5 times Demon Slayer made us cry (and 5 times he made us laugh)

Demon Slayer is a highly successful shonen series that has all the makings of a great fantasy series. It has compelling and heartwarming characters, well-animated and exciting combat scenes, a well-defined combat system, and of course, a uniform mix of heartbreaking drama and uproarious comic relief.

All of this keeps Demon Slayer well balanced, including movie high voltage Mugen Train, and fans can easily recall their favorite comic scenes and favorite dramatic sequences alike. Demon Slayer He excels in both, and Tanjiro’s journey has been an emotional rollercoaster. He has had to endure heartbreak and pain, but also funny silly scenes with his good friends Inosuke Hashibira and Zenitsu Agatsuma. What scenes were the funniest or the saddest?

10 CRY: When Tanjiro Found His Family Dead

This was the incident that caused Demon Slayer, when the evil Muzan Kibutsuji attacked the Kamado family and annihilated them, apart from Nezuko, whom he turned into a demon. Tanjiro had been away selling coal, and he took his time going home.

Tanjiro’s heart was shattered when he found the bloody remains of his beloved family, and Nezuko’s survival was probably the only reason he still had any hope after this. He rushed to take her to a doctor, but was surprised.

9 laughs: When Tanjiro met Hotaru Haganezuka1628207139 82 5 times Demon Slayer made us cry and 5 times.webp

At the beginning of the series, Tanjiro completed his training to become a true demon slayer, and chose the mineral that could become his Nichirin sword. It was forged off-screen, and then an eccentric guy named Hotaru came to Saionji and Tanjiro’s house to deliver it.

Hotaru has an important job to do, but her silly demeanor, ridiculous mask, and short temper gave a lot of play, and even Tanjiro himself drew attention to Hotaru for his strange behavior. It was a bit strange seeing Hotaru grab Tanjiro with that grabbing motion.

8 CRY: When Tanjiro killed the demon out of the hand1628207139 202 5 times Demon Slayer made us cry and 5 times.webp

This fight scene made it clear that Demon Slayer he was capable of making even the most gruesome and thuggish demons sympathetic, based on his backstories. At first, the Hand Demon was nothing more than a hideous giant, and he had personally killed many of Saonji’s disciples, including the boy in the fox mask.

However, the Hand Demon had once been an ordinary human, and he had looked up to his older brother for guidance. As he burned to ashes, the weeping Hand Demon remembered his early childhood and yearned to return to it. Even Tanjiro felt bad for him because he was ultimately just another victim of Muzan.

7 Laughter: When Inosuke showed his true face1628207140 502 5 times Demon Slayer made us cry and 5 times.webp

The boar head Inosuke Hashibara was a wild card during the fight against Kyogai, and neither Tanjiro nor his new ally Zenitsu knew what to do with him. Inosuke was tough and confident, but once he removed his boar helmet, his only insecurity showed.

Inosuke’s face was a lot less intimidating than his boar head, which wasn’t bad in and of itself, but Zenitsu was quick to tease him for it, and the scene was more hilarious than cruel. At least Inosuke had a lot of swagger to make up for it, and he soon put his boar helmet back on.

6 CRY: When Tanjiro killed Kyogai, the unsuccessful perpetrator1628207140 451 5 times Demon Slayer made us cry and 5 times.webp

Kyogai was once a member of the Twelve Demon Moons, but had since been demoted, and he was bitter about it. He was also bitter about his failed attempt to launch a career as an author. In fact, he kept the pages of his manuscript, and that manuscript was precious to him.

Of course, Tanjiro was not going to forgive Kyogai for his many crimes against humanity, but Tanjiro avoided stepping on the pages of Kyogai, and it was heartbreaking to see Kyogai’s memories of his failed literary career. He just wanted to write something beautiful, and Tanjiro’s compassion made him cry when he died.

5 Laughter: When Tanjiro defended Nezuko’s beauty from Yushiro’s mocking words1628207140 689 5 times Demon Slayer made us cry and 5 times.webp

At one point, Tanjiro and Nezuko headed to Tokyo, an impressive place of lights, cars, and crowds dressed in Western style. Most importantly, a demon doctor named Tamayo worked here, who had an adorable assistant named Yushiro. To Yushiro no he liked kamados.

Yushiro criticized Nezuko for being a nasty demon, so Tanjiro came to his little sister’s defense right away. Tanjiro fiercely proclaimed that Nezuko had been the beauty of the village, and that turning into a demon did not spoil her good looks.

4 CRY: When Tanjiro killed the Spider Mother Demon1628207140 972 5 times Demon Slayer made us cry and 5 times.webp

Tanjiro and the others ended up in a dark forest full of spiders, and Rui, the boss, had recruited other demons to form a false demon family. The demon “mother” was a powerful puppeteer, but she also endured abuse from Rui, her “son”. He did not have happy luck in life.

Tanjiro had a duty to dispatch the mother spider, but it gave him no pleasure, and the mother spider fondly remembered his humanity. Someone had seen her favorably, and now she wondered how that person was doing. Soon he was turned to dust, free at last.

3 Laughter: When Hotaru returned to give Inosuke new swords1628207141 772 5 times Demon Slayer made us cry and 5 times.webp

Hotaru reappeared later in the first season of Demon Slayer, and he was as hyper as ever. Tanjiro, who was still recovering, was glad to see him, only for Hotaru to throw another tantrum. Hotaru brandished her knife at Tanjiro in amusement, annoyed that all the Nichirin swords kept breaking.

Then Inosuke received his new Nichirin swords, but he was still not satisfied with them. He struck them with a stone to create the desired jagged edges, and Hotaru was furious at the sight of them. Tanjiro had to hold it back.

2 CRY: When Rui remembered his humanity1628207141 412 5 times Demon Slayer made us cry and 5 times.webp

Surprisingly, most of the saddest moments of Demon Slayer They are not based on the suffering of heroes, but on that of villains, including Rui. When he was a human child, Rui was incredibly fragile and cared for by both parents. So, he accepted Muzan’s offer to become a demon and thus regain his health.

Rui was horrified when his parents tried to kill him, rejecting them as his real family. When Rui died at the hands of demon hunters, he was reminded of his original family, and his desire for a real mother and father to take care of him. It was everything he ever wanted.

1 laughs: When Shinobu admonished Inosuke during training1628207141 701 5 times Demon Slayer made us cry and 5 times.webp

Shinobu Kocho, the insect Hashira, helped train Tanjiro and his friends at the butterfly farm, but the training was tough. Tanjiro made some progress with advanced breathing techniques, and then it was Inosuke and Zenitsu’s turn.

Inosuke was struggling, and Shinobu cheerfully but maliciously taunted him, completing with silly images. Inosuke snapped, and puffed hot pig’s breath on Shinobu to challenge her and show his determination. He had to prove his mocking words wrong, or else.