9 Villains Who Almost Ruined Your Anime

The accusation that something “ruins the anime” can come about for a variety of reasons. Sometimes anime takes things the wrong way and disappoints fans. Sometimes the characters are so obnoxious, frustrating, or dark that watching the show is no longer enjoyable. However, a character can also ruin an anime by being too effective, destroying heroes in a way that is difficult to recover from.

From gag characters to overpowered villains, plenty of antagonists have ruined or nearly ruined their respective anime, either leaving a bad taste in the audience’s mouth or simply breaking the world or immersion.

9 The Pilaf Gang Was Annoying And Could Have Broken The World Of Dragon Ball

The Pilaf Band was a thorn in the side both for the characters and for the audience of the franchisedragon ball. This trio was led by Emperor Pilaf, who wanted to get his hands on the Dragon Balls – just like everyone else – and they somehow achieved this goal at one point in the franchise. Unfortunately, they weren’t careful what they wished for and their youthful wish went awry, turning them into children.

The Pilaf Gang almost ruined dragon ballboth for obtaining the Dragon Balls (which could have had much more serious effects) and for being an annoying antagonistic force.

8 Kaguya Felt Offscreen In Naruto1648031025 957 9 Villains Who Almost Ruined Your Anime.webp

The fansfrom naruto they were quite surprised that Naruto and his friends ended up fighting Kaguya instead of Madara, as the concept of the Otsutsuki seemed to come out of nowhere. The addition of the Otsutsuki wasn’t completely random, but fans didn’t feel there was enough build-up, and thus the character seemed like an afterthought.

Not only did Kaguya almost destroy the entire shinobi world and set a precedent for more Otsutsuki to continue to antagonize Naruto and his friends and family, but she also detracted from the immersion and credibility of the anime and its worldbuilding.

7 The Rats From Diamond Is Unbreakable Nearly Killed Jotaro1648031025 540 9 Villains Who Almost Ruined Your Anime.webp

It was a dark day in the universe of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure see Jotaro Kujo nearly die at the hands of a couple of rats, but that’s exactly what happened in Diamond is Unbreakable. Bug-Eaten and Not Bug-Eaten were two animal Stand users who used a Stand called Ratt that could melt people’s body parts into monstrous flecks of flesh. Even Jotaro Kujo fell prey to this support.

Jotaro was lucky that his partner, Josuke Higashikata, had a Stand that could heal, as it narrowly prevented Jotaro from dying. Bug-Eaten and Not Bug-Eaten almost foiled Diamond is Unbreakable being about to kill Jotaro, which would have ruined all the following seasons of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

6 Mahito Was Frustrating And Killed Too Many In Jujutsu Kaisen1648031025 876 9 Villains Who Almost Ruined Your Anime.webp

Warning. There are spoilers for the Jujutsu Kaisen manga in this post.

On jujutsu Kaisen, Mahito’s cursed technique ended up being incredibly complicated and deadly, which made him feel broken as a character. He was a pretty young Cursed Spirit, but still he had the power to kill many of the sorcerers and jujutsu protagonists in the world. jujutsu kaisen while characters like Jogo and Hanami couldn’t.

After the events of the Shibuya Incident arc, Mahito had killed off so many beloved characters that the continuation of his reign of terror put everyone in jeopardy. jujutsu kaisen To piss off the fans too much. Luckily, he was finally arrested.

5 Commander Zhao Was Also Frustrating And Almost Broke The Avatar Universe1648031025 835 9 Villains Who Almost Ruined Your Anime.webp

Zhao almost ruined Avatar: The Last Airbender, both for nearly breaking the world and for being incredibly frustrating. Zhao was something of a foil for Zuko and Aang at different times in the story. His lack of respect for the spirit world was what ended him, as he attempted to kill the Moon Spirit.

Zhao’s fall was triple. He was incredibly arrogant to the point that he couldn’t imagine how Team Avatar and Zuko could bring him down, his anger was so volatile that he even destroyed his own fleets, and he was disrespectful to the much more powerful spirits of the world. .

4 Akito Arbitrarily Keeps The Sohma Family Ruined In Fruits Basket1648031025 467 9 Villains Who Almost Ruined Your Anime.webp

On fruits Basket, Akito was the downfall of the Sohma family; his motivations were so extremely petty that he often messed up the anime. Instead of being a good leader, Akito was into throwing tantrums. She always needed an antagonist and Akito was a great antagonist. However, Akito was so frustrating that fans were prepared for the downfall of her.

Fruit Basket It could have been so much better if Akito hadn’t been so frustrating for a seemingly insignificant reason. However, the anime remains a much-loved series that fans are not going to write off anytime soon.

3 The Overhaul Might Have Killed My Hero Academia’s Heroes1648031025 986 9 Villains Who Almost Ruined Your Anime.webp

The Overhaulby MyHero Academia planned to remove the oddities, which would have ruined the world of heroes. His devil serum caused the end of Lemillion’s (Mirio Togata) hero career (at least for the time being) and his powers left Sir Nighteye dead. However, he was not physically strong enough to carry out all of his plan.

Overhaul could have stopped One for All in its tracks if he had aimed his serum at Izuku Midoriya, but using it on Lemillion was also incredibly hard on the characters and the fans.

2 My Hero Academia’s stain could have done the same thing1648031026 791 9 Villains Who Almost Ruined Your Anime.webp

Stain is known as the killer of heroes. He had one of the highest hero kill counts by his hands in the entire universe of My Hero Academia . Although Stain wasn’t going to kill off a character like All Might, he planted a seed of unease in characters like Izuku Midoriya (Deku) when he spoke of the corruption inherent in the world of heroes.

Stain could have broken the world by killing major protagonists or Pro Heroes who would later be needed for integral plot points, but his main contribution to nearly ruining My Hero Academia was planting the seed of doubt in both the characters and the fans.

1 Akaza Had A Chance To Kill All The Protagonists In Demon Slayer1648031026 769 9 Villains Who Almost Ruined Your Anime.webp

Warning. There are spoilers for the Demon Slayer Mugen Train arc in this entry.

If Akaza hadn’t respected Kyojuro Rengoku so much, the second season of demon slayer it would have been very different. Fans were devastated to see Kyojuro Rengoku die at the hands of Akaza alongside Tanjiro Kamado. For some fans, this left a bad taste in their mouths. However, it was a huge turning point for Tanjiro as a fighter and Demon Hunter.

However, it could have been very different. If Akaza hadn’t wanted to meet Rengoku personally on the battlefield, he could have easily focused his attention on killing Tanjiro and his friends, which would have ruined the world of the gods. demon slayer.