A Demon Slayer figure caused problems in the Mexico City subway

A Demon Slayer figure caused problems in the Mexico City subway

The Mexico City subway is a place where anything can happen. What sadly is becoming more common is that the service presents errors or other types of damage. Interestingly, recently a unit had problems, but not due to lack of maintenance or anything. Rather, it was a situation caused by an anime figure, specifically from demon slayer.

This morning the official account of the Mexico City subway made a post that immediately went viral. It turns out that on December 16, 2022, they were forced to remove a train from Line 6 to check it, since one of its doors had a problem that prevented it from closing.

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The curious thing is that the root of the problem was a figure of Nezuko from demon slayer who was blocking the door. Thus, the mechanism moved as usual, but was unable to complete the process to close because a small plastic figure made it impossible. That is how demon slayer represented a headache for the personnel working in the Mexico City Metro.

“This morning, a train was withdrawn from Line 6 to check its door mechanism, where a plastic object was detected that was obstructing them from closing. Adequately protect your belongings, do not block the doors and follow the instructions of the staff,” said the official account of the Mexico City subway.

Don’t you believe us? Next, we present the tweet that shows it:

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Sadly, the official account of the Mexico City subway did not give more details about it. This is why we do not know what the fate of the figure was. We very much doubt that he will be reunited with his owner, so we hope that he will at least reach a good new family.

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As you can imagine, this is a story that drew a lot of attention. It has already been shared more than 1,500 times and has more than 8,500 likes on Twitter. For this reason we could not afford not to tell you this curious story.

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