A 12-episode prequel is underway for Genshin Impact!

less than a month ago, Genshin Impact announced the production of his anime. This news was well received by fans, especially since recent anime games are popular. According to some rumors, the anime would actually be a prequel that will introduce us to events unknown to the video game.

Credits: miHoYo

A rumor with many details

The news (or rather rumor) comes to us from a Chinese forum. According to the translation made by a user of Reddit, the anime of Genshin Impact would be a prequel, that is to say that it will focus on the events preceding the arrival of Aether and Lumine in Tevyat. Still according to rumour, the production of the series would have already started a year and a half ago. Three episodes have already been completed.

In addition, the translated comment goes further by specifying that the series will be developed over several seasons. Each should develop a nation of Tevyat (Mondstadt, Fontaine, Natlan, Sumeru, Liyue, Inazuma, and Snezhnaya), as well as the destruction of the Khaenri’ah region. Even though this information seems premature, it is generally well received by fans. Indeed, discovering an underdeveloped part of the game represents an excellent prospect for them.

A collaboration signed HoYoverse and ufotable

For the adaptation of the game in anime, HoYoverse and the ufotable studio are in charge. The latter is best known for the animations of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Fate/Zero. Besides that, the studio has to its credit the realization in anime of some video games including Tales of Zestiria the X and God Eater. Its accomplishments speak for themselves about the studio’s ability to provide us with quality anime. In this regard, a very beautiful and immersive trailer gives us a glimpse of what we will be entitled to.

Genshin Impact: twins separated by fate

Genshin Impact was released just two years ago. But that was enough for it to become one of the most popular and profitable RPGs around. The story of the game is about two twins who have been separated by a god. In September 2022, the game gave its users two new characters as a gift: Cyno and Candace. He also unblocked a new desert area in the Sumeru region.