8 shonen anime that need a sequel

Considering that shonen animes are usually some of the most popular, it’s no wonder they are some of the longest series as well. They can often last for dozens or even hundreds of episodes before reaching their conclusion.

But even though their stories may go on for years, that doesn’t mean that fans are done with them. On the contrary, even after the credits of a story that has taken the author years have run out, fans clamor for more time with their favorite universes and characters. In the case of some universes, it is really justified, since the story left the door open for more or the universe is so interesting that it begs to be explored.

8 Magic Kaito 1412 needs to solve the mystery of the missing father of the protagonist

The most die-hard anime fans will find the art style of Magic Kaitosomewhat familiar, as it looks a lot like a certain anime about a young detective. The series came to be Detective Conan, but it didn’t have the sales success it had Conan. Once Conan grew in popularity, Magic Kaito it became a side project. However, several years ago it was adapted in anime form.

The story followed the protagonist, Kaito Kuroba, who becomes a phantom thief to find out who killed his father. The mystery was left unsolved when the anime came to an end, all the more reason for someone to come back here and finish the adaptation.

7 Demon Slayer introduces a new cast of storytelling characters1629449778 504 8 shonen anime that need a sequel.webp

Demon Slayer it had a quite concrete ending in the manga. The main antagonist was defeated and many of them went on to live happily ever after. But of course the end of the story shows the future generation of characters living a peaceful life. It would be quite easy to tell a story that was a slice of life and showed your everyday life, enjoying the peace that your ancestors gave you.

But it would also be easy to revive the demons and show the new generation learning to fight with their parents’ styles before the demonic threat got too far out of hand. What happened to Muzan seems like something that could be repeated, after all.

6 Bleach left some places unexplored for possible future plots1629449779 570 8 shonen anime that need a sequel.webp

Ichigo Kurosaki’s story is almost finished in the manga. As such, fans are eagerly awaiting the actual sequel in the form of the last part of its story. Meanwhile, those who have read the manga are still waiting to see a full series from Burn the Witch, the western branch of Soul Society. Both are the true “sequels” of Bleach that are there for the people in the near future.

That said, even though Ichigo has risen to become the most powerful Shinigami to ever exist, that doesn’t stop stories from being told about other adventures. The end of the manga gives a lot of room to tell future stories only in the human world, without taking into account all the other realms that were introduced during the series.

5 Grandmaster Onizuka could focus on an older Onizuka teaching young students1629449779 148 8 shonen anime that need a sequel.webp

Great Teacher Onizuka is an anime that might be more popular as a Japanese drama than as an anime. The series has been turned into a drama twice before, once in the late 1990s and then a second time in 2012 that ran for two seasons. The story follows Eikichi Onizuka, a former member of a motorcycle gang who decides to become a teacher for less than ideal reasons. Although he barely passes, he wants to become the best teacher in history, and ends up trapped with a dangerous class in a private school.

Undaunted, Onizuka gradually gets each of the children to take his side. This is a story that would have as much resonance today as in the past, especially considering the frequency with which children feel neglected by adults. They could go for a new teacher, but it would be even cooler to see Onizuka as an older man who continues to work with problem students.

4 City Hunter should have a sequel set in the modern era1629449779 379 8 shonen anime that need a sequel.webp

Technically, City Hunter has a derived series in the form of Angel Heart. But Tsukasa Hojo himself has confirmed that Angel Heart it is a parallel universe and not a continuation of City Hunter. That said, the universe of City Hunter It is one of those that could be updated for the modern age.

In the original series, Saeba Ryo was a “street sweeper” who worked any job for the right price as part of the “City Hunter” organization. Ryo’s life changes when his partner dies and he starts working with his partner’s sister, Kaori Makimura, and the two end up falling in love. A sequel set in the modern world would allow their relationship to progress and allow them to marry, while allowing Ryo to remain as amazing at solving cases as he was in the 80s. An update like this worked with Lupin; Why not with City Hunter?

3 Fairy Tail has a sequel that should be adapted to anime1629449779 338 8 shonen anime that need a sequel.webp

Much of the history of Fairy Tailit was closed with the defeat of Zeref and Acnologia. However, the series finale still left some questions to be resolved: where did Zeref’s curse come from? And what led the dragons to attack humanity?

While the first question has yet to be answered, the second has potential as a sequel is already being released in the form of Fairy Tail: 100 Years War. At the moment it has not been confirmed that the manga will be turned into an anime, but considering the popularity and history of Hiro Mashima, it is very likely that it will.

2 Yu Yu Hakusho had several arcs hinted that they could be developed into an anime1629449779 675 8 shonen anime that need a sequel.webp

It may seem to some that Yu Yu Hakusho has had a perfect track record. But those who have read the manga are aware of something that might have gone unnoticed by anime fans. Mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi put an end to Yu Yu Hakusho not because he had finished telling the story, but because the mounting pressure of working on a successful project was too much.

In one of the last chapters there is talk of several cases in which Yusuke got involved and that would have turned the entire series around. Whole arcs are reduced to mere lines of dialogue, and if Toei wanted, he could easily make a sequel based on these ideas.

1 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters could have a sequel that follows the adventures of Yugi and his friends when they grow up1629449779 470 8 shonen anime that need a sequel.webp

The franchise Yu-Gi-Oh has many sequels, but in this case what is desired is a sequel to Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters, a story that delves into the lives of Yugi and the others after Atem was defeated and their lives returned to “normal”. They have appeared in the movies once or twice, but they usually exist during the main season. There is no better time to make a sequel, as Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS seems to be a repudiation of how complex the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh, creating a totally different game for people.

Meanwhile, the card game has been revitalizing old decks left and right as it draws in audiences older than the original game. If they want to keep marketing that older game, the best way to go would be to see Yugi, Joey, and the others in a new era, dealing with all the new forms of summoning types and rules.