3 Reasons Why Tanjiro Kamado From ‘Demon Slayer’ Is The Ideal Guy

We have all fallen in love with a character from anime or cartoon, usually because they are the perfect boys or girls for us in our minds and we fall in love not only with their beauty but also with their way of being, sometimes we romanticize characters that we shouldn’t but that’s another story.

In the case of Tanjiro Kamado we all must have someone like him in our lives, he is the ideal boy who throughout demon slayer He has shown us time and time again that the perfect boy that we all deserve to have by our side can exist and we will tell you the qualities that he has that make him the dream boy.

The reasons why Tanjiro Kamado is the ideal anime character

In each episode he shows himself to be an empathetic young man, even with his enemies, always trying to understand the emotions of others and who is also very aware and connected to his own feelings, this makes him empathetic and open to dialogue, something that benefits everyone. without anyone getting hurt.

Throughout demon slayer We have seen him start and establish completely healthy relationships of respect both with his teachers and with his classmates. Despite living in an environment full of hostility and defensive people, he manages to earn everyone’s respect by being sensitive and treating everyone as equals, channeling their sensitivity in their favor and that of others.

Tanjiro Kamado he always humanizes his enemies, despite the terrible things they have done, he tries to make their end dignified, putting himself in their place and looking for them to leave in peace, this is something completely new due to his life story, it also teaches us that no matter the differences, we must always have a dignified treatment with other people and give them and give ourselves the opportunity to change.

Who is Tanjiro Kamado?

Tanjiro Kamado is the protagonist of anime called demon slayer which has been a worldwide success and tells us his story, a very tragic story, where he is saved from the attack of a demon that ends the life of his entire family, leaving only his sister alive, but infected, It is at that moment that he begins to look for a way to save his sister who has not become a common demon and who he cares for with his life and will do everything possible and impossible to save her from a horrible fate and end.