3 mangas to discover absolutely if you love My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia quickly became one of the most popular manga in the world. If you liked, you will love these 3 works on superheroes.

My Hero Academia, in the current Big 3 of manga

With more than 65 million units sold worldwide since its publication began in 2014, My Hero Academia (MHA) is undoubtedly one of the most popular manga of the last decade. Along with Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen, it represents one of the standard bearers of the genre.

The fans are also on a war footing, since the rhythm of publication of the author Kohei Horikoshi just resumed and season 6 of the anime series will air starting in fall 2022 (hopefully by then).

As a reminder, the manga tells the story of Izuku Midoriya, says Dekua human without particular talent who finds himself overnight in possession of a superpower, the Quirk known as One For All. If you feel unbeatable on the MHA universe, you can try your luck with our dedicated quiz.

3 manga about superheroes to read without delay

Let’s start our overview with BlackClovera manga released from the pen inspired by Yūki Tabata. In a world where magic holds a prominent place, a young orphan named Asta aims to become the greatest magician in the kingdom. Only the boy was born without magical talent while his friend Yuno has all the assets to claim the title of Emperor-Mage.

An encounter with brigands, during which Asta is rescued by a mysterious magic grimoire, will change the course of history. Now able to follow his dream, he promises to fight with his friend to achieve his goal. The manga therefore follows the progress of the two characters in parallel in their supreme quest, which will be strewn with many pitfalls.

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Far from being misunderstood, including among laymen, One-Punch Man is a phenomenon manga drawn by Yusuke Murata, which shines with the singularity of its main character. It tells the story of Saitamaa seemingly ordinary young man who rescues a child from the clutches of a crab-man (not the ones in South Park).

Determined to become a superhero, the protagonist trains so hard and so hard—until he loses all of his hair—that he becomes unbeatable for his opponents, to the point of eliminating them. with a single punch.

Demotivated by his too easy victories and devalued by his colleagues who see him as a cheater without charisma, his life changes when he meets Genosa man-cyborg whom he will in spite of himself make his disciple and who will be the only one to see in him his immense value.

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Finally, we end with ZetmanManga dark and bloody written and drawn by Masakazu Katsura which incorporates all the codes of superheroism. At the heart of the work are Jina young boy who lives in seclusion with his grandfather, and Kogathe future heir of Amagi Corporation, a teenager himself cut off from the outside world and incubated by his family, and who wants to become a vigilante.

The superhuman physical abilities of the first one are worth to him precisely to be tracked by Amagi Corporation, the company responsible for the creation of artificial humans with extraordinary powers but totally out of control. Caught up by his past, he will become the Zetmanan individual bent on righting the mistakes of human folly.

Forged by their experiences that bring them together, the two heroes will confront their own sense of justice in a poignant story.

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So which one are you most interested in?