A MOBA featuring Son Goku, Naruto, Ichigo, Tanjiro and other League of Legends plagiarized manga stars!

It is true that experiments consisting of crossing several licenses within the same video game are rarely a good surprise. This can walk in some specific caseslike the game series Injusticebut this uses licenses that are already connected to each other. For the mangas which do not necessarily have connections between them, that can quickly give games like Jump Force, which we will forget as quickly as a course on the reproduction of butterflies in an urban environment (long live selective memory). Quite often, these titles are fighting games, because it’s one of the easiest types of games to make: the script doesn’t have to be very elaborate, and fans of the genre aren’t the most demanding on the graphics (at the same time, making the visual styles of Oda, Toriyama and Araki coexist is not easy).

However, the game we are going to talk about today finally leaves the field of fighting game, to focus on that of MOBA.

An Unsurprising Origin

Unsurprisingly, the game is a chinese mobile game. Since we are not experts in international copyright, we will content ourselves with recalling that China follows its own copyright rules. The developers seem perfectly entitled to take certain known licenses and adapt them to their video game sauce (or if they don’t have the right, the penalties are not enough given the number of plagiarisms that take place in China), without necessarily having to seek the agreement of the original authors. Here’s how characters from Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, One Piece, Bleach, Naruto and probably other licenses not shown in the excerpt above, found in Summoner’s Rift to hit on it. Of course, it seems unlikely that the mechanics specific to each work will be respected, like fighting games (otherwise the characters of DB would all be cheated, since they can steal which is not the case with many other protagonists).

A copy of LoL really?

The game does seem very inspired by the Riot Games title. If we look at the minimap in the video, its similarity to the League of Legends map is obvious. An asymmetrical three-lane map is certainly the basis of many MOBAs, but the position of the jungle camps (visible at 0:25 seconds of video) leaves absolutely no doubt about it. The latter is a beast copied and pasted from those of LoL, those of Dota and Smite being positioned in different places. It seems however, there are some differences, such as the absence of the banana bush at the entrance to the river.

Level graphicsfor a mobile game, it seems rather correct. Goku is rather successful (in any case more than his version on a famous battle royal) and the animations are pretty smooth. There is still a bit of a mess on the screen, but it seems inevitable between all the data of a moba and the character spell animations. We don’t really know if we want to try this game, or if we prefer to ignore it since it probably just plagiarizes everything that works in order to extract as much money as possible from players with a minimum of money. ‘efforts.