritage, which pushes him to create your own army of demons.

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Do you have a favorite in this selection?